Shadowfist Pictorial: Kublacon 2004

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[posted 17 Jun 2004]

Kublacon 2004 photos by Miguel.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

Zev Shlasinger at Kublacon 2004
The Z of Z-Man, Zev Shlasinger.

Miguel and Emma
Miguel played in one of the tournaments dressed as Mario. That's Emma as Peach, if you're curious :)

Final game at Kublacon 2004
A big crowd watches the final match. Jan Malina on the left, Erik Berg on the rigth (back) and I think that's Quan (spelling?) in the right (front).

Frank Trollman, Kublacon 2003 winner
Frank Trollman, Kublacon 2003 Final Brawl winner.

Shadowfist at Kublacon 2004
The Shadowfist tables.

Shadowfist at Kublacon 2004
And another Shadowfist table.


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