Shadowfist Tournament Report: Kublacon 2011

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[posted 27 Feb 2012]

Kublacon 2011 (May 27-30 in Burlingame, CA) hosted three tournaments. The winners were announced in Inner Kingdom Update vol.2 issue 6.

New Heroes (multiplayer, constructed, Z-Man or later cards)

Earl Miles

Whirlpool of Blood (sealed):

Earl Miles

Final Brawl and CA State Championship (multiplayer, constructed): Jeremy Dale [decklist]

Michael Stadermann wrote a report for Inner Kingdom Update, reposted below with IKG's permission.

Kublacon 2011 Report
by Michael Stadermann

Originally published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 6. Republished with permission.

New Heroes
Winner: Earl Miles
4 players showed up for the New Heroes, and three had made decks. I gave Earl the Syndicate deck, playing the (inferior) Purist deck myself. Jeremy played Syndicate and Miguel played Ascended. We played non-timed rounds until someone won twice (or we got bored, in which case we would have tallied the points to determine the winner). In the first game, only I had a good draw and stomped the opposition in short order. Game 2 and 3 saw more interaction, but were fairly quickly won by Earl.

Whirlpool of Blood
Winner: Earl Miles
This was the by far best attended event: 9 players, including two players from Nevada, Tom and Kat, who had played the game ages ago but hadn’t seen any of the new cards. They both put up a great fight though, with Tom making it into the finals, quite an accomplishment in a tournament type that heavily favors the players who know the card pool. Everybody (barely) managed to finish on time in the first round, but in the second round, all tables except for the leading table timed out, which screwed everybody on match points and led to a final that was a repeat of the round two game. The final ended around 2pm, after I had failed to spot either of the two 1-cost Lotus resources in my hand of 12 cards, because I was fixated on having to play Agathon for my 4th Lot resource, and so I couldn’t stop Earl’s push for the win with Underworld Coronation.

Final Brawl (State Championship)
Winner: Jeremy Dale
I was hoping to get at least 6 players for this event, but we got the usual suspects again: Earl, Jeremy Dale, Miguel and myself. So we just decided to play non-timed rounds until we got bored and tally up points again. It turned out that that would be just two games: the first game was won reasonably early by Jeremy. The second game dragged on: Miguel was playing a Reiger Battleground deck, which needed keeping down to stop explosion, and I was playing a revamped version of Dirty Demons, which kept burning to a minimum thanks to 4 Demon Whiskeys that showed up early. It always felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff on the table to take, and I couldn’t draw more than one of my Bloody Hordes (or any of the bigger demons) to go for the win myself. In the end, Earl won by blowing up the Devil’s Rope that was protecting my damaged NDT with a Glimpse, and I didn’t have enough power to Torture his Mutator. After that, we decided to call it, and Jeremy won the Championship by a single Game Point!

[writeup by Michael Stadermann]

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