Shadowfist Tournament Report: New York/New Jersey Championship 2011

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[posted 22 Apr 2012]

The NY/NJ State Championship for 2011 was held in New York City on 10 Aug 2011. The winner was announced by Bruce Neiger in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 11 Aug 2011 (read the original in the archive if you're a member).

NY/NJ State Championship (multiplayer, constructed):

Joshua Kronengold

Report from Bruce Neiger. Thanks!

New York / New Jersey State Championship 2011 report from Bruce Neiger

Originally published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 11 Aug 2011. Republished with permission. Members can read the original in the archive.

The NYC Dojo held the NY/NJ Championship round yesterday. I want to apologize for not bringing it t the wider forum earlier, and perhaps we paid for it, as the turnout was 5. Being "that number", we turned ot the Ring of Gates" format -- which had been recently subtitled, "Nothing happens". Well, in many ways, that was simply not the case, so with your permission, I will recap the tournament.

Julian Lighton, Josh Kronengold, Peter Fong, Christopher Choi, and myself gathered for the festivities.

To review, in this format, 5 players determine seating and starting player, and each tries to "win" in order to advance into the finals. during each player's turn only they, and the players to their left and right are in the game. Other players are out, and come back at the start of the turns of their right hand opponent. When a player 'wins' they leave the game, closing up the circle by one player, and advance to he next round. The remaining players continue until three players have advanced.

In the intiial round, the sequence, clockwise, was

Myself: : Dragon Jammer : "Armas Mas Grandes" : Senoritas, We Need Biger guns,
Tommy Gun, etc for board clearing goodness
Peter: Rebel / Rabble Jammer Hand Designator deck:
Josh: Dragon goodstuff, with large hitters and ways to leverage them
Chris : Monarchs - Tower of Power
and Juilan -- Lotus : "Braaiins" (Or "eating Brains for the Glory of the Lotus": a quick deck with both faction classics and new stuff.)

Both Josh and I came out with quick starts, and Julian could not find a foundation for half a dozen turns, so it was quickly down to the other three. Highlights included Peter seizing Chri's Wigwam, and, after two turns, realizing that he could use it to stop Julian's Destroyer from returning.

That was useful, but Julian, after a horrednous start, and with the aid of a couple of Pocket demons, announced that a foundation became Queen of the underworld, and reset the board. Haveing Destroyer to help, and preparing for that, allowed Julian to emerge as the unlikley third for the finals.

In the finals, each player got off to fairly quick starts, although I could not find jammer resource -- cutting off many of my tricks. Worse, some 4 or so turns in, I found myself in the unenviable position of kingmaker, as Julian made a quick attack for an early site. Josh' sposition was such that unmolested he would ramp up quickly, and Julian's quick attack would leave him similarly well placed. Hobson's choice, I chose to return a Senoritas to foil Julian's attack. Sure enough, Josh quickly ramped up to an unstoppable level, and took the victory.

I am fairly sure that had I let the attack through, Julian would have been in almost as good a position, while my start wasn' quite explosive enough to make a difference. Still, those are the fortunes of he Secret War. Congratulations to Josh on His Vicotry as the NY/NJ State Champ.

[writeup by Bruce Neiger]

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