Shadowfist Pictorial: Origins 2007

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[posted 9 Feb 2008; updated 14 Feb 2008]

Origins 2007 Pictorial, photos from Troy Duffy

Submitted by Troy Duffy, published with permission. Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window. I monkeyed with the photos a bit, so blame anything unsightly on me.

From left: Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud, Allen Hege, Troy Duffy, Tim Linden

Thursday night Whirlpool finals: Julian Lighton left, Brian Smith-Sweeney right.

Thursday night Whirlpool final: It's nice that the Shadowfist Games staff sometimes let other people play in the finals :)

Brian Smith-Sweeney congratulates the winner of the Sunday Whirlpool, Shane Malec.


Comrades In Arms

Comrades in Arms gets ready for round 1.

Comrades in Arms. Tim Linden (L.) faces off against Joshua Kronengold (center) and Brian Smith-Sweeney.

Comrades in Arms. view from over Joshua's shoulder.

Comrades in Arms: James Przytulski (L.) and Cavebear (R.) face off against the back of Peter Bakija's head.

Comrades in Arms: Julian Lighton walks past the final game. (Brian S-S, James Przytulski, and Troy Duffy)

Comrades in Arms final round.

Comrades in Arms final round.

Comrades in Arms. Julian Lighton congratulates Troy Duffy on his win!


Who's the Big Man Now?

Who's The Big Man Now table just before the first round. Foreground: Tim Linden (L.) psychs out Allen Hege (R.)

Who's The Big Man Now games get underway. Clockwise from left: John Merrill, Brian Smith-Sweeney, Benjamin Barnett, and ?.

Who's The Big Man Now final round: Tim Linden (L.) vs. Michael Lasinski (R.)

Tim Linden, winner of the Who's The Big Man Now tournament.



Is That All You Got?

Is That All You Got? tournament gets started. Joshua Kronengold (L.) faces Michael Lasinski (R.)

Cavebear insisted that the juice box really did have juice in it. Riiiiight.

Benjamin, Joshua, and Michael start to throw down.

James Przytulski, Cavebear, and ? start their first round game.

Clockwise from left: Jim Pai, Troy Duffy, and ?.

Tournamen in progress.

Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud

Allen Hege looms over the proceedings, starting the intimidation early for the final brawl tournament.

Final round: clockwise from lower left: Jim Pai, Joshua Kronengold, James Przytulski, Cavebear.

Final round, another angle.

Final round, another angle.

James Przytulski, winner.


North American Championships (Final Brawl)

North American Championships (final brawl) get under way. From left: Troy Duffy, Brian Smith-Sweeney, ?, John Merill warding off the devil, or something.

Brian Smith-Sweeney talks to the folks at the second table.

From left: ?, Jim Pai, Michael Lasinski, and ? at the third table.

Second table starts playing. Clockwise from lower left: Joshua Kronengold, ?, Benjamin Barnett, ?

Third table, different angle, still don't know the other guys.

Second table, different angle.

Fourth table starts. Clockwise from left: Greg Zimmerman, Cavebear, Allen Hege, James Przytulski.

Fourth table from the other side.


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