Shadowfist Pictorial: Origins 2008

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[posted 20 Aug 2008; updated 22 Aug 2008]

Origins 2008 photos from Steve Hammond.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window. Originally posted to Flickr, reposted with permission. Thanks Steven! Also thanks to Tim Linden for filling in the missing names!

Shadowfist at Origins 2008
Multiplayer championship in progress: clockwise from left: the back of Tim Linden's head, Peter Shah, Daniel Griego, ?
Shadowfist at Origins 2008
slightly different angle on the previous game
Shadowfist at Origins 2008
Clockwise from left: Yvonne Kelly, Brian Kelly, Joey Ferreira, ?
Shadowfist at Origins 2008
the other side of the previous game


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