Shadowfist Pictorial: Origins 2009

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[posted 11 Jul 2009]

Origins 2009 photos from Erik Bjarnar.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window. Originally posted to Erik's Facebook page, reposted with permission. Thanks Erik!

Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Friday Whirlpool of Blood. From left: Jason Blackthorn, Tim Linden, Daniel Griego
Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Tim contemplates the large pool of power and wonders how it can be made his.
Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Daniel wonders when Tim will stop wondering and play something.
Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Jason waits patiently while the other two wonder.
Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Multiplayer championship finalists, from left; Braz King, John Merrill, Erik Bjarnar, and Tim Linden (winner).
Shadowfist at Origins 2009
Sunday morning fun game, from left: Tim Linden, Braz King, Daniel Griego, Peter Bakija.


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