Shadowfist Tournament Report: Origins 2010

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[posted 3 Sep 2010; updated 9 Sep 2010]

Shadowfist Games sponsored several tournaments at Origins 2010 (Columbus, Ohio, 22-26 June 2010). Braz King and Daniel Griego posted the list of winners to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups (why not to on June 27. You can read the originals here and here in the Yahoo archive if you are a member.

National Championship (multiplayer, constructed): Tim Linden [decklist]

Dueling National Championship (dueling, constructed):

Greg Zimmerman [decklist]

Whirlpool of Blood (multiplayer, sealed):

Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud

Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, constructed, theme):

Braz King [decklist]

New Heroes (multiplayer, constructed, only Shadowfist Games cards allowed)

John Merrill [decklist]

One report from Daniel Griego. Thanks!

Originally appeared in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 1. Republished with permission.

Origins 2010 Report by Daniel Griego

This year, the Origins Game Fair celebrated its 35th year and pulled no punches in promoting its long tradition of bringing great games to Columbus, Ohio. To that end, Inner Kingdom Games had remarkably good fortune in recruiting new players and bringing old ones back into the fold.

As the first scheduled event of the long weekend, the demo block acts as the ideal introduction for new players to learn Shadowfist and later compete in a national tournament. This was certainly the case for five such demoers, who went on to collectively compete in the Whirlpool of Blood, Comrades in Arms and Final Brawl tournaments throughout the convention. Of the nine demo participants, the father and daughter team of Paul and Kalynn Turner, along with returning veteran Lovell Harmon and his sons Akil and Justin, took it to the next level with competitive play right out the gate.

The first tournament kicked off Friday morning with the 10am Whirlpool of Blood draft event. Featuring booster packs of hard to find packs like Boom Chaka Laka and Two-Fisted Tales, the tournament boasted some amazing players throwing down in remarkable contests of skill and might. In the end, there could be only one winner and to Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud went the spoils. Second place went to newcomer Kalynn and I rounded out the top three.

That evening brought out the designator battles with the Comrades in Arms tournament. With a perfect nine players, the four-round event saw everything from Hoods and Monkeys to Secrets and Paradoxes. Braz King took top honors with his pun-filled deck, "Two Doctors." John Merrill earned second place and Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud came in third.

Saturday morning brought out the finest Origins had to offer for the 2010 National Championship. After three four-player rounds, the top finalists went on to play an epic finals round lasting more than six hours. Braz King, Tim Linden, Jeff Stroud and Shane Snavley squared off for top multi-player honors in a knock-down, drag-out, kick 'em while they're down melee of endurance and strength. The battle that started with four warriors ended with three, following Braz King’s decking after a fatal attempt for the win after hour four. In the end, Tim Linden's unstoppable Dr. Amanda Snow outfitted with Fortunes of the Turtle and more than a dozen other states prevailed against Cavebear's tanks and Shane's Syndicate forces.

Saturday night concluded with the few players hardcore enough to engage in the dueling tournament. John Merrill, Greg Zimmerman and I played six round-robin games with high points taking away the prize. In an anomaly of mathematics, Greg and John scored the exact same number of match points and game points, with first place going to Greg for having fewer Secret War Society points than John.

Sunday concluded Origins with the final tournament: New Heroes. With only four players in attendance, the event included two untimed swiss rounds lasting a total of more than five hours. John Merrill earned his title and plaque with a first round win and second round burn to become the 2010 New Heroes National Champion.

The convention was an outstanding time for all with some great games played by veterans and novices alike.Many thanks to everyone who came out to Columbus for the Shadowfist Nationals!

Daniel Griego
Inner Kingdom Games

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In response to a question in the forum, Braz King responded with turnout numbers:

Turnout was light, but mighty. ;) Let's see if I can recall off the top of
my head...

Draft - 8
CiA - 12
Brawl - 8
Duel - 3
New Heroes - 4

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