Shadowfist Tournament Report: Origins 2011

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[posted 29 Feb 2012]

Inner Kingdom Games sponsored several tournaments at Origins 2011 (Columbus, Ohio, 22-26 June 2011). The winning decks were posted in Inner Kingdom Update vol.2 issue 7 but no formal winners list or report was posted anywhere I noticed.

National Championship (multiplayer, constructed): Matt Wolff [decklist]

Dueling National Championship (dueling, constructed):

Daniel Griego [decklist]

Whirlpool of Blood (multiplayer, sealed):


Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, constructed, theme):

Peter Shah [decklist]

Ritual of the Unnameable (multiplayer, constructed, card titles start with 1 of 3 letters)

Peter Shah [decklist]

New Heroes (multiplayer, constructed, only Shadowfist Games and newer cards allowed) Matt Wolff [decklist]

Anyone have a report to add?


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