Shadowfist Tournament Report: PAX 2008

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[posted 30 Mar 2009]

The Pacific Northwest Shadowfist championships were held at PAX 2008 in Seattle, Washington. The results were posted by Andrew Herington in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 5 September 2008. (reposted with permission - members can read the original in the archive). Congratulations to Andrew and Ben!

PAX was insane, I'm told that attendance was over 60,000 for the weekend which is twice the attendance of this years GenCon (around 28,000). I have never seen so many people at this type of convention in my life!

Because of the informal nature of the events this year I don't have much in the way of color commentary but here is what I do have...

This year we held two tournaments a Final Brawl on Saturday and a "Who's the Big Man Now". The Final Brawl had 6 players including 2 new to the "group"; Ben C playing a Hand deck, Tyler C playing an Ascended deck with an emphasis on Frenzy of the Shark, Peter S playing a Purist deck (I think?), our two new players Clay U also playing a Purist deck, Ian G playing an old-school Cop deck and myself playing and Architect card denial deck.

The first game was Peter, Clay, and myself which I won almost accidentally I had taken my fifth site and was just about to burn for power when Peter pointed out that I had actually won. Doh! The other table was a close game between Tyler & Ian with Tyler taking the win.

The aecond game was Tyler, Ian & myself in which I was able to sneak a win in with healing Sgt. Blightman to take the site. At the other table Ben took the win over Peter & Clay.

For the Final round it was Ben, Tyler & myself in which Ben dominated for most of the game to take the win. At the other table Peter also dominated Clay and Ian.

In the end, based on points, I took first place, with Ben C taking second and Peter & Tyler tying for 3rd place.

For the "Who's the Big Man" Tourney the next day we were only 4 players as our two new recruits from the previous day were unable to make it. Ben & Tyler played the same decks from yesterday whereas Peter switched out to a nasty Battlematic deck with Bobo Splitters & Turbo Boosts and I played my "Drawn to the Noose" (Devil's Rope) deck.

Game 1 was Ben vs myself in which I was pretty effective in shutting him down by stealing and sacrificing anything he tried to mount as a defense. On the other table Peter crushed Tyler.

Game 2 was Peter vs myself in which I dominated early on but Peter was able to put out a JAC with Battlemattic who's toughness I was unable to get past. However after the game was over it was determined that there was a misplay and the game was declared a draw. At the other table poor Tyler was manhandled once again by Ben this time.

Game 3 was Tyler vs myself where I once again effectively controlled the board as Tyler had no luck in getting any Killdeer to slow me down. Peter got off to a bad start being resource starved allowing Ben to dominate.

Since it was the end of the convention and people were tired we decided to call the tournament there and Ben C beat me out by one point to take 1st place and I finished 2nd.

I had a lot of fun playing and we had a few nostalgic lookey-loos ("Shadowfist, I remember Shadowfist I really liked that game!") but I was unable to entice anyone into sitting down for a demo. I'm hoping next year to be a lot more organized and prepared and will try to get a better turnout.


[writeup by Andrew Herington]

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