Shadowfist Tournament Report: Plattecon Phi (2008)

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[posted 23 Aug 2008]

Plattecon Phi [] was held in Platteville, Wisconsion on Mar.7-9, 2008. The local playgroup ran Who's The Big Cheese Now?, the Wisconsin State Championships and a draft event. Wilow Palecek continued her reign as The Big Cheese.

Whirlpool of Blook (sealed, draft):

Willow Palecek

Who's The Big Cheese Now? (multiplayer, constructed): Willow Palecek

One report for you:

Plattecon Phi report by Willow Palecek

Originally posted to Wordpress on 12 Mar 2008 by Willow Palecek. Republished with permission. Read the original in Willow's blog. []

Fantastic Plattecon Adventure II: Return to Platteville

Last weekend, Tim and I drove out to Platteville for another enjoyable Plattecon.

Friday night, as soon as Tim got home, we ate, loaded up the Jeep, and drove out. After checking in at the Super 8, we got to the con. Tom Nipple was setting up his fan-favorite board game ‘Dungeon,’ a 3-D Diablo-inspired hack ‘n’ slash game. We had a blast, and played with fellow Madisonian Rebecca. Notable moment - Tim teleported near me to hit a bunch of zombies with an Area of Effect attack, but it would have caught me in the burst. So I hit him with a backfire effect, killing him instead. Tim hit level 10 pretty quickly and went to town leading the crew through the end dungeon, and I took on most of the catacombs by myself. Dungeon is four hours of totally awesome fun, but it feels a lot shorter. If you go to Plattecon in the future and haven’t played this, you must do so.

Saturday we got a late start, and we weren’t really interested in any of the games being played (Munchkin, Apples to Apples, Changeling.) Tim and I laid out the indie rpgs we brought, hoping someone might want to play, and did some reading. Later, we played a game of Carcassone between the two of us, and then started attracting people, and played some Jungle Speed, always a hit.

John Monnet showed up, and played a few games with me and Tim. Rebecca went back to the hotel to take a nap. Then we had some people interested in demos - his friend Steve, who hadn’t played in a while, and Rebecca’s friend Mark.

In the games between me, John, and Tim, in one I managed to get a win with Project Apocalypse. Once it gets a few tokens on it, it’s hard to stop, and it helps that I had a Tesla Lightning Cannon on it, another Tesla Cannon, and a Fox Pass, as well as loads of denial events.

The next game, I played my Return to Camp Donner Lake deck, which never really got off the ground, and John used his Architect Newest Model deck, and got out a very beefy tank commander, winning pretty handily.

Then came the Who’s The Big Cheese Now tournament, the Wisconsin state championships for Shadowfist. We had six players- myself, Tim, Jim Sensenbrenner, Rebecca, Steve, and Mark. John sat out to judge and do another demo.

Round One:

Me- Ascended Cheese
Tim- Lotus Exploding Destroyer (a deck borrowed from me)
Mark- Lotus Hoods (a giveaway demo deck)

I kind of feel bad about this game. I had some G-Men, then plopped down a Bull Market, and a Phillipe Benoit, and started stealthing around everything. Tim got a White Ninja, but she was repeatedly Killdeered. I had enough stealth on the board to run away with the game. It was pretty sick.

Event wins: 1-0

Meanwhile, at the other table, Jim’s Jammer deck had an almost as quick victory, against Rebecca’s Monarchs and Steve’s Bar Brawl deck (borrowed from John, a very interesting Lotus-Dragon deck with Demon Hordes and Triumphant Heroes. Much improved from last year.)

Round Two:

Me- Ascended Cheese
Steve- Bar Brawl
Jim- Jammers

I had a horrible early screw this game, and had trouble working up enough to get in the game. Steve’s Bloody Hordes were working out very well for him, Jim had a Two-Face that kept stealing my foundations, but Steve finally made a burn for power when I had a Bite, and I was able to get into the game. Jim also threw me a site via Potlatch to stymie Steve.

I finally got out Monkey Chang and a LaGrange Four, and was looking pretty nasty; Chang was killed, Jim took my LaGrange point, and was on the verge of a win- when time out was called. We both had three sites, my tie-breakers were better, but he so would have taken another site from me that turn, and probably won the game. But he didn’t.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend Tim, playing against Rebecca and Mark, managed to get his way to a timeout win with four sites- enough to get him into the final. Not too shabby Tim!

Event wins: 2-0


Me- Ascended Cheese
Jim- Jammers
Tim- Exploding Destroyers

I get a pretty early burst from a Bull Market, resulting in a G-Men and Juan “El Tigre” Velasquez tearing up the place. It almost looks like the game will be called on a coin-flip as only Safety Third can stop El Tigre. The flip fails, and then Tim realizes Tortured Memories on an attacker can stop an attack. The game goes on.

From that Bull Market, and other sources, Jim gets a Funky Monkey, a Gimp, and a Gorilla Fighter. Funky Monkey prevents me from Biting him. Tim gets a Destroyer (later toasted by a Rebel Without A Cause) and an Evil Twin of the Gimp.

The Emperor kills a Gorilla Fighter and intercepts a Gimp to stop an attack. A Cutting Loose Ends destroys Jim’s Black Market Connections. Jim and Tim beat me down, but I build back up.

On my turn for the win, a 5 fight Juan “El Tigre” Velasquez takes Tim’s damaged Festival Circle, stealthing around the Evil Twin of the Gimp. Shinobu Yashida and a Student of the Bear take my other needed site- a full body Temple of the Angry Spirits. And that’s that.

Event Wins: 3-0, and still the Big Cheese. Wooooooo!

After that, there’s a draft event. Jim sits this one out, with me, John, Tim, and Rebecca playing. Hopefully Jim will get to play someday. We drafted Critical Shift, Red Wedding, Dark Future, Netherworld 2, and Flashpoint, using the Foundation/Feng Shui draft stack. I drafted Dragons early on, but only managed to get three Dragon foundations. After getting a Shadowy Mentor and an Imprisoned, I drafted enough Ascended to run a splash, and Architects became one of my main factions halfway through. I also had some very formidable Syndicate cards, so I ended up playing Syn/Arc, with splashes of both Asc and Dra.

John had mostly Jammers but he also had a splash of Dragons- my big competition for their resources, and a decent amount of Architects.

Tim was running what looked like pure Hand. I think he was drafting Purists early, and then the supply ran plain out. He had some good cards in there, but not a lot of support.

Rebecca was running mainly Monarchs, with splashes of both Architects and Jammers.

Jim built a pretty sick deck. He probably would have won if he was playing. He had a Mentor, and a LaGrange Four.

I didn’t take too many good notes after the game, but I do recall taking Rebecca’s Summer Fire Palace and using it to good effect, and that my winning attack was against John, with a Zero G-Sumo in a Muscle Car and an Everyday Hero in a Megatank.

Sunday involved daylights savings time, and us being a little more on the ball in the morning. We got to the student center, and sat down to play Dungeon again. This was a pretty awesome game. Tim played a glass-cannon- fast and strong. Weak early on, but he was potent once he got going. I played the mage, and had a good time with area of effect attacks. Tim and I took on the end-game level pretty much by ourselves, and as a group we cleared the whole map. Tim took on the great dragon and would have killed it on his next turn, except I killed it- doing 200 points of damage in one hit, enough to kill it in one shot, the first time the great dragon had ever died in the history of the game! Woot! Tim and I are dragonslayers. Booyah.

After that, there wasn’t too much going on in the afternoon session, so Tim and I called it a day, and drove back to Madison to get some well needed rest. But we’ll be back next year, and we’re planning to have a scheduled Games on Demand time slot, since hoping the rpgs would just play themselves didn’t pan out.

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