Shadowfist Tournament Report: Plattecon Omega (2011)

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[posted 23 Feb 2012; updated 1 Mar 2012]

Plattecon Omega [] was held in Platteville, Wisconsion on March 4-6, 2011. The local playgroup ran Who's The Big Cheese Now?, the Wisconsin State Championships. Chris Turner defeated the field including last year's biggest cheese Willow Palecek to become The Big Cheese 2011.

Who's The Big Cheese Now? (multiplayer, constructed): Chris Turner [decklist]

One report here for you:

Plattecon Omega report by John Monnett

Jim Sensenbrenner has another report on his blog.

Originally published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 4. Republished with permission.

PlatteCon once again hosted the annual “Who’s the Big Cheese Now?!” tournament for the Wisconsin Shadowfist State Championship. Held Saturday, March 5th, the event featured eight players throwing down for the top honors.

Players included:
Willow Palecek Madison Dragons & Monarchs Brawl, Fakir, recycle
Jim Sensenbrener Madison Jammers Site hurting stuff
Chris Turner Milwaukee Dragons & Hand Big Bruisers with backup [deck list]
Jeff Heinrichs Milwaukee Dragons Big character punchthru
Matt Wolff Chicagoland Architects & Monarchs “Darkitects”
Rebecca Frey Madison Monarchs Fire Ping
Tim Jensen Madison Lotus Walking Dead
John Monnett La Crosse Architects “Green Principle”

We played two rounds with a winner-take-all final. Jim won two games, Willow and Chris each won one, so the 4th spot at the final table was taken by Rebecca on the strength of her game point total. Chris was able to pull out a win at the final table for all the cheese and the title. Jim came in second place, and Rebecca, again due to her game point total, took third.

Congratulations, Chris!

Notes and observations:

Jeff, despite being the new guy, managed to win at the kids’ table while the people who knew how to play were vying for the title.

Matt is the first person to come from out of state to play in the tournament!

Before the tournament, we talked about the resource-less variants the Chicagoland play group had invented. In one, no cards require resources; in the other, no cards provide them. I found it interesting, if somewhat unnecessary, but then I count myself lucky if I can play Shadowfist 3 times a year. They’ve been playing every week for years.

Rebecca’s is an interesting story. We showed her how to play at Plattecon years ago and she’s been playing since, albeit not regularly. She immediately took to the Monarchs. Her knowledge of the cards may not be encyclopedic, but her deck is solid and she knows how to play it. She (correctly) identifies Jim, Willow, and I as the players to beat, and does her best to foil our plans, usually doing well for herself in the process. Case in point: she was at the “winners” table all night, whereas I never got off the “losers” table. Another case in point: upon seeing the Golden Mile in action, her comment was “I understand. It’s good against Willow.”

As for me, my deck couldn’t get out of it’s own way so I wound up being the Gimp.

-John Monnett

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