Shadowfist Tournament Report: Smackdown in Jacktown 2004

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[posted 1 Dec 2004]

Allen Hege [decklist] won the first (annual?) Smackdown in Jacktown tournament in Jackson, Michigan. Braz King provided a very nice report, read on!

Smackdown in Jacktown 2004 report by Braz King

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Nov 2004 by Braz King. Republished with permission. You can read the original in the archive if you are a member.

Many thanks to Greg Zimmerman and John Merrill for organizing and hosting the first annual Smackdown in Jacktown in Jackson Michigan. This event attracted players from all over the Great Lakes region including Indiana, Chicago, and Toronto.

Four of us drove down from the big smoke (Troy Duffy, Kel McKay, and Tim Linden). I have been really sick with complicated throat infections and bail out the day before but bail back in Friday morning.

We roar along and make good time. Kel and I check in at the Super 8 across the street from the Battlegrounds gaming co-op and Troy and Tim check in at Super Greg Zimmerman's place.

We play a casual game of cards with a newbie named RuthAnne. I think people were flirting with her. I won this long game with my Big Fatty deck and was happy with that.

Kel and I took off and I can't tell you what happened... no, we actually went to our hotel and to sleep! Yeah, that's it!

I get up early and stretch and do some kind of half-yoga, half-taichi nonsense and get inspired to build a deck. Kel is sleeping so I get all my card boxes from my van (yes, I brought every last card I own!) and proceed to build an Ornamental Gardens/Escher Hotel deck and feel very clever and am convinced I'm going to show the world a thing or two about jank.

Soon we are meeting Tim and Troy for brunch. I suggest we get breakfast at Bob Evans. There is one really close to the Battlegrounds. I get directions from the Party Palace (corner store) clerk and start driving but turns out the directions are to the Bob Evans in an adjacent frickin' galaxy and we get good and truly lost! I pull into another corner store and ask a guy for directions and he rambles on something that I can barely understand. I try politely to get him to spell the street name to no avail, run back to the car and start imitating him with this mysterious street name. We try to follow his directions and lo and behold we actually find the street! But we have no idea which way to go. I call 411 and get the Bob Evans (some Bob Evans, no idea really if it is the right one) and a sweet-voiced babe does the control tower thing and guides us in.

We get there, laughing and carrying on and we order all manner of breakfasts and coffees and teas and we make jokes and take pics and suddenly I look at the clock and it says 11 frickin' 45!!! The tournament starts in 15 minutes! And we're just getting breakfast at some bizarre universe Bob Evans. We call Greg after searching for his number, tell him we'll be a bit late, we curse ourselves and scarf down food in a most unhealthy manner, I get directions from the welcome lady, we run to the car and I pretend I'm a 70s tv action hero. We break every traffic law in the state of Michigan and get to the Battlegrounds just a few minutes late!

Greg has waited and soon we are meeting and greeting and off we go.

I proceed to get my ass handed to me for three rounds solid as I fail to get my janky combo off a single time. I do my best to squirrel away tie break points. Others do much better. By round four, the final table was Tim Linden, Kel McKay (in his first ever tournament outside the Toronto area!), John Merrill, and Allen Hege. Troy and I are languishing at the helmet and harness table where the only expectation is we don't hurt ourselves. We laugh about it and proceed to have an awesome game with Keenan, a most strange and wonderful kid from Jackson who stood up when he got excited and laughed in a truly maniacal manner whenever he was about to do something cool. We laughed a lot. I won the game. I was happy.

Troy and I look over the scores for the day and lo and behold I am an inch away from making the final! Too funny. If Allen or John won a timed out win at the leader's table, I was in. I got wound up like a clock on crack and wandered around and climbed the walls. They got their time warning, Allen was in a strong position. They were under a minute and it was Tim's turn and he was not going to pull off the win. Looked like Allen was headed for victory. At the end of Tim's turn he Orbital Laser Struck Al's FSS. I wept. Al's turn started, the buzzer went off. Tim won and made the final!

Here is the full transcript of the Final Game. I took notes but at times got a little lost. But essentially, if you have 20 minutes on your hands, you can relive the game! Note that Allen was the dominant player for most of the final game, with an early lead and very powerful presence. When Tim's abomination recycler got cooking though, and his Jedi mind tricks hit full steam, he looked like almost a sure thing. John's deck stalled and he had to throw too much muscle to every really come back. Mike's deck worked okay, but could not stand up to Allen's Dragon/7M control/recycling deck and Tim's aboma-crush.


Smackdown in Jacktown
Final Brawl – Final Game Transcript
November 13, 2004. 6:00 to 10:30 pm.
Organizers: Greg Zimmerman and John Merrill

Tournament Format:
This tournament featured four qualifying rounds (two tables of 4, two tables of 3). For the first round Greg mixed players from different geographic areas. Subsequent rounds had seating based on current standings with some tweaking where players were facing the same opponents over multiple rounds. The final four players were John Merrill (Jackson), Mike Lasinski (Indiana), Tim Linden (Toronto), and Allen Hege (Chicago).

John Merrill (4) Mike Lasinksi (1)
Allen Hege (3) Tim Linden (2)

Early Game:

John Merrill didn’t play a card until turn four and discarded ~ 1/5 of his deck by that time. Allen Hege emerged as an early threat with Big Bruiser and Master Bowman working together.

Turn by Turn detail:

Turn 6 cards in play:

Tim: Sunless Sea Ruins x2, Biomass Reprocessing Centre, City Square

Allen: Gambling House, face down FSS, Big Bruiser

John: Face down FSS

Mike: Nine Dragon Temple, Sacred Heart Hospital, Esteban Vicente, Quantum Sorcery x2

Turn 7 (report starts mid-turn):

Allen: Plays Master Bowman. Turns MB with Big Bruiser to attack T’s Sunless Sea Ruins. Tim plays Imprison, A responds by revealing and turning Ring of Gates. Says “Imprison is the bane of my deck.” Tim uses City Square to redirect 4 points to the Biomass Centre. A plays Kunlun Clan Assault, all damage on SSR then hits with Big Bruiser and burns for victory.

John: John is very sick with a cold/flu by this point and has taken several kinds of medication. He is moving slowly. He sits at 1 FSS as his only card in play. Plays a second FSS in the back row.

Turn 8: M: 2FSS/1BfV, T: 2FSS, A: 1FSS/1Bfv, J: 2FSS

M: Sacred Heart heals Esteban. Esteban attacks A’s damaged Gambling House and succeeds. M burns for victory. Plays Mathemagician and turns with Quantum Sorcery.

T: Plays DNA Mage and Test Subjects. Plays 3rd FSS.

A: Plays 2nd FSS behind Ring of Gates. Big Bruiser and Master Bowman attack M’s Nine Dragon Temple. Succeeds and burns for power. Mike gains 3 power.

J: Plays Fire Acolyte.

Turn 9: M: 1FSS/1BfV 7 power, T: 3FSS 1p, A: 2FSS/1BfV 8p, J: 2FSS 1p

M: Quantum Sorcery for 1, plays Rhys, plays Mutator, discusses attacking Alan. Alan debates but his mound of power and hitters keep Mike on target. Rhys and Mutator attack A’s Ring of Gates guarded by Big Bruiser and Master Bowman. MB followed by BB intercept Mutator. Mutator dies, A plays Monkey Fools the Tiger when Rhys hits the Ring of Gates making Rhys kill himself.

T: Generates 5, plays 3 Beta Beasts, attacks A’s Ring of Gates. A plays “Is that all you got?” and returns Master Bowman. BB and MB each intercept on Beta Beast. T uses Biomass Centre and scientists to pump one Beta Beast to hit for 4 damage.

A: Generates 2, plays Wudang Mountain. Master Bowman and Big Bruiser attack M’s Sacred Heart Hospital. MB pings the hospital. J intercepts Master Bowman with Fire Acolyte. A turns Wudang Moutain to ping Purist Initiate. Esteban intercepts Master Bowman and smokes him. T turns City Square to redirect all damage to his Disco. A plays Red Bat at 10 fighting. Needs the Independent. T plays IKTV! Red Bat attacks SHH. Esteban intercepts and is smoked. J plays Snowblind on Red Bat and ends the attack.

J: Generates 2, plays Legacy, plays Darkness Priestess.

Turn 10: M: 2FSS/1BfV 0p, T: 2FSS 2p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 1p, J: 2FSS 2p

M: Generates 2, plays Chaos Spirit, turns it with Quant. Sorc. for 1 power.

T: Generates 4, plays Vivisector, plays Superfreak. Superfreak attacks SHH. A plays Final Brawl, T responds by using DNA Mage to pump SF. A reveals Hall of Portals and Big Bruiser intercepts. M ponders using SHH to heal Superfreak, waffles, ponders, does so. SF gets smoked but hits Big Bruiser hard.

A: Generates 3, plays Fighting Spirit, J picks Final Brawl and Kii-YAAH!!! A plays Kii-YAAH!!! on Tim for 2 power. J reveals and turns Desolate Ridge and smokes A’s Ring of Gates. A plays Wudang Monk. Wudang Monk and Big Bruiser attack J’s Desolate Ridge with no responses. A seizes Desolate Ridge. Red Bat attacks Sacred Heart, M plays Entropy Sphere on Big Bruiser to smoke SHH and fail the attack.

J: Generates 1.

Turn 11: M: 1FSS/1BfV 0p, T: 2FSS 0p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 3p, J: 1FSS 2p

M: Generates 1, plays FSS. A plays Blade Palm on T’s Biomass Centre and J Brain Fires it to A’s seized Desolate Ridge. The Ridge returns to J’s hand.

T: Generates 4. Ends turn. In response A attempts to use Wudang Mountain but M Whirlpools it.

A: Generate 2, turns Wudang Moutain to heal Red Bat and smoke J’s Darkness Priestess (which is the only opposing character on the table at this point!). Allen is at 2 FSS/1BfV with Wudang Monk and Red Bat. Plays FSS and Both characters attack T’s City Square for the win. A has 1 power and Tim points out the possibility of ITAYG – Big Bruiser and they agree they have to fail the attack. T plays Neutron Bomb! A indeed plays ITAYG but for Red Bat instead (independent again!) and T immediately Imprisons him.

J: Generates 1, plays 2nd FSS.

Turn 12: M: 2FSS/1BfV 0p, T: 2FSS 0p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 0p, J: 2FSS 2p

M: Generates 2, plays Arcane Scientist, Quantum Sorcery for 1, plays 11 pt. Amulet.

T: Generates 4, plays We Have the Technology. Tim is consistently out-generating his opponents at this stage of the game.

A: Generates 3.

J: Generates 2, plays 3rd FSS. Has not played a non-foundation character yet.

Turn 13: M: 2FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 2FSS 2p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 3p, J: 3FSS 2p

M: Generates 2, plays 3rd FSS (+1BfV).

T: Generates 4, plays 3rd FSS. A plays Kunlun Clan Assault to ping 2 of T’s FSSs and 1 of John’s. John reveals and turns Desolate Ridge and puts 2 on A’s Wudang Mountain.

A: Generates 3, plays Kii-YAAH!!! on Tim again, for 3 this time. Plays Master Bowman, attacks T’s Sunless Sea Ruins and pings the Biomass Centre. Alan has chipped away at the Centre all game with ping effects and KCA. M intercepts with Arcane Scientist w the massive Amulet. Master Bowman takes 2 and the turn is over.

J: Generates 3, plays Obsidian Eye. Non-obsidian eyebrows raise and people ponder the effect this will have.

Turn 14: M: 3FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 3FSS 2p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 4p, J: 3FSS 3p

M: Generates 3, plays Dark Traveller at 6 fighting, plays Chaos Spirit, Quantum Sorcery for 1, Chaos Spirit hits T’s Golden Mile for 2.

T: Generates 5! Superfreak (not sure when this was played) attacks Wudang Mountain, A turns it to heal Master Bowman and ping Superfreak, A plays Brawl. Superfreak hits for 3. J turns Desolate Ridge to kill the Bowman. Tim plays Vivisector.

A: Generates 3, plays Red Bat at 15 fighting, T sends IKTV to interview the Bat and then takes him to the Golden Mile for burgers and fries.

J: Generates 3, plays Darkness Priestess. Turn 14 and still no non-foundations.

Turn 15: M: 3FSS/1Bfv 1p, T: 3FSS 3p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 2p, J: 3FSS 5p

M: Generates 3. Looks at the table wondering if he can make the push. Red Bat is the only significant unturned opposition. M reads Desolate Ridge. Opponents have lots of power (and T has 3 tokens on We Have the Tech). M has a Whirlpool for T’s City Square. Thinking long and hard. Alan looks through M’s toasted pile. The M decides to go for it. M plays Entropy Sphere and smokes Red Bat, putting damage on Thousand Sword Mountain. Play Primus and names Tim. Primus attacks Wudang Mountain. T calls on J to play Discerning Fire and sure enough, he does (Braz reminisces about Origins final, 2003 when John, playing almost the same deck, layed down a five point Discerning Fire against B’s cops to fail a push for victory). “Paradox” takes out Primus and the Arcane Scientist with the huge Amulet. This set Mike back a lot. T Vivisects Superfreak for 4.

T: Generates 5. Plays Superfreak from smoked pile, plays 2 Vivisectors. Plays Creche of the New Flesh using We Have the Tech counters. Now in victory position. Superfreak attacks Wudang Mountain. M launches a short discussion about how Obsidian Eye would affect Superfreak. J intercepts with Darkness Priestess and turns Obsidian Eye on Superfreak. M intercepts with Dark Traveller and T Imprisons the cabbie. Mike is now set WAY back. BUT!!! John Brain Fires the Imprison to Superfreak (Mike lets out a big sigh of relief) and T vivisects Superfreak again.

A: Generates 3. Passes immediately.

J: Generates 3, plays Darkness Priestess, plays Drug Lab (where he procures more cold medications!) and ends with 4 on the Legacy.

Turn 16: M: 3FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 4FSS 7p, A: 3FSS/1BfV 0p, J: 3FSS 4p

M: Generates 3, plays Chaos Spirit, turns QS for 1, turns Dark Traveller to heal, Chaos Spirit smokes the Reprocessing Centre (much pinged by A) and Tim does not use the City Square.

T: Generates 4, plays Superfreak from smoked pile, plays Test Subjects and Gnarled Attuner. The three of them plus one Vivisector attack Wudang Moutain. A reveals another Hall of Portals. T plays Orbital Laser Strike and smokes the Hall. J intercepts Viv with Darkness Priestess. One can only imagine the horror of that tiny battle. M plays Discerning Fire on all three of T’s abominations. T turns his other Viv to sac the Gnarled Attuner then immediately replays it from the smoked pile. Finishes by playing a second Reinvigoration Process. A Blade Palm’s the City Square T seized from him in the early game back to his own hand. Chaos Spirit pings A’s remaining Hall of Portals for 2.

A: Generates 2, plays FSS (2nd with 1 BfV). Plays Fighting Spirit and John turns Desolate Ridge to ping Wudang Mountain for 2 (the pinger hitting the pinger). John picks ITAYG and Kii-YAAH!!! again! Tim moans. A plays Kii-YAAH!!! right away, but against J instead of T. Plays Red Bat at 15 fight. If Tim plays 1 more event Red Bat will start coming out free. T turns Golden Mile for 1. Red Bat attacks J’s face down FSS. J turns Obsidian Eye to reduce the Bat to 4 fight and he hits the Puzzle Garden. Chaos Spirit does 2 to J’s Drug Lab.

J: Generates 3. Chaos Spirit does 2 to its owner’s Whirlpool.

Turn 17: M: 3FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 3FSS 5p, A: 2FSS/1BfV 1p, J: 3FSS 5p

M: Generates 3. A screaming match breaks out between HeroClix players and the Shadowfist final is drowned out. J rolls his eyes and apologizes on behalf of The Battlegrounds co-op and goes to intervene. This takes a while and he gets them into a separate room with a closed door. We can still hear them but it is much better and they argue intensely for about an hour! John feels bad and apologizes again. M attacks A’s Wudang Mountain with Purist Initiate, Mathemagician and Dark Traveller. T intercepts DT with Gnarled Attuner and both are smoked leaving two weenie students and only 1 damage needed to win. Can you guess what happens next? A plays Final Brawl and wipes out just about everything on the table (Vivs, students, etc). M plays Mutator.

T: Generates 3. Plays Viv from smoked pile, plays Desdemona Deathangel and attacks M’s Thousand Sword Moutain. Allen reveals Fox Pass and sends Desdemona to Red Bat. T vivisects Des for 5 power then plays his 4th FSS. Plays Assassin Bug from smoked pile.

A: Generates 2, Kii-YAAH!!! vs T again for another 3 power. Red Bat attacks M’s Thousand Sword Moutain and succeeds without opposition. Burns for Victory. J plays Blood Lust.

J: Plays Pocket Demon for 4. Plays Jaguar Warriors (first non-foundation of the game!) and Fire Acolytes. M turns QS for 1.

Turn 18: M: 2FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 4FSS 2p, A: 2FSS/2BfV 6p, J: 3FSS 7p

M: Generates 2, plays 2 Arcane Scientists, uses Quantum Sorcery.

T: Generates 4, Michael makes the first mention of the possibility that he will deck out. John looks like a possibility at this point as well. Tim and Alan are both recycling hitters and their decks look relatively tall. T plays Test Subjects and Gnarled Attuner from smoked pile.

A: Generates 2, passes immediately.

J: Generates 4. John and Mike both count the cards remaining in their decks. J plays Darkness Priestess. Legacy at 8.

Turn 19: M: 2FSS/1BfV 1p, T: 4FSS 1p, A: 2FSS/2BfV 8p, J: 3FSS 10p

M: Generates 2, plays Dark Traveller at 6, uses Quantum Sorcery.

T: Generates 4, plays Fortress Omega, plays Superfreak from smoked pile. A plays Final Brawl. T does a vivisection (I think!) in response then plays Gnarled Attuner from smoked pile.

A: Generates 2, plays Dragon Dojo, done.

J: Generates 4, plays Fire Mystic.

Turn 20:

M: Generates 3, plays Chaos Spirit, QS for 1. Chaos Spirit hits Tim’s unrevealed FSS and it is another City Square! Braz says “that just added an hour to the game”.

T: Generates 5, plays DNA Mage, plays Viv from smoked pile, Prototype X from hand, and Assassin Bug from smoked pile. Chaos Spirit hits A’s Fox Pass for 2.

A: Generates 3, plays Balanced Harmonies. Eyes roll, people look at their watches. Plays Fortune of the Turtle on Red Bat.

J: Generates 4, plays another Fire Mystic, Tim invites him to the Golden Mile. Chaos Spirit gets Mutated down and hits itself for 1.

Turn 21: M: 3FSS/1BfV 2p, T: 4FSS 4p, A: 2FSS/2BfV 8p, J: 3FSS 14p

M: Turns Chaos Spirit to heal. Chaos Spirit hits T’s City Square for 2.

T: Generates 5. Plays Arcanoleech on A’s Hall of Portals, Superfreak from smoked pile, Viv from smoked pile, Gnarled Attuner turns to heal. Chaos Spirit hits Fox Pass again for 2.

A: Generates 3, plays Big Bruiser, turns Balanced Harmonies moving 4 damage to Big Bruiser, then turns to heal, puts 4 on Dragon Dojo and leaves 2 on Fox Pass (back row). Chaos Spirit does 2 to J’s Desolate Ridge.

J: Generates 4, plays Darkness Warrior, M turns Mutator and QS for a power then boosts Chaos Spirit’s fighting to 3. John ends turn anyway and Chaos Spirit hits the Dark Traveller for 2.

Turn 22: M: 3FSS/1BfV 6p, T: 4FSS 3p, A: 2FSS/2BfV 6p, J: 3FSS 16p (10 on Legacy)

The game appears that it will end soon with the amount of power being generated and sitting in war chests but lots of questions remain about denial.

M: Generates 3, ends turn. CS whacks T’s City Square for 2, T turns City Square, M turns Whirlpool. City Square gets smoked.

T: Generates 4, Tim counts Discerning Fires in everybody’s smoked and discard piles. Plays 4th FSS, M Mutates Chaos Spirit to 3 damage and this will clearly smoke A’s Fox Pass. This triggers much diplomacy as A says it is the only thing keeping other from winning and tries to convince T to smoke/imprison/nerve gas/something CS but T lets the CS smoked the Fox Pass.

A: Generates 2, plays FSS. Is in victory again.

J: Generates 3.

Turn 23: There is a huge load of power on the table and all but J are in victory.

M: Generates 3, turns DT to heal, plays second Mutator, turns QS for a power, Chaos Spirit pings T’s new FSS and it is a Sunless Sea Ruins.

T: Generates 5, plays Thing with 1,000 Tongues (archie), vivisects DNA Mage, plays Desdemona Deathangel (from smoked pile I believe). Tim has a pile of nasty abominations in play and mutters quite a bit about Discerning Fires. Eventually turns Gnarled Attuner, Prototype X, Superfreak, Desdemona, and The Thing to attack M’s FSS. A turns Hall of Portals and Big Bruiser intercepts Superfreak and Red Bat intercepts Prototype X. J asks Braz for a ruling on Déjà vu, then plays it for Discerning Fire and takes out all of T’s abominations except for the Assassin Bug, leaving that to stop A’ push for victory (LOL!). J’s two Fire Mystics ping M’s two face down FSSs, both end up being Roller Rinks. A reveals Stone Dolmens and sprinkles two tons of salt on the Arcanoleech. T plays Test Subjects, Beta Beasts, and Viv from smoked pile. M uses Chaos Spirit then A does a Balanced Harmonies shuffle to move a load of damage to Red Bat planning to heal it next turn, J turns Obsidian Eye and Red Bat dies.

A: Generates 3. Big Bruiser attacks Fire Mystic. Plays Bei Tairong, attacks J’s Puzzle Garden for 3. M plans to boost Chaos Spirit to 3 to smoke John’s Desolate Ridge. Given J’s deck is down to a few cards this would effectively take him out of the game. J’ pre-emptively plays a 3 point Discerning Fire to smoke the two Mutators and the Chaos Spirit. A plays Wudang Monk, attacks unguarded Roller Rink. Tim notes A could copy the Mutator and hit for 12. M plays Entropy Sphere to kill the monk and John uses Fire Mystic and Desolate Ridge to smoke M’s Roller Rink.

J: Plays FSS. Fire Mystic and Darkness Warriors turn to attack Roller Rink. T intercepts the Darkness Warriors with the Test Subjects followed by Beta Beast. J plays Queen’s Wrath on the TS, J sacs the Darkness Warriors for 1 power. M intercepts the Mystic with the Dark Traveller, J turns Obsidian Eye and smokes the DT easily and hits the site for 2. M turns that same Roller Rink to return the just smoked DT to his hand.

Turn 24: Power has become somewhat irrelevant and anyone could win.

M: Generates 2, plays Dark Traveller (now has two in play), recodes the Obsidian Eye’s paradigm (not one of the Reinvigoration Processes fueling T’s deck). T vivisects Beta Beast as if to make the point.

T: Generates 4, plays Desdemona from smoked pile and another Viv. Des attacks Roller Rink, Big Bruiser intercepts (he is unbelievable powerful), gets hit for 4, T vivs Desdemona.

A: Generates 3, turns BB to heal.

J: Generates 3, plays 4th FSS, finally cashes in the towering tokens on the Legacy, plays Queen of the Darkness Pagoda, T says “IKTV is there!” Queen and Fire Mystic attack T’s long-lasting Golden Mile for the win. A intercepts the Queen with Bei Tairong and the Monkey (Bei) fools the Tiger (Queen) and the Queen dies with a whimper. John decks out and leaves the game with 22 power in his pool. He built up his hand and waited for the opening, took it, and was foiled by the nastiest damage redirection event in Shadowfist history!

Turn 25:

M: Generates 3 (I think), Roller Rinks an Arcane Scientist, turns QS for 1, two Dark Travellers attack T’s Golden Mile and this puts M back in victory.

T: Plays Thing and Desdemona from smoked pile, plays Biomass Reprocessing Centre, attacks M’s Roller Rink. M deliberates. Wants to stop the attack but it will cause him to draw his last cards next turn. T uses lots of Jedi mind tricks and almost convinces M to let him take the site. M decides to stop it, goes to play a card. Pauses, changes his mind and lets Tim take the site. BfV.

A: Generates 2, plays Dragon Dojo. Bei Tairong attacks T’s Creche and hits for 2.

Turn 26: M: 1FSS/2BfV 2p, T: 3FSS/1BfV 3p, A: 2FSS/2BfV 6p

M: Plays Shards of Warped Reflection with the Thing’s fighting and Bei’s abilities. Gains +1 vs. A’s cards. LOL! Attacks T’s Creche for the win. Looks good but T vivisects then drops the bomb. Everybody dies. T looks set for the win.

T: Plays Magog, Thing, and Desdemona and attacks A’ Hall of Portals for the win. A thinks long and hard then plays “Is That All You Got?” twice! This brings back Red Bat (17 fighting) and, of course, Big Bruiser yet again. Red intercepts the Thing and BB intercepts Des. T Imprisons Red Bat (again), and it looks certain T has won. A replies with two Kunlun Clan Assaults vs T’s Creche and smokes it, taking Tim out of victory. T seizes the Hall but it is not at a helpful location. T plays another Reinvigoration Process then plays Assassin Bug from smoked pile.

A: Plays FSS, plays “Is That All You Got” (third time in two turns!) for Red Bat. Big Bruiser attacks M’s Whirlpool alone (Red Bat fears the Assassin Bug) and T and M have no denial left. A wins!

Your humble scribe,

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