Shadowfist Pictorial: Smackdown in Jacktown 2007

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[posted 11 Feb 2008]

Smackdown in Jacktown Pictorial, photos by John Merrill. Thanks John!

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

Shadowfist at Smackdown 2007
The event up on the big board.

Shadowfist at Smackdown 2007
Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud, Charles Soong and Braz King.

Shadowfist at Smackdown 2007
The four horsemen of Project Apocalypse. From L: Cavebear, Kel McKay, John Merrill, Tim Linden.

Shadowfist at Smackdown 2007
It's Monarch Madness during the final. Holy Brain Fire, Batman!

Shadowfist at Smackdown 2007
Cassandra makes the attack for the win.


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