Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2006

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[posted 30 Mar 2009]

The 2006 UK 4-player national championship was held in July 2006 at Bush Bash [] in London. The results were posted by Andy Holt and Clint Oldridge in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 3 Jul 2006 . (anyone can read the originals in the archive here and here). I asked permission from Andy and Clint but they didn't respond; they've both given permission for other posts in the past so I've assumed this is ok too. I included one name correction posted by Ivan Hartley.

Congratulations to Clint Oldridge!

We started the first round with 12 players; Gained two and lost one for the 2nd and 3rd rounds - unanimous preference from the players to have one 5-player and 2 4-player games rather than have any 3-player.

After 3 rounds:
Clint had won all 3 of his games;
Ivan had won one outright (with seconds to go before timeout) and was equal best positioned in another at timeout;
Tim had won one within time;
Yuit had also won one within time (she and Andrew did not play in round one as - as expected(!) - they arrived too late for that).
No other player won within time or won more than one on timeout so I had those four for the final.

The remaining players played a couple of "consolation games": In one my deck that had almost won once, but failed miserably twice, finally showed its true mettle and won quickly; In the other one Alex, playing in his first tournament and using "the denial deck from hell" (as it is known at Finchley) was successful.

Clint kept his 100% record by winning the final and now has a very special and unique beer stein (and a "Public Enemy Number 1").

I have some photos that I'll put up on the site. Clint has /promised/ to put a deck listing on this list. [deck list]

As for the Shaolin Soccer, there were only three serious attempts at entering for this: Dave Martin had a deck, but failed to provide a listing so it was not considered; Andrew Davidson build a deck themed around his local club "Queen's Park Rangers" - very good and a worthy effort ... especially as he played it throughout the tournament; However Richard Waring produced a magnificent deck that had well over 90% of the cards fitting the theme (with reasonable explanations for the more doubtful cards). All three judges were unanimous in awarding him the prize which was, of course, a DVD of "Shaolin Soccer".

It seems that a great time was had by all - there seems to be a general wish for more London tournaments so we will probably have some form of draft after S&SG comes out.


[writeup by Andy Holt]

4 Player UK Championships (July 2006, London)

The final: Tim (Cardiff), Ivan, Yuit, Clint (Cardiff). TJ (another Cardiff guy) got very close to winning after he played the Year of the Rat... :-) Managed to keep the danger deck (Ivan) out of the game (Enemy of my Enemy worked nicely there) and took advantage of a failed Bronze Sentinel attack by Ivan (Killdeer from me and kill) on Yuit's damaged Puzzle Garden to burn it for Power (TJ had a nightmare start - discarding most of his big hitters in his deck to get to an Architect foundation). After that I was public enemy getting a Drug Lab (Yuit's) later on as well with 3 FS + 1 Nuclear, TJ with 3, Yuit with 2 and Ivan on 2 power per turn. Quickly got knocked back to 3 sites after an early win attempt (if I had played Tong and Rig Dipped another character then I'd have won but TJ looked like he might have a stop so went for a weenie attack on a WoB) - as usual had to fight all 3 players (! lol) and the YotR seemed to be the end but TJ drew no characters so I managed to claw back to a turn winning situation and the deck kicked off, with 6 Tongs and 3 sites burnt to win the game.

Very nice day, thanks to Rob for organising it. Particularly liked Dave's Manchu deck and Ivan's dragon deck and it would have been interesting to see more of the Hand/Ascended/Jammer deck.

[writeup by Clint Oldridge]

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