Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2007

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[posted 3 Aug 2008; updated 9 Aug 2008]

The 2007 UK 3-player national championship was held on July 28, 2007 at Fan Boy 3 in Manchester. The winners were posted by Daniel Griego in the Shadowfist Forum on yahoogroups. (reposted with permission - members can read the original in the archive)

Many congratulations to Sam Roads, the big man in the UK, and his devastating Ranchers!

13 Shadowfisters came and threw down in Manchester, England for a great day's worth of great butt-kicking carnage.

Here are the final rankings, by points:
(forgive any name misspellings, I could only go off the sheet given to me by Happy)

1. Sam Roads* [decklist]
2. Clint Oldridge*
3. Si Perris*
4. Pete Walch*
5. Gary Hooley*
6. Daniel Griego
7. Ric Melon*
8. Anthony Sweeny
9. Daniel King
10. Bethany Summers
11. Jon Henry*
12. Benedict Sharrock
13. Warren Jones

Thanks also to:
Fan Boy 3, the game store that hosted the event.
Happy, for running and scoring the tournament.
The Welsh team, for not bringing any "Deathcab for Cutie" decks.

*7 New players were added to the Secret War Society rankings for this event; let's keep those numbers growing!

If anyone happened to get a play-by-play for the final and wanted to post it, I'm sure many would love to read it!

Many thanks again to all the UK players for making me feel so at home in this far away arena. It was great throwing down with you all!

Cheers all...

~Daniel Griego


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