Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2007

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[posted 30 Mar 2009]

The 2007 UK 4-player national championship was held on in April 2007 at Bush Bash [] in London. The results were posted by Clint Oldridge in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 23 April 2007. (anyone can read the original in the archive). I asked permission from Clint but he didn't respond; he has given permission for other posts in the past so I've assumed this is ok too.

Congratulations to Sam Roads! [deck list]

Quick thanks to Rob for organising (Andy, Ron et al - apologies for any missed names) and a cool day out of SF gaming and generally a good time was had by all.

Congrats to Sam for being the new Man. Ah well - revenge will be mine (still sure I could have won with a slightly different go for it attempt - trust me to get Sam to play with FBrawl and Restaurant to heal etc! mutter, mutter....) Congrats to Ed and Alex for their first final as well - nice one guys. Would've been cute to see TJ and Alex's deck play in the same round - "I'll Chin's C Network for 15 hoods and 5 power... " LOL.

Hopefully see you all in Manchester for the 3 player tourney there. Whenever that is... give us some warning so that we can get some new decks ready. ;-)

We'd like to get a 2v2 format of tourney in Cardiff sorted - using our great rules. (Banging own drum!) We've got plenty of cards to draft from and a great format, room to stay over night etc. If you're interested get in touch and I'll sort out more details. There's 5 of us here up for it so we don't need a lot more to turn up to play a good day's gaming (we can possibly get a few more along as well). It's a much less tense game the 2v2 format with plenty of strategy and gaming strength to it and we play it pretty much every Friday night so...

Aside: See guys - you could've put Cymru am Byth on the mug after all... :-) (Tongue firmly in cheek).

[writeup by Clint Oldridge]

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