Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2008

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[posted 24 Aug 2008; updated 30 Mar 2009]

The 2008 UK 4-player national championship was held on 5 April 2008 at Bush Bash [] in London. The results were posted by Andy Holt in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 6 April 2008. (reposted with permission - anyone can read the original in the archive).

Congratulations to Clint Oldridge!

At Wembley today in the FA Cup semifinal Cardiff beat Barnsley.

Also today a group of 5 Shadowfist players came to London from Cardiff to play in the tournament. They were joined by six other brave souls who struggled through the snow and the traffic.

In the results that follow, the Welsh (Cardiff) players are marked with an * (clearly the Mark of Evil!)

1st Round

Gary* beat Sam*, Richard Waring, and Alex L.
Clint* beat TJ*, Ron, and Andy
Ed* beat Ivan and Alex T
[spot the pattern!]

2nd Round

Sam* beat Clint* and Andy ##
TJ* beat Ed*, Alex T, and Richard
the third game timed-out: Ivan beat Ron, TJ*, and Alex L on second tie-break (Ivan had 2 FSS+2 BFV, Alex had 4 FSS)

This left me in a bad situation - if I ran a 3rd round the final would be a duel ... not good. So the only real solution was to go direct to a final consisting of the 5 Welsh players.

Meanwhile the other six played a pair of consolation games which were won by Ron and Alex L.

But before either of these 3-player games ended the 5-player final was won by <fx: roll of drums and long pause>

C l i n t

(that's twice in 3 years!)


[deck list]

## in this game Sam managed to set up and use an infinite combination: Alternately sacrificing a Reascension Agenda and a Manchu Bureaucrat to bring the other back with a Vivisection Agenda having been played. (cost 1 power, gain 2 power each time round the loop). As per my normal ruling on infinities he was asked to state how many times the loop was performed and chose 500. He used about 50 of that power over the next 3 turns before he actually won. That infinity was so easy that I suspect the rules team will need to consider some errata. [Sam's deck list]

[writeup by Andy Holt]

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