Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2009

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[posted 14 Feb 2010; updated 26 Feb 2010]

The 2009 UK 4-player national championship was held on 18 Oct 2009 at Bush Bash [] in London. The results were posted by Andy Holt in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 19 Oct 2009. (reposted with permission - anyone can read the original in the archive).

Congratulations to Ed Lane!

Shadowfist UK Nationals 4 Player 2009

photo from Andy Holt, thanks! Click to open a larger version in a new window.

OK - time for more detail

To maximize the proportion of 4-player games we had previously decided that I would play unless it made the numbers "bad" (ie 4n+1) And Rob would play if it helped (ie 4n+2, 4n+3) The original expectation was for about 16 but several likely players decided not to come (or would only have come for an EoE draft).

From Caerdydd (Cardiff) we had
Clint "Do you feel lucky" Oldridge
Sam "Play it" Roads
Gary (Gaz) Hooley
& Edward "Ed" Lane

From West London
Andrew "Hermes" Davidson
& Ron "My deck is bigger" Wheelhouse

And from the Finchley Group
Alex "Cancelled" Laney
& Tom (I've forgotten his surname!)

With me that made 9 so I acted as non-playing Judge and played "Last Train to Wensleydale" with Rob and another [Dave Martin, also from Finchley, only escaped family commitments and turned-up when the final was well under way.]

First Round:
Clint beat Sam (2nd), Gary and Andrew
Ed beat Tom (2nd), Alex and Ron
Both games ended within the time limit

Second Round both games timed-out:
Gary beat Tom (2nd), Clint, and Ron
Sam and Ed were equal first, beating Andrew and Alex

Clint, Ed, & Gary were easily finalists, Sam narrowly beating Tom for the
fourth slot.

As reported earlier Ed triumphed in the (all Welsh) final.
Tom won the consolation game.
Andrew won "The Gimp"

All players played fairly and courteously, there were no really brilliant plays. The special prize was after some thought offered to Tom who declined to accept it (perhaps proving that he did deserve it).

I don't think any rules question came up on something that had changed in the new edition - just as well as I don't think any of the players had read it!

Next London event at Dragonmeet (end November) which I HOPE will finally be the awaited EoE draft.


[writeup by Andy Holt]

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