Shadowfist Deck: All Demons Lead To The Alabaster King by Ben Carpentier

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[posted 24 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 5. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games. Also published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Apr 2011. Members can read the original in the archive.

Ben Carpentier won the 2011 Sydney Smackdown with this deck.


All Demons Lead To The Alabaster King
by Ben Carpentier (59 cards)
LaGrange Four
The Great Wall
Weeping Willows x 2
The Shangshu Mansion
Festival Circle
Ancient Stone Arch
Smiling Heaven Lake
Proving Ground
The Iron Palace
Stone Dolmens

Foundation Characters
Sinister Priest x 5
Wailing Apparition x 5
Big Brother Tsien x 2

Drowning in Blood x 3
Pocket Demon x 4
Cannibal's Banquet x 2
Die!!! x 3

Evil Twin x 2
Lai Kuang
The Alabaster King x 3
Midnight x 2
Sheriff Agathon
Infernal Army

Cost cards
The Alabaster Palace
The Dragon Throne x 2
Underworld Coronation
Insidious Plan x 2
Detonating Corpses x 2
Two-Headed Horror x 3
The Hand of the Underworld

Midnight is the absolute star of this deck, with a low resource cost, mobility allowing the horse to get into trouble easily, smoke, throw out eight extra damage from a detonating corpse, and then toast to ring in the coming of the Alabaster King for one power. Two-Headed Horror is a bargain at one power (with a Dragon Throne) and helps to clear the path a bit, as well as giving the King some interesting abilities of others. Destroyer is a bit of an anti-combo (toasting him for the King is a bit rough). An Evil Twin of the King is always welcome, and can be used to produce yet another King if the original dies. Its big weaknesses are edges and events, with only Festival Circle for the latter, and nothing for the former. It's also very power hungry, so Insidious Plan comes in very useful.

[writeup by Ben Carpentier]

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