Shadowfist Tournament Report: Sydney Smackdown 2011

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[posted 24 Feb 2012]

The Sydney, Australia playgroup hosted the Sydney Smackdown 2011 at EyeCon in Sydney on April 23, 2011. The report was printed in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 5 and in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Apr 2011 (read the original in the archive if you're a member).

Sydney Smackdown 2011 (constructed):

Ben Carpentier [deck list]

Report from Ben Carpentier. Thanks!

Sydney Smackdown 2011 report from Ben Carpentier

Originally published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 5. Republished with permission. Also published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Apr 2011. Members can read the original in the archive.

Greetings from Sydney!

The rain fell in pelts and drizzles on Easter Saturday, as the Fist faithful gathered at St Scholastica in Glebe for the mighty battle that was the Sydney Smackdown. What better place than an old convent for a throwdown? The morning started with some light sparring, as three newcomers were initiated into the secret war, given some quick schooling in the art of Shadowfist, and were awarded with demo decks for their troubles. It was after lunch that the real battle began.

Five warriors faced off that day. The freshest face was in fact the oldest, a man of great age and experience in roleplaying and games generally, Shawn. He had only that day received a demo deck as he reacquainted himself with some old playing skills, and was supplied with a more honed Cliffhanger (Dragon) deck for the tournament. Mark appeared, the mighty winner of the last Gen Con Oz duelling and Final Brawl awards, but in his grace played with his Fanatical Thunder Armies of the Monarch (Monarch) deck. Dave, terror of the Sydney Proving Ground, was in residence, wielding his Muscle Cop Warfare (Dragon) deck. Penny, duellist without compare, had brought the wrath of her Can't Keep A Good Fenris Down (Reascended/Architects) deck. Finally, I humbly stepped into the ring with my All Demons Lead to the Alabaster King (Lotus) deck.

Five players! What a number. We were short our other regular player, Dave Smith, who was away for Easter, as well as two of our newer regulars, Carl and Stacey, who were involved in other games at the convention. Still, three games were had between us, five player Cardiff style. The first was the epic battle we know and expect from such large gatherings. Many rises and falls, attacks and counter-attacks were made, the end coming when Penny foiled an attack by Dave's muscle car'd homicide detective, only to allow Midnight to throw itself against John Fenris, detonating the demon horse's corpse and summoning for the Alabaster King, who called upon the aid of Mark's thunder armies to fight to victory.

The second game saw us all suffer under the wrath of Dunwa Saleem, who with the help of a first turn Ancient Stone Arch and an early Bull Market went from strength to strength, with Dunwa faking his death and John Fenris arising from the Reascension Agenda to storm to victory.

The final game saw a number of attacks of attrition leaving little on the board, before a horde of demons tore the heads off a group of thunder knights and strode across the battlefield, claiming victory once again, making the Lotus the victors of the day.

A great thanks goes out to everyone who attended, and we hope to be able to join our Brisbane counterparts for a fun time at the B&S Brawl.

[writeup by Ben Carpentier]

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