Shadowfist Deck: The Ballad of Jade Willow by Willow Palecek

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[posted 5 June 2010; updated 10 June 2010]

Deck list provided by John Monnett. Posted with permission. Thanks John!

Willow Palecek won the Plattecon Psi (2010) Who's The Big Cheese Now? tournament (multiplayer, constructed) with this deck.


The Ballad of Jade Willow
by Willow Palecek (50 cards)
Foundation Characters (7)
Wah-Shan Clan Warriors x5
Mountain Hermit x2

Hitters (8)
Ghost Wind x1
Gold Lion x1
Jade Willow x3
Monsoon x2
White Ninja x1

Events (19)
Discerning Fire x2
Kunlun Clan Assault x5
Monkey Fools the Tiger x4
Unexpected Rescue x4
Violet Meditation x3
Wondrous Illusion x1

States (5)
Fortune of the Turtle x2
Nunchucks x2 (Jade Willow's favorite weapon)
The Ivory Goddess x1

Feng Shui (11)
City Park x1
LaGrange Four x1
Gambling House x1
Market Square x3
Martyr's Tomb x2
Temple of the Angry Spirits x1
The Shangshu Mansion x1
Whirlpool of Blood x1

Step 1: Play Market Square
Step 2: Someone else Burns your Market Square. Play a Jade Willow.
Step 3: Kick ass before they do.

(Backup plan: They seize Market Square. Play Monsoon and burn it yourself.)

[writeup by John Monnett]

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