Shadowfist Tournament Report: Plattecon Psi (2010)

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[posted 3 April 2010]

Plattecon Psi [] was held in Platteville, Wisconsion on March 5-7, 2010. The local playgroup ran Who's The Big Cheese Now?, the Wisconsin State Championships. Willow Palecek regained her cheesiness from John Monnett to once again become The Big Cheese.

Who's The Big Cheese Now? (multiplayer, constructed): Willow Palecek [decklist]

One report for you:

Plattecon Psi report by John Monnett

Originally posted to Shadowfist Forum on YahooGroups by John Monnett on 12 Mar 2010. Republished with permission. Members can read the original in the archive.

Last Saturday at Plattecon in Platteville, WI it was decided who the Big Cheese would be.

There were 4 of us this year: Willow Palecek, fielding a deck she called "The Ballad of Jade Willow*"; Tim Jensen, with his usual Detonating Destroyer deck**; Rebecca Frey, back from a few years' absence, with a fire Monarchs deck@; and yours truly, still working on the principles of light.

We decided to simply play 4 player games until someone won twice. Most of us hoped that would be more than two games. Rebecca went on record as saying her goal, besides winning, was to make Willow and I "work for it."

Game by game details are a little sketchy. Apologies. The first game I fielded my Hand Green Principle@@ deck. Rebecca started well but in the end Willow was able to secure the win. The second game I switched to my Hand Red Principle% deck. I was able to get a stockpile of power and eventually drew the hitters to play with it. Despite the appearance of the Fire King, too many superleapers all at once proved too much and I was able to win. In the third game I fielded my Architect Green Principle%% deck. It was Tim who got off to a roaring start, getting a 2nd turn burn for power. (with Rebecca's help) The rest of us managed to claw back into the game eventually. Unfortunately for Tim, we were able to outlast him and he ran out of cards. Willow was able to finally get Jade Willow to superleap over everybody for the win. (Jade Willow + Nunchucks = Damn!)

Congratulations, Willow!

All of the games were fun and competitive. The three games took us about 4 hours to play. Despite the self-proclaimed rust, Rebecca played very well. Despite not winning a game, she finished the night with more game points than I did, since she was able to consistently burn sites in each game. All of us were able to go for the win at least once during the night. At one point, I went from going for the win to no sites in play in a single round! Not that that's an infrequent occurrence in this game. ;P

In short: 1) Willow is the Big Cheese again. Watch out.
2) We had a great time.
3) The rest of you missed it. ;)

-John Monnett

* Built around getting Jade Willow into play and bringing her back.
** Much Bribery and Tortured Memories, coupled with a Sewer Demon. The gist, though, was to get the Destroyer in play and get him to die. A lot. Detonating Corpses and Throne of Skulls. Also, Walking Corpses galore.
@ Lots of "ping" damage, which adds up: Fire King, Fire Mystics, Mark of Fire, Summer Fire Palace, Fire Acolytes. Some Ice Healers and 'Carvers for repairs.
@@ Built around toughness and damage immunity.
% All Superleap all the time. Also some Mobility.
%% Toughness and Guts with some zero cost stuff for the (MIA) Ubermench to work with.

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