Shadowfist Deck: Brought To You By... by Peter Shah

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[posted 4 Aug 2006]

Published with permission.

Peter Shah won the Origins 2006 Ritual of the Unnameable tournament (variant, multiplayer) with this deck. If you haven't tried this format before, read the rules first.


"The Guiding Hand was brought to you today by the letters S & B and by the number 7"
by Peter Shah (60 cards)

Foundation Characters
4 Buddhist Monk
5 Golden Candle Society

1 Gonzo Journalist
5 Student of the Dragon

1 Billy Chow
2 Blue Monk
1 Sun Chen
1 Sword Saint

3 Bei Tairong

2 Blood of the Valiant
3 Breath of the Dragon
2 Secrets of Shaolin
1 Shaolin Surprise
2 Shield of Pure Soul

3 Back for Seconds
3 Golden Comeback

1 Bite of the Jellyfish
1 Shadowy Mentor

2 Blade Palm
2 Butterfly Swords
1 Shaking the Mountain
1 Sword of the Master

Feng Shui Sites
1 Blessed Orchard
2 Gambling House
3 Garden of Bronze
1 Golden Mile
3 Smiling Heaven Lake
2 Stone Dolmens

Other Sites
1 Blue Senshi Chamber

The Ritual of the Unnameable format provides some unusual deck construction limitations. The letters 'S' and 'B' provide a lot of juice for the Guiding Hand as well as the opportunity for adding in "Back for Seconds" and "Bei Tairong" from the dragons. Unfortunately, it does not provide all that much in terms of alternate power generation. I tossed around several options for correcting this weakness, including 'V' for "Violet Meditation", and 'D' for "Dirk Wisely's Gambit". In the end, I decided that 'G' would provide the best mix with good power generating sites (Golden Mile, Gambling House, Garden of Bronze), access to first rate recycling with "Golden Comeback" and a good 1-cost foundation: "Golden Candle Society".

The deck could use some more hitters, especially a second Billy Chow for punch through. If I had to do it over again, I think I'd replace the two "Blood of the Valiant's" with a second Billy Chow and a third Blue Monk.

[writeup by Peter Shah]

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