Shadowfist Tournament Report: Origins 2006

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[posted 15 Jul 2006; updated 4 Aug 2006]

Shadowfist Games sponsored several tournaments at Origins 2006 (Columbus, Ohio, 29 June - 2 Jul 2006). The winners were posted on the home page at (yay!).

North American Championships (multiplayer, constructed): Joey Ferreira [decklist]
Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling, constructed): Jim Przytulski [decklist]
Whirlpool of Blood (sealed): James McClure
Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, constructed, theme):

Peter Shah [decklist]

Ritual of the Unnameable (multiplayer, constructed, variant):

Peter Shah [decklist]

* this was called the National Championships in years past.

One report for you so far, no photos yet:

Origins 2006 report from Jim Przytulski.

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 3 Jul 2006 by Jim Przytulski. Republished with permission. If you're a member, read the original in the archives.

Origins 2006 Report by Jim Przytulski

Origins was a blast. There wasn't a whole lot of Shadowfist players there, but the ones that were there were competitive. I saw some interesting decks, from Flying Kick Dragons, to "The Hungry" Kings and Queens. I saw a Dark Traveler Purist Deck and I saw a Kar Fai's Crib deck.

I ended up making the finals of every tournament. There weren''t too many people there however. Typically though the tournaments were more than one round.

Final Brawl Tournament Report

Tim gets beat down because people fear Kar Fai's Crib Dr. Amanda Snow mania. I toast my first twelve cards or so before I get my first feng shui site. Eventually there is a character buildup where nobody can do anything. Finally when people do start attacking, everyone is stopped. Then Joey Ferreira (I believe it was you, can't remember) laid flying kick and one or two back for seconds on a ten or twelve fighting Ting Ting and wreaked havoc winning the Final Brawl.

That was the general gist of the Final Brawl. Everyone had big stuff eventually. I went for victory once with a ten fighting Dr. Celeste with an Amulet but got stopped when my Discerning Fire targeting two Ice characters was Brain Fired.

Dueling Tournament Report

Dueling only had four people. I was playing my Soldiers deck, against a friend piloting my CB Radio Dragons deck, against Tim Linden's Sorcerers and a person other than Tim piloting Tim's Hand Deck.

I ended up winning the dueling tournament undefeated playing this. [deck list and comments moved here]

In between final brawl rounds I played Josh Kronengold's Ugliness dueling deck to see how it might have done against my Soldiers if he had played in the tournament. He won 2-1 in best two out of three. A deck that likes to hold onto its resources doesn't do well against disruption. Also Battlegrounds don't do well against Killing Rain either.

I think my friend Shane and I are going to make Origins an annual trip. My brother lives fifteen minutes away from Origins so it's extremely convenient. I just wish there would be more Shadowfist players there however. Also I am extremely excited for the Smackdown in Jacktown tournament coming up in the fall, which should be a definite blast. Also, I'm not positive but a store called All Play may allow us to use their building for the Smackdown as we've had a couple Shadowfist tournaments in their facilities recently. John or Greg would have a better idea than me, but it would definitely be an improvement.

[writeup from Jim Przytulski]

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