Shadowfist Deck: Dragons Squared by Peter Shah

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[posted 22 Jul 2006]

Published with permission. Thanks Peter!.

Peter Shah won the Origins 2006 Comrades in Arms tournament (multiplayer, variant) with this deck. The designator is Dragon.


Dragons Squared
by Peter Shah (65 cards)

Foundation Characters
5 Friends of the Dragon
2 Hacker
2 Redeemed Gunman (Should be 1)
4 Student of the Dragon (Should be 5)

1 Captain Jake Malloy
1 Dr. Amanda Snow
1 Dr. John Haynes
1 The Golden Gunman
1 Mad Dog McCroun
2 Reluctant Hero
1 Six Bottles Hwang
1 Steven Wu
1 Ting Ting
1 Tom Donovan
1 White Ninja

1 Ashes of the Fallen
4 Back for Seconds
3 Claw of the Dragon
3 Dirk Wiseley's Gambit
2 Final Brawl
3 Flying Kick
4 Golden Comeback
1 Got My Mojo Working
1 Kiii-YAAAH!
2 Never Surrender
1 Who's the Big Man Now?

Feng Shui Sites
1 Disco
5 Dragon Graveyard (Should be 4)
4 Nine Dragon Temple
2 Ring of Gates
1 Stone Dolmens (Should be 2)

Other Sites
2 Dragon Dojo

As noted above, I made a mistake while tinkering with the deck prior to the tournament. One of the Redeemed Gunmen in the deck should be replaced with a fifth Student of the Dragon, and one of the Dragon Graveyards should be a second Stone Dolmens.

This list represents the actual contents of the deck as played.

For the most part the deck runs on Dragons hitters and Back for Seconds backed up by Guts and a mixed bag of tricks. It shields itself from some of the classic problems of a Comrades in Arms deck (Discerning Fire, Glimpse of Brief Eternity, etc.) by not having any hitters which share the deck's CiA designator.

[writeup by Peter Shah]

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