Shadowfist Deck: Chairman's Meeting by Ben Carpentier

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[posted 14 Aug 2008]

Posted with permission. Thanks Ben!

Ben Carpentier won the Final Brawl tournament at GenCon Oz 2008 with this deck.


Chairman's Meeting
by Ben Carpentier (60 cards)

The Unspoken Name (old one)
The Man
Louie the Roach
Web of the Spider (new one)
Sting of the Scorpion (new one)
Draco x 2 (new one)
Sam Mallory
Raven Li
Might of the Elephant x 2

Habbakuk x 2
Mount Makarakomburu x 2
Hydroponic Garden x 4
Kinoshita House
Sacred Heart Hospital
Temple of the Angry Spirits
The Iron Palace

Operation Killdeer x 5
Moonlight Raid x 4
Mole Network x 4
Contingency Plans x 2
Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
Bull Market x 2
Bite of the Jellyfish x 2
Official Harassment x 2

Nuclear Power Plant x 2

Black Helicopter Squad x 5
Gangsters x 2
Jade Wheel Society x 3
Rat Clan Spies x 1
Student of the Bear x 1

Here is the list for my deck which won the multiplayer championship. I call it "Chairman's meeting" because it's got all the Lodge Chairmen in it. For your interest, the Hydroponic Garden/Habbakuk/Mount Makarakomburu/Contingency Plans synergy only came off once during the entire tournament.

[writeup by Brad Carpentier]

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