Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon Oz (Australia) 2008

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[posted 14 Aug 2008; updated 17 Aug 2008]

Brad Daniels organized several Shadowfist tournaments at GenCon Oz in Brisbane, Australia, July 3-6, 2008. The winners were announced by Ben Carpentier in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 7 Jul 2008 (read the original in the archive if you're a member). The Who Wants Some? tournament was played using constructed decks rather than the usual sealed decks.

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed):

Ben Carpentier [decklist]

Who Wants Some ? (constructed, dueling):

Penny Carpentier [decklist]

Read on for Ben's report or check out his photos.

GenCon Oz 2008 report from Ben Carpentier

Originally published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 7 Jul 2008. Republished with permission. Members can read the original in the archive.

Australian Shadowfist had a truly awesome time at GenCon Oz, with at least ten people playing in the "Who Wants Some?" duelling over the course of the convention, and nine people playing in the Final Brawl on Saturday.

We also had two people turn up who hadn't played since Daedalus, and were keen to get back into it - Steve and Mitch played several games, were given some extra cards to strengthen up some decks, and Mitch even brought some old-school learning by winning one of the Final Brawl matches!

Victories in the end went to myself (multi) and my wife Penny (duelling). I was honoured with a Sword of the Master [ed note - an actual sword, in this case] that thankfully made it back on the plane ok, a box of CS and also a Kinoshita House of Pancakes which will be treasured. Penny now has Public Enemy no. 1 status, and also got herself a S&SG box.

Major props must go out to Brad Daniels for organising the tournaments, and to Daniel Griego for supplying prize support.

My memory of the games is fading, but here's a quick report on the final.

Final: Ben (Ascended "Lodge Round Table"), Jason (Hand Senshi Chambers), Brad (Dragon "Independent Women")

Everyone seemed to start strong, with Brad playing Isis Fox and Jason having a couple of 4-5 fighting buddhist monks. I made the mistake of thinking my Nuclear Power Plant was a Habbakuk and going for the win a turn early, which resulted in Brad mounting a strike on Mr X (who had convinced Isis Fox to help me) and Jason attacking me enough to take me down to 1 FSS + 1 BFV. He even smoked my Hydroponic Garden to stop me from playing another FSS to replace it. However, with the right draw, I was able to play a face down Sacred Heart Hospital (a risk, because Brad already had one, and plenty of power to beat me in an auction) then mount a starting attack on a damaged Cave Network with The Man moonlight raiding, followed by another attack by Lodge nasties to bring the game to an end.

I'm happy to put up a deck list, but I don't think it will contain many surprises. [ed. - decklist here]

In the "Who Wants Some?" duelling, Penny was playing an Architects anti-character deck of doom - lots of denial, lots of ambush, with pocket demons and dangerous experiment for alt-power gen. She only lost two games the whole Con - one against my Manchu Manchu Man deck, and one against Randal's Jammers.

Again, I can post deck details if you're into that stuff. [ed. - decklist here]

An honourable mention has to go out to Mark Carpenter, who only learned to play fist a few weeks before the event, and came 4th in the multiplayer tourney, and equal 3rd in the duelling! Butterfly Knights and Summer Fire Palace was a potent combo.

[writeup by Ben Carpentier]

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