Shadowfist Deck: Every Day is Hallowe'en by Braz King

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[posted 1 Aug 2006]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 22 Jul 2006 by Braz King. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Braz King won the Pandemonium 23 (2006) Canadian Championships (multiplayer) with this deck.


Every Day is Hallowe'en

Lotus/Purist spooky deck.

Design Notes: This is the deck I made for the Toronto league's Hallowe'en variant, where each player starts the game with one Magic resource. My intention was to build a deck where the art was spooky, that captured a dark Hallowe'en feel but also had a solid backbone of playable cards. The deck has reliable power generation, a range of ways to deal with opposing characters (take out and take over), a smattering of unusual evasion that opponents probably don't see regularly and therefore have to adjust to (Jiang Fei, The Unnameable, Strange Magic, Sword of the Dragon King, Four Sorrows Island), and a bunch of characters that fight hard for their cost (Faceless Minions, Eater of Fortune, Walking Corpses, Void, Cenotaph, Destroyer, Ten Thousand Agonies, Shards). For a spooky theme deck, this runs smoothly, hits hard, and doesn't rely on any single card or combo so can't be shut down. It is light on hitters, but the Lotus takeover events make up for that.

Play Strategy: In the early game, you really want to play Faceless Minions in front of Locksley Station. Hum the theme from the movie "Hallowe'en". Turn to attack opponent's FSS. Cover your face with your hands to imitate a mask and say in your creepiest voice "Trick or Treat!" Laugh like you have completely lost your marbles and might be capable of anything. Late game strategy involves waiting for a quiet moment then hollering in a raspy voice "HAPPY HALLOWE'EN LADIES!" and making obscene gestures with your tongue.

From the Jank Orphanage: Strange Magic is a card I never see played but fit the Hallowe'en theme as well as the evasion sub-strategy. But Locksley Station and Hanging Coffins are the real jank orphans that this deck snuggles to its bosom.

Every Day is Hallowe'en
by Braz King (70 cards)

Foundations - 14
3 Faceless Minions
2 Mathemagician
2 Purist Initiate

2 Shamanistic Punk
5 Sinister Priest

Utility - 1
1 Eater of Fortune

Mid-Range - 6
1 Jiang Fei
1 Walking Corpses
2 Priest of the Unnameable
2 Void

Monsters - 5
1 Cenotaph
1 Destroyer
1 Ten Thousand Agonies
1 Shards of Warped Reflection
1 The Unnameable

The Juice - 6
2 Pocket Demon
2 Insidious Plan
2 Quantum Sorcery

Freebies - 13
3 Amulet of the Turtle
1 Larcenous Mist
1 Demonic Plague
2 Flying Sleeves
1 Inexorable Corruption
1 Verminous Rain
2 Glimpse of Brief Eternity
1 Strange Magic
1 "They Came Out of Nowhere!"

Upgrades - 8
1 Material Transcendence
2 Bribery
3 Tortured Memories
1 Discerning Fire
1 Sword of the Dragon King

Sites - 2
2 Haunted Forest

FSS - 15
2 Desolate Ridge
2 Dragon Graveyard
1 Festival Circle
1 Four Sorrows Island
2 Hall of Portals
1 The Hanging Coffins
1 Locksley Station
2 Mobius Gardens
2 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Whirlpool of Blood

[writeup by Braz King]

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