Shadowfist Tournament Report: Pandemonium 23 (2006)

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[posted 25 Feb 2006; updated 1 Aug 2006]

Pandemonium 23 [] was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Feb.17-19, 2006. The local playgroup ran several tournaments including the second official Canadian National Championship. The winners were announced by Braz King in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 20 Feb 2006 (read the original in the archive if you're a member).

Whirlpool of Blood (sealed, draft):

Colin Donaldson

Canadian National Multiplayer Championships (constructed): Braz King [decklist]

Canadian National Dueling Championships (constructed):

Troy Duffy [decklist]

One report, and some photos for you:

Pandemonium 23 report by Braz King, originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups.

Pandemonium 23 pictorial by Troy Duffy

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 20 Feb 2006 by Braz King. Republished with permission. If you're a member, read the original in the archives.

Tournament Report: Pandemonium 2006

Our turnout this year was quite a bit lower than last year and we didn't get anyone outside of the GTA (greater Toronto area), which left us with only 7 to 10 people per event.

But the great news was that Shadowfist was the *only* CCG with events going through the entire con and we attracted quite a bit of attention. We had a lot of 'walk by' traffic, people pausing and watching and chatting. Three people sat down for full demos and each of them loved the game! They all walked away with free decks and Troy's "Shadowfist business card". We think we'll be seeing them again. It was great to see new players so enthusiastic about the game!

Duelling: The Lord High Troy Duffy won his first duelling event ever with a thick Jammer deck featuring every Jammer trick there is. Netherflitter features prominently, and it plays out a bit like a rebel/rabble deck with Violence Jankies, Deep-Throat Rebels and the Uprising. He faced Cavebear in the final and won a very long, hard fought duel. Interestingly, the two finalists had, by far, the biggest decks in the duelling tournament and beat Tim Linden's Underworld Gateway deck and Kel McKay's TurboCHAR variant, Jason Blackthorn's Ex-Commando/Dragon gun deck, Charles Soong's 2005 duelling finalist deck featuring Ice Commandos. I know there were a couple more but I don't recall the details. I was coaching hockey Saturday morning so came late, then ran a demo during the duelling.

Draft: Between Cavebear and I, (and three Red Wedding boosters from Kel that topped up my last six Red Wedding boosters) we put together an awesome draft with packs from original Daedalus starters and boosters, Flashpoint, and almost every set in between including Dark Future, Red Wedding, etc. Colin Donaldson won this event. There was lot of drama - people missing winning attacks by 1 fight, or getting stymied by that single Blade Palm (leading Tim to call Troy bad names that I can't repeat :^), etc. There were a lot of laughs and good clunky draft games and all the fun of revisiting all of the sets pack by pack.

Final Brawl: We only had seven people turn up for this. Jay and Kel couldn't make it and none of our newbies were up for the tournament play so we went with a four and a three. I was thinking of not coming because I wasn't feeling well, but woke up and felt I had to be there to support the cause so rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes (forgetting that it was one of the coldest snaps of the year and only had a t-shirt and jeans so ended up wearing a heavy parka indoors for much of the day!). Cavebear made the match ups while I drank tea and pondered my decks, all spread out over the table. People sat down at their assigned places and I still hadn't decided. Tim Linden pointed to a deck in my box and said "that one". So I grabbed it out and started to play. I realized quickly that it was my "Everyday is Hallowe'en" Lotus/Purist deck that I made for our League's Hallowe'en special. Surprisingly, it rolled over my opponents in the first and third rounds but did nothing in the second round, during which I could only get out foundations and Void and sit there and wait for an opportune BfV. Suffice to say I got stomped in that round. Last year's Canadian Champion, Charles Soong, came in dead last this year despite playing what he thought was a stronger deck. In the final my deck rolled again while Colin and Cavebear barely got out of the gate. Colin played maybe a Sinister priest and a Pocket Demon and a Kunlun Clan assault the whole game. Cavebear got out a couple of FSSs, and one foundation. Natalie did much better, fielding purist foundations and two Quantum Sorcerys. She had two hitters out and was going to knock me back down, but a timely Discerning Fire took care of that threat. Then my Cultist Swarm wiped out her foundations and my Corpses and weenie horde (with four power back and a Ten Thousand Agonies in hand for a followup attack) won the game. So, small turnout, but a fun event and gives me the Canadian Championship (plus half of the U.S. "National" Championship concurrently). Gave me a few minutes of glow, even if it is just a fun card game that most people have never heard of. :^)

We are thinking of running next year's event more like the Smackdown in Jacktown - a Shadowfist only event (possibly with some Feng Shui rpgs on the side), with a very low entry fee played somewhere we can get for free or for cheap. We'll keep you all informed and hopefully we can attract some of the north eastern U.S. players. We'll put you up for free and show you a good time!

Enjoying the game in the Great White North,

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