Shadowfist Deck: Public Disturbance by Troy Duffy

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[posted 26 Feb 2006]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 23 Feb 2006 by Troy Duffy. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Troy Duffy won the 2006 Canadian National Dueling Championships at Pandemonium 23 with this deck.


Public Disturbance
by Troy Duffy (68 cards)

2 Dallas Rocket [Fp]
3 Deep-Cover Rebels [7M]
1 Dr. Ivan Vasilovich [2FT]
4 Mad Scientist [RW]
1 Major Hottie [DF]
1 Marmojet [2FT]
5 Portal Jockey [Fp]
3 Resistance Squad [Nw]
1 Rogue Scientist [7M]
1 Two-Face [RW]
4 Violence Junkies [RW]

1 "There's Always One More..." [RW]
1 "Torch the Place!" [2FT]
1 Blow Things Up! [RW]
2 Close Call [DF]
1 Far Too Much Dynamite [2FT]
1 Kunlun Clan Assault [7M]
5 Scrounging [TW]
1 Stick it to The Man [BCL]
1 Stolen Plans [2FT]
1 Street Riot [10kB]
2 Uprising [TW]
4 Who's the Monkey Now? [TW]

1 Explosives [YotD]
4 Netherflitter [7M]
1 Sonic Reducer [RW]

1 Payback Time [TW]

1 Eagle Mountain [TW]
1 Fox Pass [YotD]
2 Monkey House [Nw2]
4 Nine Dragon Temple [10kB]
1 Sacred Heart Hospital [YotD]
3 Stone Dolmens [RW]
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits [TW]
1 Bomb Factory [10kB]
1 Genocide Lounge [Nw2]

I've replaced Genocide Lounge with Sword of the Master (which I only put in tournament winning decks). I think I'm gonna swap Resistance Squad w/ Marmojet. And maybe add a 5th Netherflitter.

[writeup by Troy Duffy]

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