Shadowfist Deck: 100 Names Deck by Jan Malina

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[posted 16 Dec 2004]

Jan Malina won the GenCon SoCal 2004 100 Names tournament using this deck. Posted with permission.

Unnamed 100 Names Deck (57 cards)

   Order of the Wheel
   Rat Clan Spies
   Jade Wheel Society
   The Pledged
   Student of the Shark
   Might of the Elephant
   Broken Wheel Brigade
   Student of the Bear
   Manchu Soldiers
   The Suits
   SWAT Team (10KB)

   White Ninja

   Shinobu Yashida
   Ninja Interior Decorators
   Rat Fink
   Rachel McShane
   Sting of the Scorpion
   Phillipe Benoit
   Adrienne Hart
   The Blue Cardinal's Guards
   Cabinet Minister
   Yen Song
   The Eastern King
   Raven Li
   Coil of the Snake

   Suicide Mission
   Bull Market
   Operation Killdeer
   Faked Death
   Bite of the Jellyfish
   Hostile Takeover
   Fox on the Run
   Covert Operation
   Cutting Loose Ends
   Mole Network

   Paper Trail

   Shadowy Mentor

   Whirlpool of Blood
   Temple of the Angry Spirits
   City Park
   Turtle Beach
   Fox Pass
   Desolate Ridge
   City Square
   Festival Circle
   Hot Springs
   Sacred Heart Hospital
   Puzzle Garden
   Kinoshita House

   Opium Den
   Nuclear Power Plant
   Family Estate
   Manchu Garrison
   Drug Lab
   Secret Headquarters
   Trade Center

[writeup by Jan Malina]

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