Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon SoCal 2004

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[posted 9 Dec 2004; updated 1 Mar 2005]

The second GenCon Southern California (SoCal) was held the weekend of December 4, 2004 in Anaheim, California. Z-Man sponsored a bunch of tournaments there:

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed): Paul Myers [decklist]
Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling, constructed): Jan Malina

Whirlpool of Blood (sealed, drafting):

Erik Berg

Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, constructed, theme deck):

Max Hufnagel

100 Names (multiplayer, constructed, 1 each max.):

Jan Malina [decklist]

Array of Stunts (multiplayer, constructed, variant):

Jan Malina

Who Wants Some? (sealed, convention-long): Jan Malina

Thanks to Eric Lui for providing the list of winners. (original message posted to Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 6 Dec 2004. Members can read the message in the archive.)

Two reports so far, thanks to Max and Erik, and a bunch of photos from Darren Miguez. Feel free to contribute more :)

GenCon SoCal 2004 report by Max Hufnagel. This report was originally posted to Max's Livejournal on Nov.11, 2004.

BiMonSciFiCon or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the bon mot" by Erik Berg. This report was originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on Dec.13, 2004. Members can read the original in the archive.

GenCon SoCal 2004 pictorial from Darren Miguez and Eric Lui.

GenCon SoCal 2004 report by Max Hufnagel

This report was originally posted to Livejournal on 11 Dec 2004 by Max Hufnagel. Republished with permission.

Friday (Con minus 6):
Jan Malina alerts me to the fact that GenCon SoCal is less than a week away. Somehow this fact had escaped me. I knew Thanksgiving was the last weekend in November. I knew the convention was the first weekend in December. The fact that the first weekend in December immediately follows the last weekend in November never quite registered. I don’t know why – maybe I thought there was some kind of extra “leap weekend” between them.

I start scrambling to make arrangement. A place to stay, a way to get there, time off from work, etc. Man, this sure would have been easier if I did it even as little as a week earlier.

Sunday (Con minus 4):
I suddenly realize that besides a place to stay in Anaheim and a way to get there, I need some Shadowfist decks. I enter my sanctum sanctorum, and approach my card boxes. Suddenly, a dreadful, overpowering stench assails me! Yuck! What is that smell? Where is it coming from?

Eyes watering, nose cringing, I track the horrible smell down to ... my Shadowfist box o’ decks. With shaking hands, I open the box. My nose almost crawls off my face. The stench – unbearable – is coming from my decks. All of them. They stink. Bad.

Actually, they don’t really stink, at least not in a physical sense. But none of them, not one, are worth playing, worth salvaging. I tear them all apart, and hope I can come up with decks to play in time for the con.

Tuesday (Con minus two):
Jan comes over to my place to work on decks. First, we go to dinner at the Hawaiian place a couple of blocks over. Aloha, yummy!

While there are five Shadowfist events at the con we need to prepare for, we spend almost the entire evening trying to choose cool designators for Comrades in Arms. The choice for Jan's deck is easy, since he has already decided "Dragon" would be fun, different enough, and effective enough to play. The choice of a designator for my deck is much more problematic.

I want something effective, which unfortunately rules out "Monkeys". I also want to avoid the obvious, which rules out things like "Fire". After trying and dismissing everything from "Netherworld" (too easy) to "Scientist" (too Eric Lui crazy), we settle on "Darkness" – not as non-obvious as I want, but far less so than "Fire".

Julian Lighton's amazing "Evil" and "Big" decks nearly inspire me to try something as ambitious. I come to my senses when I realize I won’t have a chance to play and tweak the decks before the con. I’m confident in my ability to build and play a "Darkness" deck with no testing, but "Mad" I’m not. ("Mad" was one of the designators I was considering. Get it? Haha?)

Since I've never actually played a "Darkness" deck, I tell myself I haven’t sold out completely. A small lie, one I don't notice.

After the nightmare of choosing designators, actual deck building goes quickly and smoothly. After finishing the CiA decks, we spend about 20 minutes discussing and building decks for the Array of Stunts game. It’s now Thursday, and time for Jan to head home. Unfortunately, I still need decks for 100 Names, dueling, and multiplayer.

Wednesday (Con minus one):
What to do, what to do. Three decks to make, and less than two hours in which to make them. Fortunately, a voice in my head – different from the usual ones – tells me to use a proven dueling deck, rather than try to build and tune a new one from scratch. I'm no fool, or not as much as some might think (the bastiches), so I listen to this voice, and copy a deck I find at What a great site the Chimpshack is! Eric Lui is the Man. Or, in the case, the Chimp.

Once done copying a dueling deck, I throw together a pile of "good cards" with duplicates, and another with no duplicates. These will be my multiplayer and 100 Names decks, I declare. Bwahahah!

Since I have an hour left, I reconsider this decision, and make a real multiplayer deck. I base it off a friend's deck – more on this later.

With 5 minutes to go, I tweak the pile with no duplicates so it's not just a big pile, but rather a medium-sized pile of good Dragon cards, with a smaller pile of good Architect cards added. 100 Names, ready to go!

Thursday (Connnnnnn!!!!!):
Paul Myers drives himself, Jan, Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud, and me down to Anaheim. Although I volunteer to take a shift driving, it turns out Paul will drive the entire way, and (on Sunday) the entire way back, thus earning him the nickname "Ol' Constitution". Or maybe "The Drivin' Guy".

We stop at a steak place for late lunch/early dinner. I'm not excited by the prospect, and would rather have gone to a fast-food burger place, but I'm not The Drivin' Guy. When I leave the table to wash my hands, the guys put Tabasco (tm) sauce into my iced tea. Hilarity ensues.

This unwarranted defilement of my refreshing beverage prompts me to start my soon-to-be famous List of Grudges. The names of my traveling companions are the first on the list. They will not be the last.

After these and other assorted hi-jinks, some including delicious baked yams, we get back on the road and, after only a few hours of mind-numbing traffic, make it to the convention center. On the way, we pass the dining establishment known as Tommy's, but are too full to partake. (More on this mysterious Tommy's place later.)

Before the 100 Names tournament begins, Jan wanders by and sees me shuffling. He notices I’m playing Dragon with a splash of Architect, and says, “Uh oh. That’s what I’m playing.”

He names a few cards. I nod. I name a few other cards. He nods. He names a not-too-obvious card. Yes, it’s in my deck. I name another not-too-obvious card. He grimaces – it’s in his deck, too.

Apparently, 100 Names decks can lack a bit of variety. Rather than play nearly identical decks, Jan decides to play Ascended.

Next to me, Jeff is going through his deck. “Drat,” he mutters. (Well, to be honest, in all likelihood he didn’t mutter “Drat.” I’m probably one of the only people around who says things like “Drat”. Perhaps he says something Canadian.) Jeff is obviously not 100% happy with his deck. He is lacking two cards: one he wants, the other one he needs.

He wants a Temple of Celestial Mercy. Cheerfully, I loan him one from my trade binder. (He has yet to return this card, by the way. The bastitch.) He needs a House on the Hill. I have only one House on the Hill with me – the one in my 100 Names deck. With no hesitation, I pull it from my deck and hand it to him.

Stinkin’ Jedi mind control. Jeff earns the honor of being the first to be entered on my List of Grudges more than once.

The next few hours are very frustrating. Despite the “plenty of” Dragon resource sources left in my deck (“plenty of” being defined as the same I had before, minus one), I can’t seem to pull a second Dragon resource. Ever. Some games, I can’t even pull a first. Some people are think I’m playing straight Architect. I'm not, at least not intentionally.

Fortunately, even without Dragon hitters, Dragon/Architect is strong in 100 Names. Not as strong as Ascended when played by Jan, though. Jan wins the event; I come in 2nd.

Friday Morning (Connnnnnn!!!!! plus one):
The Comrades in Arms event will soon begin. I'm excited to be playing Monkeys again. Then I realize I'm not playing Monkeys. I'm playing Darkness. How sad. Somewhere, a Monkey is crying.

Poor Monkey. Poor, poor Monkey.

Of course, the last time I played Monkeys I was beat down down down. Sure, it was by Erik Berg, so I might have been beat down anyway, but down x 3? Down x 2, maybe, maybe even down x 2.25, but down x 3? I don't think so.

Yes, the Monkeys have failed me before. In response, in anger – well, not anger, but in a slight bit of grumpiness, perhaps -- I have turned to the Dark(ness) side. And the Dark(ness) side is strong. Strong enough to win. So I do. Win, that is. Bwahahah!

But fear not, Monkeys. Given some of the new cards in 2FT, I'll undoubtedly be playing Monkeys again, and soon. Oook ook ook!

Friday Evening (Connnnnnn!!!!! plus one):
Seated close by, where they stay for the rest of the weekend, another game: Killer Bunnies. Some weird card game featuring amusing yet violent animals. How silly. From them I pick up a new catch phrase, a new meme: "I'm rich in carrots." I try to spread it to everyone I play against.

Everyone has more Power than I do? "That's ok," I say. ""I'm rich in carrots." Everyone is beating me down turn after turn without mercy? "I don't mind. I'm rich in carrots."

It never really catches on.

The Whirlpool of Blood begins. This is a tricky format, Shadowfist draft. I'm seated next to the Erik Berg, one of the best Shadowfist players in the world. His signature format, the format in which he is known to be nigh-unbeatable: draft.

Bring it.

On the far side of Mr. Berg, the innocuous-seeming David Metz. Metz claims his knowledge of Shadowfist comes entirely from a five-minute speech, that he's new New NEW to the game. Who gave him this five-minute speech is unclear; based on his performance in the tournament, I would not doubt some alternate-universe Shadowfist expert transmitting all his knowledge in compressed form at an ultra-high rate of speed. I first start suspecting Metz of being a ringer when I find out he's from Las Vegas, home of Mephistopheles, six of the current mortal incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, and, of course, the mysterious yet powerful entity known to some as The Librarian (a.k.a. Darren Miguez). I let Berg know of my suspicions.

Metz dominates every game I see him in, but still professes to be a new New NEW player. Of course, new players always dominate games! How silly of me to think otherwise.

Despite this feeble attempt at subterfuge, Erik Berg manages to crush all who oppose him, including David Metz. Take that! The Berg emerges victorious, bloody but unbowed.

Note: I'm not sure if draft is Erik Berg's signature format or not. But I am sure he's really good at it.

Saturday Morning (Connnnnnn!!!!! plus two):
Berg brings me plastic containers of Candy Monkey Poo. Some less sophisticated souls believe the labeling on the package, and wonder why Erik is gifting me with chocolate pudding. They will know soon enough, once the poo-flinging begins!

Despite the Candy Monkey Poo, I am less chipper than usual. I am already very tired, short of sleep. I'm a light sleeper, and one of the people sharing the hotel room sleeps loudly. That is, they make loud noises when they sleep. Next time, I will bring earplugs or have my own room.

Even the excitement of Shadowfist dueling doesn't cheer me up. I play terribly. I lose games I should win. The games I do win, I shouldn't; the mistakes I make are obvious and plentiful. Finally, after far too long, the tournament ends. Jan wins. Shocking!

Saturday Evening (Connnnnnn!!!!! plus two):
Steve Valladolid arrives. Yay! Hurrah! One of my oldest friends, I rarely see him anymore. He's one of the best card players I know: sharp, cool, unflappable, and unreadable. Card playing aside, he's one of the smoothest people I know.

Steve has arrive in time to enter the Final Brawl, the "standard" multiplayer Shadowfist tournament – no special play rules, no special deck construction rules. Normal Shadowfist, if such a designation makes sense.

I'm playing a Guiding Hand control deck, based off one of Steve's tournament-winning designs. How well I've adapted Steve's ideas to my style of play remains to be seen.

I fear much of Saturday evening will forever be lost to us. My notes are sketchy at this point, my memories sketchier. I know every game I played in was fraught with sloppy play, errors of vast magnitude. And it wasn't just me making these boo-boos. Earl Miles, a normally very precise player was making them. So was Steve. Andrew Davidson, the Arthur Fonzarelli of Shadowfist, made one that might have cost him the tournament. Paul Myers made at least two big mistakes in the same game; despite these, Paul manages to squeak an attack through and win.

The rest of my notes on the Saturday evening game are vague, cryptic: "Jeff added to List of Grudges again. Paul Gerardi is a bad boy. Brian Kelley, from Cambridge –> enough to get on List of Grudges. Earl: Mean to fish." What these notes mean, we may never know.

After the tournament, a number of us Shadowfist players dared to enter the True Dungeon, a live-action dungeon, no LARPing required. It was not unfun, enough so that some of us are likely to try it again in the future. For more information, read True Dungeon: Tales of Slaughter and Silliness, coming soon to an Internet near you!

Sunday Morning (Connnnnnn!!!!! plus three):
Morning comes too early, especially when one was up fighting (or at least being attacked by) giant spiders and wimpy lizard men until 2AM.

The event this morning is Array of Stunts, a format in which few of us have ever played. The format creator, Andrew Davidson, is running the show, and has provided original art as a first-place prize: Stolen Police Car, matted with a copy of the card itself.

I really want to win. Stolen Police Car rules!

Long story short (ha!), I don't win. Jan wins.

Erik Berg beat me down, enough so that Andrew (running the game) is prompted to ask me later about it. "Does Erik hate you? Why did he take you out of the game like that?"

I asked Erik later about it. He said he wanted to take 2nd place, and I was in his way. Once Jan managed to get both Shadowfist and Fortune of the Turtle on his Tranquil Persuader, we both knew it was over, that Jan was going to win. The two Contracts of the Fox Jan put on it later were just icing on the cake – the cake of our doom!

I don't blame Erik for beating on me. It was the right thing to do. Sort of.

The convention is over, but the trip home is just beginning. Jeff "Cavebear" Stroud mentions his disappointment at not having won an event. Everyone else in the car had won, and not winning is something new to Jeff. Someone suggests Jeff was good luck for the rest of us. Based on this, I decide he is no longer to be called "Cavebear." Instead, he will henceforth be known as "Lucky Bear."

By the time we get home, Jeff will be re-rechristened. His new name: "Lucky Flounder".

On the way home, we stop to have dinner at Tommy's. Tommy's is an old-fashioned hamburger place, much like the beloved In-and-Out. The main difference: Tommy's put chili on everything. Hamburgers. Cheeseburgers. French Fries. Milkshakes. Napkins. Everything. Well, maybe not milkshakes. You can special order your food without chili, and I consider doing so for one brief moment. But then I come to my senses. What's the point of coming to Tommy's if you don't want chili?

And it's good chili.

Then we went home.

It occurs to me now, almost a week after eating at Tommy's, that life is like Tommy's menu, and my Shadowfist friends are like chili. As individuals, the friends I've found through Shadowfist are extraordinary. As a group, though, their personalities blended into a fantastic mélange that somehow lets the flavor of each part still come through – they are matchless, unbeatable, the best.

And I ask myself again: What's the point of coming to Tommy's if you don't want chili?

It's good chili.

The End. (Until next time.)

Deck lists, etc. to follow.

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GenCon SoCal 2004 report by Erik Berg

This report was originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 13 Dec 2004 by Erik Berg. Republished with permission.

Wednesday night:
Eric Lui brings Paul Gerardi over to pick me up and my wife sees that not all card floppers are as hopelessly nerdy as the two Eric/ks. Some actually get paid to be around games, even if they do live with their mother. Excuse me, their mother lives with -them-. We go to Eric's place and await the triumphant arrival of Darren "vrylakos" Miguez. We are not disappointed when Lemony Snickett bounds through the door. He really should wear a MedicAlert bracelet that states that yes, this is his normal state and he doesn't need meds.

Darren's truck peed all over Eric's driveway in the middle of the night. We get it towed by the World's Dumbest Tow Truck Operator 2004. After taking 20 minutes to make a 5 minute drive, we proceed to unbuckle our belts and bite down in preparation for the estimate
of the bill. Turns out the problem wasn't too bad and the mechanic had the part on hand. I'd like to think that he respected the cool Thai Toyota race team jacket I was wearing, even if I don't consider powder blue to be very intimidating.

We get to the Con around noon and I pal around with some Vs. players trying to avoid boredom and nervousness for the next day. Stop in the say hi to Mike Nicoloff of Shadowfist legend and scrounge up a few cards I need for my Vs. deck for tomorrow.

100 Names is a blur as I spend more time sorting Vs cards from a draft I just finished than winning. The first game saw me playing with Jero and Paul Myers, I believe. My deck doesn't win the game unless I pay attention, and I manage to drag Jero down with me. At least we didn't time out. Game 2 is a little better, as Jero and I face off against Earl, who gets out Desolation and proceeds to get beat down. I try to preserve points, but after Jero goes abso- freakin'-Ape Nuts on Earl and takes out two sites with a Big Macaque in a Homemade Tank throwing a Molotov Cocktail Party, Earl correctly zaps some of my fight off the table to make me lose the time-out scoring. Jero escapes by black hole of SHadowfist, but Earl gets sucked in and has to face me again in Game 3. Earl's deck gimps him, and Tim and I more or less duel until Earl gets himself into a kingmaker position with City Square, Turtle Beach, and White Disciple. I believe we timeout again and I won on points. Not exactly an auspicious start in my quest for $40k tomorrow.

Denny's was the only thing open after 11 pm, as Del Taco decides that they don't actually have to keep the dining area open until midnight like it says on their signs. We get out of there around 1 am and I try to go to sleep as quickly as possible. For once, we all shut up with the incessant joking and baklava references and I nod off with dreams of slamming down Ezekiel and saying "And you will know that my name is the Lord!"

Friday Morning:
Naturally, I wake up at 6:45 am and can't go back to sleep. I get up and read some Psalms to try to find a tranquil place to start the day from. Eric asks me if I am trying to find the passage in Ezekiel that Samuel Jackson uses in Pulp Fiction and I say "not at first, but yes, I was abusing your Bible." Jook is had for breakfast, and we leave at a reasonable time. Then Eric forgets he isn't going to work and we get on the wrong freeway. No problem, that's why we left at 8:15. Ok, now we hit traffic. Lots of traffic. Eric somehow pulls it out and manages to screech to a halt in front of the convention center at 9 am and I run in to register my deck, sign an I-9, and get ready to play in the first big tournament of my life. Long story short, I scrub out after beating one of the 10 best players in the USA round 1. The good news is that I finish in time to play Whirlpool of Blood, where we had 19 players.

Our draft table is a sickness that only I can cure. 9th pick Arcanotechnician. 8th pick Green Senshi Chamber. 4th pick Imprison. I end up cutting the Hand component of my deck for 1 Tortured Memories, 1 Bribery, 1 Imprison, and 2 Arcanotechnicians + 3 foundations for each faction and some weak Ascended. My biggest character was Grey Mountain, followed by G-Man. Hammer Harrison ended up pimping all my opponents' early drops, with a Big Rig in 3 games and a Tommy Gun in 2 of those. Arcanotechnicians sealed the deal by repeatedly stealing one opponent's characters and running them into the other. It was gross, but at least it was over quickly. I space out in one game and lose to Earl, but proceed to win the final convincingly.

Jan and I give each other the sly eye and I declare that we need "groceries", so we roll up to Ralph's on the way home right at 2 am. They lock the doors as I run up. Today is not my day for timeliness. We go to Wal-Mart instead, crying into our non-existent beer that we can't purchase liquor. I buy Max his monkey poo, as I have been designated prank monkey. Dancing for Max's quarters hasn't earned me enough to pay back all the people I borrowed from today, so I get some cash and disburse the monies owed. Little did I know that Max would pay me more to "just sit down, Erik" in the coming days.

Dueling sucks. Even when we get 10 players. I play one of Jan's decks that he hasn't changed from 2000 because Darren doesn't want to play it. Pardue had chosen wisely. No Festival Circle makes me cry against Dan's Arch Ambush deck. I roll over in 3 games after he over-commits and I bomb his table clean when he has 4 cards left in his deck. I start a game with Max, somehow win in 7 minutes, and go sign up for a Vs side event. I am the only one signed up! Two others end up playing and I beat them both in less than 10 minutes with my 2nd choice deck for the Pro Circuit. Grrr. I go back in time to lose to Max and get myself excused from dueling. Thanks for running the event, Earl: 7 hours of Shadowfist dueling is not fun to play, much less watch .

Steve Valladolid breezes in after Darren and I return from Subway and the adult beverage distributor. It was raining. We were wet. I had done a lot of losing and spent too much money. But sharing a beer with Steve and Jero and Jan and a few other hardcore Shadowfist players made the whole weekend worthwhile. And the half-gallon of Sam's Choice cranberry juice was just getting warmer, ready to become Magic Potion for the True Dungeon...

Final Brawl saw my Lot/Dra Miasma deck crumble against a field of 19 players. First round saw me win, once again beating up on Max and/or Earl. These two gents started to blend together as the weekend progressed, only because they received an inordinate amount of Los Angeles boot to their dainty Bay Area necks. Well, I don't remember if I actually won, but the next round saw me at the big kids table with Andrew Davidson, Tim, and Warren who borrowed a CiA deck of mine to better effect than I've ever made it work. I assume that I won the first game to get there. Andrew jumps out to a blinding fast lead with 3rd turn Iron Monkey off an unchecked Proving Ground. Warren made a spectacular play off Bird Sanctuary and Cheap Punks to bring out Big Daddy Voodoo, but was hampered by his inability to generate power or attack, due to the hungry Iron Monkey. I drew 3 Dragon foundations and 3 Lotus hitters all game, but used my diplomatic skills to stop Andrew from winning for 2 turns. Unfortunately, this left the table open for Tim who had been sitting back with Binary Spirit building up his nut hand. He seizes the moment and uses Wudang Monk to copy his Cognitive spirit and waltz in for the win.

The final round saw Jero, Max, and Warren sitting at table 2 with me. We all played pretty darn well, but 3x players using Underworld Trackers and 3x players playing smoked pile recursion lead to a huge stall where we all had 4 sites by the end of game. Warren made a huge push for the win, with 14-fight Vassals of Chin and 15-fight Luis "Macho" Camacho. Jero's Cop deck Brawl'd, Jack Donovan and Max's Evil Twin of Jack took some hits, and my Kinoshita House sent back a big guy. Warren bluffed like he was holding Discerning Fire, which would have won him the game, but as it was, we went to time. It was easily the best timeout game that I've had.

We would have had a final, if not for the fact that 2 of the final participants and 5 other players were scheduled for True Dungeon in about 20 minutes. We slugged down the rest of the Magic Potion, but Popov is a harsh mistress and all I got was the power to irritate Eric Lui. I think we were rooked; it was only a potion of delusion. But at least it loosened my purse strings enough to buy some treasure that Paul Gerardi ended up with: Paul, you should have had Paul "Why yes, I can slide nerdy shuffleboard ambidextrously" Myers sign that Short Sword +1. In the words of the Bard, he pwnzrd all of the lizardmens' base.

Other participants have more to say about True Dungeon, but I will say that the prank monkey soaked up a lot of damage for the rest of the party and Jan is one burly halfling.

The exhaustion begins to set in, just in time for the format that takes the most thinking. My Lotus deck gets lent out to Darren, who chokes on Magic resources in one game and dominates another, from what I remember. I played straight Ascended to decent 2nd place effect; I mean c'mon, Jan was at my table in game 2. In the first game, Cavebear, Max, and I played with Paul Myers who proved to be our whipping boy. Cavebear got out to a very fast start, but with Max playing Jan's deck from GenCon SoCal 2003 and Paul playing Arch, the bombs began flying. I was trying to dig for a Draco, but got stuck with 2 Hostile Takeover and 1 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor in my hand, locked down under the Sunless Sea Ruins without a Coil of the Snake to filter my hand. We went to time, with Max and I snaking sites out from under Cavebear in order to get to the top table. Turns out it didn't really matter, as Max, Cavebear, and I all had to face Jan and his Tranquil Persuader/Fortune of the Turtle/Shadowfist/Contract of the Fox deck which won on time out. Raven Li pimped Max repeatedly, taking 2 Neutron Bombs, and Cavebear put up a good fight, but was ultimately crushed by multiple Da Boys. Concourse Goddard stuck around a lot longer in our previous game, but still proved irksome in this. My multiple stealth characters (Serena Chase, Coil of the Snake, Cobra Clan Stalkers) kept me in the game, as Tranquil Persuaders couldn't meaningfully steal and block against them. In all, it was my favorite tournament and Andrew Davidson is to be commended for creating and running such a fun event. Sunless Sea Ruins were everywhere, as was Buddhist Monk and Da Boys, but none proved too problematic. I look forward to having this event at KublaCon, and hope that Andrew gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor rather than just watch us with that benevolent Hermes/Malachi smile.

Overall, another great Con with the West Coast Shadowfist crew. The power of Metallo compelled me to leave off Jero in my props list, so here is his big thanks; Bring the original art we were talking about to KublaCon and we'll make a deal. Once again a big thank you to the Vegas folks for driving out: hope to see you at the next GenCon SoCal if not sooner at KublaCon. And big congratulations to Paul Myers and Max Huf'n'puff for preventing Jan from winning 6 out of 5 events like he tends to do. Yes, I've seen him defy the limits of mathematics like that. I'm not even referring to the Scorpion Bowl from last report...

Final Brawl deck: "Live and Let Die"
1 Friends of the Dragon
3 Redeemed Gunman
3 Student of the Dragon

4 Sinister Priest
3 Shamanistic Punk

2 Underworld Tracker
2 Evil Twin
2 Miasma
3 Jeuding Shelun v2

1 Steven Wu
1 Golden Gunman
1 Mad Dog McCroun
1 Dr. Steven Haynes
1 Wandering Swordsman
2 Scrappy Kid
2 Consumer on the Brink
2 Chinese Doctor

3 Tortured Memories
2 Inauspicious Return
2 Demonic Plague
2 Verminous Rain
1 Corruption
3 Golden Comeback
3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
1 Back for Seconds
3 Pocket Demon
1 Secret Pack

2 Puzzle Garden
2 City Park
2 Mobius Garden
1 Petroglyphs
1 Stone Dolmens
1 Desolate Ridge
1 Fox Pass
1 Kinoshita House
1 Turtle Island
1 Sacred Heart Hospital

Array of Stunts
Starting Sites
5 Sunless Sea Ruins
1 Field of Tentacles
2 Whirlpool of Blood
2 Family Estate
1 Nuclear Power Plant
1 The Hub

5 The Suits
5 Cobra Clan Stalkers
5 Coil of the Snake
3 Serena Chase
3 Raven Li
3 Draco v2
1 Rachel McShane
1 Bleys Fontaine
1 Juan "El Tigre"
1 The Eastern King
1 The Man
2 Adreinne Hart
2 Shinobu Yashida
1 Jan Zvireci
4 Da Boys

5 Operation Killdeer
5 Covert Operation
3 Fox on the Run
2 Hostile Takeover
1 Competitive Intelligence
2 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
2 Roar of the Beast

4 City Park
2 Festival Circle
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Cataract Gorge
1 Ring of Gates
1 Turtle Beach

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