Shadowfist Deck: Manchu Takeover by Joshua Deacon

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[posted 31 May 2003]

Originally posted to on 9 Jul 2002 by Andrew Davidson. Republished with permission. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

Joshua Deacon won the Origins 2002 Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling) championship using this deck.

by Joshua Deacon

 12 Manchu Soldier
  3 Manchu Garrison

  5 Manchu Officer
  3 Bad Colonel
  2 Military Commandant
  2 General Senggelinqin

Feng Shui
  1 Cataract Gorge
  1 Dragon Mountain
  1 Fox Pass
  1 Heaven's Peak
  1 Identity Chop Shop
  1 Kinoshita House
  1 Mount Makarakomburu
  1 Sacred Heart Hospital
  3 Temple of the Angry Spirits
  1 The Pinnacles

  1 Bite of the Jellyfish
  1 Competitive Intelligence
  3 Hostile Takeover
  5 Operation Killdeer
  1 Opium Den
  1 Realpolitik
  3 Shadowy Mentor
  1 Year of the Snake

= 55 cards

The surprise card is Hostile Takeover which is often regarded as a coaster. It is used here to win auctions for unique feng shui sites. I particularly like the way that Competitive Intelligence complements this. The rest is just Manchu beatdown I suppose but I find that does well in multi-player and I reckon that this deck would be competitive there too.

[writeup by Andrew Davidson]

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