Shadowfist Tournament Report: Origins 2002

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[posted 31 May 2003;, updated 6 Feb 2007]

Z-Man ran several tournaments at Origins 2002, unfortunately I only have two of the winners' names, and I'm not sure I even have the full list of tournaments. Please let me know if you can fill in the blanks...

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed): John Merrill [decklist]
Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling, constructed): Joshua Deacon [decklist]
Whirlpool of Blood (sealed): ?
Who Wants Some? (sealed, convention-long): ?

One report for you about the dueling tournament, courtesy of Andrew Davidson.

Originally posted to on 9 Jul 2002 by Andrew Davidson. Republished with permission. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

I got back from Origins today. It was a good con but there weren't enough hours in the day to do everything I might have liked to. The only Shadowfist event that I found time for was the Who's the Big Man Now? duelling event on Thursday evening. This got a better attendance than last year - twenty-something players - which was quite respectable.

The closest thing I have to a duelling deck is my student deck, "Making the Cut", but I played that last year. So, instead, I played my Brain Bug deck, "Goa'uld" and had some fun with it. My finest hour was winning one game with zero feng shui sites when my opponent decked while taking his fifth feng shui site. He was smiling till I reminded him that you need six to win a duel.

With just two wins I didn't make the cut to the final stages. These were dominated by the Ascended - Joshua Deacon beat Jeff Stroud in an Ascended vs Ascended final. I then used a Brain Bug to get a deck list from him. I'm glad I did as it has at least one surprise in it.

Congratulations to Joshua who is an engaging fellow and clearly a strong player too. He comes from Milwaukee so we can expect to see more of him at Gencon next month ...


[the decklist portion of this posting is in the Decks section]

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