Shadowfist Deck: Mo' Bankers Mo' Problems by Steve Bailey

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[posted 3 Jun 2003; updated 13 Sep 2003]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 4 Sep 2001 by Stephen Bailey. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read Steve's original post in the archive, or you can read Andrew Davidson's post in the public Shadowfist-uk group in their archive.

Steve Bailey won the GenCon UK 2001 Final Brawl multiplayer championship using this deck. For his prize, Z-Man paid his way to GenCon 2001 in Milwaukee. Cool, huh? First and last time that was done, though.

By Steve Bailey

83 cards

Feng Shui Sites (17)
  5 Cave Network
  5 City Park
  3 Wall of 1000 Eyes
  1 Desolate Ridge
  1 Mobius Gardens
  1 Jade Valley
  1 Waterfall Sanctuary

Foundation Characters (16)
  5 Shaolin Student
  2 Wandering Monk
  2 Righteous Protector
  1 Jade Wheel Society
  3 Student of the Bear
  1 The Pledged
  2 Student of the Shark

Non-Feng Shui Sites (5)
  5 Family Estate

Utility Character (4)
  4 Swiss Bankers

Thugs (15)
  5 Wandering Teachers
  3 Yen Fan
  1 Shan Tsu
  1 Adrienne Hart
  2 Rachel McShane
  2 Sun Chen
  1 Fong Sai Yuk (SS Version)

Events (22)
  4 Rigorous Discipline
  3 Into The Light
  3 Confucian Stability
  3 Bite of Jellyfish
  3 Operation Killdeer
  3 Realpolitik
  3 Faked Death

Edges (2)
  2 Shield of Pure Soul

States (2)
  2 Shadowy Mentor


I built the deck around one key combo - using the Swiss Bankers' ability and sharing it around with Rigorous Discipline, giving myself a cheap way to kill large thugs. This works to a lesser extent with the Wandering Monk. The key events and characters can be recycled with Into the Light and Faked Death and Realpolitik is there to cancel Shadowy Mentors.

I found the Wall of 1000 Eyes particularly good at discouraging attacks from the White Ninja, as she would have been just a regular 7 point thug had she attacked. A lot of my Feng Shui Sites were played behind the Non-Feng Shui Sites, so her ability wasn't so much use against me.

Another of my favourite combo's was using the Family Estate to get Yen Fan out. A 3 for 6 superleaper is a good power/fighting ratio and helped me keep one power back to finance the bankers.

The deck is so named because of its main combo, but also because my successful winning attack was made with the Swiss Bankers joining in and getting through all the denial to finally take the site for the win!

Thanks to Andrew Davidson for running the tournament and for presenting me with a rather revealing print of Katie Kincaid - and I'm so looking forward to going to US Gencon, it'll be the first time I've gone to USA. Thanks Z-Man for the prize!

steve badmaps
Team Selwg

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