Evil Twins (personalized Shadowfist cards)

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[posted 8 April 2003; updated 16 Mar 2009; links checked 16 Mar 2009]

Alright, it's an odd idea that could potentially take up a lot of my time, but I'm willing to give it a shot -- you email me a photo of yourself and a character card writeup, and I'll lay up the card for you and post it here. Nothing so exciting as a form you fill out and click "submit" and then out pops your card, sorry :) If you'd like a version at higher resolution for printing, let me know and I'll email a PDF file to you directly. I have no way to print an actual card for you, but it works pretty well if you print it with a decent inkjet, then cut and paste onto an old card. Put it in a card sleeve and off you go!

Your card writeup should include everything that normally appears in a spoiler list - title, subtitle, cost & resource requirements, resource provisions, rules text including restrictions/special abilities, and tag line. If you want to give your photographer a byline credit, let me know and I'll put that on too.

Your photo should be at least 400x400 pixels, preferably 600x600 or in that neighborhood, JPEG format with low compression/ high quality (80% quality or so if you get that kind of option in your software). I can make do with less but it'll look blocky. If you don't have a digital camera or a scanner but you'd like to participate, you can paper mail me a photo (include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want it back :) and I'll do the rest.

I'd also like you to give me a short writeup about yourself - how long you've been playing Shadowfist, favorite cards/factions, where you play, etc., whatever you want to say. Your call, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to.

There is no fee for this, but it will take time, so please be patient. I will do my best to accommodate special requests (like "can you put my photo in front of a big explosion?" or "make me one of the guys in the Little Jim picture" or something like that).

Number of people waiting in the queue: 0
Number of cards completed: 4 (not counting the cards done in 2000 for GenCon)
Number of people who have expressed interest, but not sent anything in: 2
Average wait time for your card: < 72 hours

Enough yapping. Check out the cards below! I'll add them as I finish them; if I get a lot then I'll sort them alphabetically, but for now this will do. Click the image of the card to see a larger version in a new window.

Stefan Vincent as a Shadowfist card.

Stefan Vincent, GenCon 2000

Stefan Vincent
Netherworld Fixer
Fighting 6
Cost 4
Unique. Any player may pay you 1 Power to search their deck for one card and add it to their hand. You also search their deck and discard one card.
"What do you need? Yeah, I can get that..."

My sample card to start the process. I made up a set of cards like this for the team working the booth at GenCon 2000 for the relaunch of Shadowfist. I'll post the others if those folks chime in and say it's ok. You can read about me on my about me page :)

Anil Das-Gupta as a Shadowfist card

Anil Das-Gupta, March 2003

Anil Das-Gupta
Never-Say-Die Hero
Fighting 7
Cost 6
Unique. Independent. At the end of any turn in which this card is in your smoked pile, and another player is at least as close to victory as you, return this card to play.

Anil kindly volunteered to be my test case for this process :) This is also the writeup for the "Ace McFadden" card that appears in his Apprentice patch for Shadowfist.

Dave Van Domelen as a Shadowfist card

Dave Van Domelen, September 2003

Director Van Domelen
Synthete Mastermind
Fighting 3
Cost 3
Unique. Any Spirit or Construct you control may use the abilities of any other Spirit or Construct in play. Turn and sacrifice X Constructs or Spirits :: Target Character gains +2X Fighting until it leaves play.
"He specializes in splicing things together."

Dave publishes the awesome silly card lists on his website.

Chris Turner as Littlemute

Littlemute (Chris Turner), October 2003

Indolent Freeloader
Fighting 4
Cost 3
Unique. Superleap. When Littlemute inflicts combat damage on the target of his attack, you may steal 1 Power from that target's controller.
"I don't have any money."

Chris hosts one of the Innocence mirrors on his website at www.woodenmen.org [16 Mar 2009]. The card idea was sent in by Rebekah and given to Chris as a gift. Cool, huh?

Brent "Poison Hands" Russell

Brent Russell, August 2000

Brent "Poison Hands" Russell
Kung Fu Killer
Fighting 6
Cost 4
Unique. Gains Ambush while he is the subject of a State. Not a legal subject of Gun or States.
"Kan Li's top student is key to the Lotus' modern-day operations."

Brent worked the Z-Man booth at GenCon 2000 for the relaunch of Shadowfist, and returned for more punishment the next year too. He still needs to send me a higher-resolution picture though :)

Brian Fay as a Shadowfist card

Brian Fay, August 2000

Brian "Brain" Fay
Disgruntled Techie
Fighting 5
Cost 4
Unique. Independent. Gains Guts while the subject of a State. Play States at -1 cost. Toughness: 1 against cards.
"Point, click, vaporize."

Brian also worked the Z-Man booth at GenCon 2000 for the relaunch.

Stephen Bailey as a Shadowfist card

Stephen Bailey, May 2004

Colonel "Madmaps" Bailey
Buro Lodge Traitor
Fighting 5
Cost 3
Unique. Opponents cannot steal your Power or control your Characters.
"When I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried."

Steve has contributed a bunch of stuff to this website, including his deck that won the GenCon UK 2001 multiplayer championship, and a tournament report for GenCon UK 2003. Thanks!


August 2006

Here is a series of Evil Twins in honor of Brian Smith-Sweeney's 29th birthday, put together by Jacob Hawkins (Brian won the championship at GenCon 2006, and Jacob ran the online Proving Grounds at CCG Workshop until that server folded). Brian, his wife Sabrina, Jacob and his wife too, plus a Birthday Cake event. Nice work, and thanks for sending them in!

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