Shadowfist Deck: A Walk and A Song by Braz King

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[posted 20 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 6. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Braz King won the Smackdown in Jacktown 2010 Final Brawl tournament with this deck.


A Walk and A Song
by Braz King (66 cards)
1 Cybermod Parlor
5 Mars Colonist
3 Street Sweepers
4 Triad Punks
3 Mars Program Executive
1 Rei Okamoto
1 Hirake Kazuko
1 Zero-G Sumo
2 Nihilist
2 Song, The Little Dragon
1 Akamatsu Mitsusuke
2 Hiroshi Kata
1 Data Mining

1 IKTV Special Report
3 Violet Meditation
1 Flying Sword Stance
2 Reprogramming
2 Synchronic Beam Emitter
1 Awesome Presence
2 Catching Bullets
1 Corporate Warfare
1 Fortune of the Turtle
1 Hyper Alloy Blade 
1 Inconvenient Debt
1 Satellite Intelligence
1 Scramble Suit
1 Wall Running
2 Blade Palm
1 The Hegemeister
1 Living Legend
1 Platinum Upgrade
1 Walk of a Thousand Steps

1 Endless Corridor
1 Floating Restaurant
1 Fox Pass
2 The Great Wall
1 Kinoshita House
3 Puzzle Garden
1 Rainforest Ruins
1 The Steam Laundry Company
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Waterfall Sanctuary
1 Weeping Willows

This deck began with the simple goal of getting Song, the Little Dragon into play with a Walk of a Thousand Steps and a Fortune of the Turtle on him.

It became a real deck when I added more evasion and decided to try big sites and healing effects for defence and rely on constant attack and evasion to win.

The deck did okay but often I had too many healing effects at my disposal with nothing to heal and too many Songs in hand or not enough power to play the Walk when I needed it.

A couple of Walk of a Thousand Steps were replaced with Blade Palms, and a couple of Songs were replaced with Hiroshi Katas. Some big body sites were replaced with standard defensive sites and the deck has recently won the Toronto Proving Ground League final.

[writeup by Braz King]

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