Shadowfist Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition Card List

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[posted 23 Feb 2003]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Old Skool set page.

 Rarity Title                            Type            Faction
   F    Adrienne Hart                    Character       Ascended
   F    Jack Donovan                     Character       Dragons
   F    Jueding Shelun                   Character       Lotus
   F    Mad Dog McCroun                  Character       Dragons
   F    Nirmal Yadav                     Character       Architects
   F    Sun Chen                         Character       Hand

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