Shadowfist Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition

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[posted 23 Feb 2003; updated 21 Feb 2009; link check 21 Feb 2009]

What's in the set? - rarity, distribution by faction, and obligatory statistics
Nitpicker's Guide - errors big, small, and ludicrously small
Storyline summary - the story behind this set, summarized in a couple of paragraphs
Card list - opens in new window
Etc - whatever's left, random thoughts and comments, sometimes my opinions on this set or cards in it, and/or the State of Shadowfist at the time of this expansion

What's in the Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition?

Shadowfist Can of Whupass, Old Skool EditionA specially packaged can containing reprints of six of the characters killed in Operation Killdeer: Adrienne Hart, Jack Donovan, Jueding Shelun, Mad Dog McCroun, Nirmal Yadav, and Sun Chen (everybody that Z-Man hadn't reprinted yet). The cards have the same art and abilities, but their tags have been changed. The cards have a little white tombstone symbol Can of Whupass Old Skool Edition that says "RIP 1995" if you look very closely. A 10,000 dollar Hell Money note is also included in the can.

The can was first offered in November 2002 with a price of $10 to members of the Yahoogroups mailing list [21 Feb 2009]. The can was then released to the general public starting December 2002 for $15 from Z-Man's website store, and retailers. Apparently they did not all sell, since Shadowfist Games currently offers Cans for $2.50 at I count this as a set, not as promos, because the cards have their own special symbol and they were offered for sale at retailers. It could go either way, though.

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The Nitpicker's Guide: Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition

I haven't noticed anything. If you spot any errors, let me know.

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Storyline Summary: Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition

As far as I know, there's no story behind the can. Z-Man just wanted to make something nifty.

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Etc: Can of Whupass, Old Skool Edition

The announcement of the can provoked quite a bit of discussion in the Yahoogroups forum. The "no reprints" and "you're destroying the collectible part of the game" camps came out swinging again, and the "help the new players camp" returned fire.

From a player's standpoint, I think it's good that Adrienne, Mad Dog and Sun Chen are available again. It's good for new players to have easy access to these cards, although true newbies with few cards and access to eBay might still be better off buying an entire box of Standard and hoping to get lucky :)

I'd have liked it better if the can had all 8 of the original characters including the Thing, who appears in Year of the Dragon but that's sold through now, and the old version of Iala Mané, who is still useful too. It seems incomplete to reprint only six of the eight.

Note of warning: the edges of the can are a bit sharp after it's opened. You will need to bend your cards very slightly to pull them out without scraping one or more of them.

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