Cards That Don't Exist

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[posted 23 Aug 2002; updated 15 Oct 2003]

Every now and again I get the urge to make up a Shadowfist card, so here's where I put them. Sometimes they're intended to be playable (balanced), other times they're just jokes. Decide for yourself, my idea of playable might be your idea of a joke :)

Click the thumbnail of the card to see a larger version in a separate window. Sorry, nothing so exciting as a slide show yet. I'll get there :)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us Shadowfist card

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Unique. Play on a Character you control when that Character reduces a Site's Body to 0. Take control of all Sites that require or provide at least one faction resource.

I couldn't help it, this phrase just fit so well with the Ascended. I did this card for GenCon 2001, along with a joke version of Shadowy Mentor that had Cat in the shadowy background. Maybe if there's enough popular outcry I'll do "Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb" for the Jammers :)

Yes, you do take control of the Sites from all opponents. And sneaky players will note that the Site's Body doesn't have to be reduced by combat damage...

Monkey Wench. Art copyright 2002 Lissanne Lake. Used with permission.

Monkey Wench

The Wench is an attempt to design a 1-cost foundation. She's outdated now that Mad Scientist has appeared in Red Wedding, but you can still read more about her on the Design Notes page.

Martin Fitzpatrick. Art copyright 2000 by Lissanne Lake. Used with permission.Martin Fitzpatrick. Art copyright 2000 by Lissanne Lake. Used with permission.

Martin Fitzpatrick

Martin was a character (a pair of characters, actually) who didn't make it through the Throne War playtest. You can read about him in the Art of Card Design article.

The Easter King. Photo copyright 1998 Max Ule, appropriated from his website without permission. Sorry!

The Easter King

Lodge Confection
Fighting 12
Cost 6
Unique. Not affected by Events other than Faceoffs. All Faceoffs must target/choose this card as one combatant (regardless of other constraints). Smoke this card when it is damaged by a Kid or Fire card.
"You want a piece of me?"

One typo by Julian Lighton in the Forum (spotted by Hedley Coppock), two seconds of searching on Google, 15 minutes of typing, and this is what you get :)


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