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[posted 30 Mar 2003; updated 7 Mar 2012; links checked 7 Aug 2010]

Here's my attempt to record all the non-card stuff that's been created for Shadowfist. The list is in more-or-less chronological order. Please email me if you know of anything that's not on this list, or if you can provide a photo for anything that's missing.

Photos I need:
- Ascended medallion from 1996 GenCon
- other Who Wants Some? tournament buttons, esp. from Origins and anything from 2003-2007

- Thanks to Jan Malina for the photos of the Flying Tricycle tokens, the Who Wants Some badges, and the Z-Man Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking shirt
- Thanks to Mike Nickoloff for the photo of the silver Ting Ting pin
- Thanks to Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes for the detailed information about the Ting Ting power counter
- Thanks to Jeremy Dale for allowing me to use the photo of the lunchbox of whoop-ass
- Thanks to Bryant Durrell for the photo of the "quarter-scale" cards
- Thanks to Julian Lighton for the info about the 2003 faction buttons
- Thanks to Dan Mauldin for the info about the GenCon 2003 trophies, and the photos of the polo shirts
- Thanks to Joshua Kronengold for the photos of the GenCon 2003 faction buttons, Purist tokens, and GenCon 2003 trophy.
- Thanks to Braz King for the photos of the Origins 2004 and Toronto-area Proving Ground trophies
- Thanks to Scott Shen for the photos of the grey Daedalus t-shirt
- Thanks to John Merrill for the photos of the Smackdown in Jacktown t-shirts
- Thanks to Daniel Griego at Inner Kingdom Games for permission to repost the poster/playmat from the Inner Kingdom Update vol.3 issue 1


Shadowfist Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking T-Shirt, Daedalus Entertainment, 1997.

Daedalus T-Shirts

Daedalus had a series of grey T-shirts printed featuring the Shadowfist logo on the front, and card art on the back. An advertisement in Duelist #8 said that shirts were available with Abysmal Horror, Alpha Beast, Battlechimp Potemkin, Hopping Vampire, King of the Thunder Pagoda, Queen of the Ice Pagoda, Redeemed Assassin, Shadowy Horror, Shih Ho Kuai, and Walker of the Purple Twilight. Of that list, I've seen only Abysmal Horror (see front and back photos). But I've also seen a CHAR shirt, so some were made around the time of Netherworld as well.

Deadalus also printed the black Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking shirts with a full-color screenprint of Val Mayerik's artwork on the front, showing Adrienne Hart fighting an abomination.

Shadowfist promotional poster from Daedalus Entertainment, 1996.

Daedalus Poster

Large (38 inch high by 26.5 inch wide) poster featuring Phil Hale's version of Ting Ting. Distributed in 1996 and 1997, folded in eighths. (at least, I've never seen one that was flat or rolled)

Shadowfist Ting Ting power counter from Reaper Miniatures, 1996, sealedShadowfist Ting Ting power counter, by Reaper Miniatures, 1996.

Ting Ting Power Counter

Reaper Miniatures made a power counter with a Ting Ting on top, based on their line of life counters for Magic: The Gathering. It's about 1.5 inches high. The piece was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The bottom "wheel" is double-sided, with 0-19 on one side and 20-39 on the other. Three versions were made, with either black, red, or purple enamel on the numbered wheel. Original retail price was $9.95. After a lull of 4-5 years, I saw a pair of these show up on eBay in early 2008. The red one sold for $21, the purple one for $12. Haven't seen any since then, but I don't check eBay continuously :)

silver Ting Ting pin, scuplted by Nicola Leonard.

Silver Ting Ting Pins

Nicola Leonard sculpted some sterling silver pins with the Ting Ting figure on them to be used as prizes. The pin is about the diameter of a dime, if I remember right. I have no idea how many were made, and I've never seen one for sale. Photo courtesy Mike Nickoloff.

Shadowfist Can of Whupass, GenCon 2000

Can of Whupass

A small, red pop-top can containing one Open a Can of Whupass promo card. Z-Man made 1,000 of these cans. About half were sold for $2 each at GenCon 2000, with the remainder sold via the Shadowfist website.


Z-Man Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking T-Shirts

Z-Man reprinted the black EOBK shirts that were originally made by Daedalus, using the same Val Mayerik art, and offered them for sale at conventions and from their website. It's not exactly the same, since Daedalus replaced the background of the art with a yellow circle, but Z-Man kept the entire thing intact. For quibblers, the font used below the art is different too :) Z-Man sold the last of these in 2004 and hasn't printed a new batch yet.

Thanks to Jan Malina for catching this, and providing the photo!

Shadowfist Silver Band T-Shirt, Z-Man Games 2000.

Silver Band T-Shirts

Z-Man had T-shirts made up for Silver Band members who ran at least three events. Long and short-sleeve varieties exist. The front has the Shadowfist logo, and the back features Stephen Snyder's new Silver Band art (from the Silver Band promo card). The long sleeve version has the seven original faction symbols printed along both sleeves. (maybe the next print run will include Purist and Syndicate symbols :) Not available for sale.

Shadowfist promotional poster from Z-Man Games, 2000.

2000 Z-Man Poster

22 inch high by 16 inch wide poster featuring Brian Snoddy's new version of Ting Ting from Year of the Dragon. Distributed folded in quarters.

Shadowfist Who Wants Some? tournament buttons

Who Wants Some? Tournament Buttons

Every participant in a Z-Man sponsored Who Wants Some?-style tournament got a button to wear whenever they are accepting challenges. Paul Gerardi put a different graphic on each button, so now they're collectible, sort of.

Photo courtesy Jan Malina.
First row, from left: Kublacon 2001; GenCon 2001
Second row, from left: Manafest 2000; GenCon 2000
Third row, from left: many San Francisco bay area conventions including Dundracon and Kublacon 2000; GenCon 2002

Shadowfist tokens by Flying Tricycle

Shadowfist power tokens by Flying Tricycle 2000.

Power Counters

Flying Tricycle made nifty plastic power counters that look like the faction resource symbols in the colors of each faction. The initial batch was sold out at GenCon 2000. You can buy them in bags of 20 per faction from Flying Tricycle.

The main difference between the first batch and the later batches is the color of the Four Monarchs counter: Flying Tricycle couldn't find a light purple color in time for GenCon, so the Monarchs counters sold there were blue (see the top photo). The latest batches use the correct color. (see the middle photo).

Seven Masters counters were introduced at GenCon 2004, but they were black. I don't know if current counters are the correct color.

Syndicate counters were introduced at GenCon 2007. I haven't seen these yet and they aren't listed on Flying Tricycle's website.

Middle photo courtesy Joshua Kronengold.
Bottom photo courtesy Jan Malina.

(help! I need a photo of the Seven Masters and Syndicate counters)

Shadowfist Kiiii-YAAAH! newsletter cover, issue 1

Kiiii-YAAAH! Newsletter

Z-Man Games provided a newsletter to Secret War Society members on an irregular basis in 2001 - 2004. Six issues were published. Thanks to Braz King at Shadowfist Games, all six are now hosted here.

Inner Kingdom Update (Newsletter)

Inner Kingdom Games started providing a softcopy newsletter called the Inner Kingdom Update in July 2010. Thanks to Daniel Griego at Inner Kingdom Games, all issues are mirrored here. Strictly speaking this isn't really "stuff" since it was download-only.

Ting Ting deck for Brawl, by Cheapass Games

Ting Ting deck for Brawl

Cheapass Games made this nifty Ting Ting deck for their Brawl game in 2001. It's not available at retail, only direct from them (I don't see it in's store any more). It doesn't include a box or rules, just loose cards. It includes two new pieces of art, but I couldn't find an artist credit for them. If you know, please tell me!

Lunchbox of Whoop-Ass. Art copyright 2002 Jeremy Dale. All rights reserved.

Lunchbox of Whoop-Ass

Jeremy Dale offered this cool lunchbox featuring his art from 10,000 Bullets through his storefront at Cafe Press [8 Aug 2010] in 2004, but he discontinued it in late 2005. He still offers cards, stickers, shirts and other stuff with his Shadowfist artwork.

Image used with artist's permission.

Shadowfist promotional poster from Z-Man Games, front, 2003.
Shadowfist promotional poster from Z-Man Games, back (playmat), 2003

2003 Z-Man Playmat / Poster

18" x 24" poster features a playmat on one side (with lots of rules) and Val Mayerik's art on the other, overlayed with text in a movie-poster style. Released at Origins 2003 and mailed with Kiii-Yaaah!! issue 4. Distributed folded in quarters or eighths.

If you want a playmat and can't find one of these, get a simple downloadable version here.

Quarter-scale Shadowfist cards. Photo by Bryant Durrell. Used with permission.

"Quarter-Scale" Shadowfist Cards

Made by Paul Gerardi for Z-Man in 2003. Given as prizes at Origins 2003 and GenCon 2003. American quarter shown in photo for size reference. Paul has been known to sell these to interested individuals; unknown how many have been made so far.

Photo courtesy of Bryant Durrell.

Shadowfist faction buttons

Faction Buttons

About 1" diameter, with white faction symbol on faction background. Sold for $1 each at Origins 2003 and GenCon 2003.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Kronengold.

Faction logo shirt Faction logo shirt closeup
(click image to see a larger version in a new window)

Faction Polo Shirts

Dan Mauldin had these polo shirts custom-made in early 2004 and offered them for sale to members of the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups. I tried to contact Dan in July 2006 to verify he's still selling shirts, but he didn't respond to email. I assume that means he's not :)

Photo courtesy of Dan Mauldin.

Che Gorilla, copyright 2002 Kevin Wasden. Used with permission.

Che Gorilla Stuff!

Kevin Wasden offers T-shirts, mugs, and hats imprinted with the Che Gorilla image via his storefront at Cafe Press [, 8 Aug 2010]

Image used with artist's permission.

Shadowfist power counter - Architects of the Flesh Shadowfist power counter - Ascended Shadowfist power counter - Dragons Shadowfist power counter - Guiding Hand Shadowfist power counter - Jammers
Shadowfist power counter - Eaters of the Lotus (wrong color) Shadowfist power counter - Four Monarchs (wrong color) Shadowfist power counter - Purists Shadowfist power counter - Seven Masters
(click any image to see a larger version in a new window. That's Zev's hand in the photo, for scale :)

Power Counters, revisited

Z-Man commissioned these two-piece power counters from Flying Tricycle, similar to the honor counters FT did for Legend of the Five Rings. The counters were first made available at Origins 2004. The initial batch sold at Origins 2004 and GenCon 2004 had the Lotus and Monarchs colors swapped; a corrected batch was made available in July 2004. I don't see them for sale any more at; Flying Tricycle has something listed on their site but the photos are not correct so I can't tell if it's the same thing [1 Mar 2009].

Smackdown in Jacktown T-Shirts

John Merrill and Greg Zimmerman have hosted the annual Smackdown in Jacktown tournament since 2004. It draws one of the largest Shadowfist crowds in the US. Each year they provide a t-shirt to the players; John sent in photos of the 2004, 2006, and 2007 shirts. Thanks John!

2011 Inner Kingdom Games Poster and Playmat

Inner Kingdom Games published a new poster and playmat in late 2011, available to stores and as tournament give-aways.


One-of-a-kind stuff

This stuff, usually tournament prizes, isn't truly collectible since the odds are very low that anyone other than the winner will ever have it, but...

(help! send me a photo if you have one)

GenCon 1996 Ascended Medallion

Nicola Leonard sculpted a medallion in the shape of the Ascended faction symbol. It was given to the winner of the 1996 tournament at GenCon; I saw it at GenCon 1999 (he wore it to the multiplayer tournament there). I don't know how many were made; I'd guess it was just the one but I've heard talk that Jose Garcia also had something similar, so...

GenCon 2000 Trophies

Zev arranged for this dragon-themed trophy for the Throne War multiplayer tournament winner at GenCon 2000. The Year of the Dragon tournament winner got a similar trophy although not so shiny :) I don't know what the dueling winner got, but it wasn't a trophy.

GenCon 2003 Shadowfist Who's The Big Man Now? Trophy
(click to see a larger image in a new window)

GenCon 2003 Trophies

Dan Mauldin had these trophies custom-made for the World Championship winner (Gavin Edwards) and Who's The Big Man Now? winner (Julian Lighton) at GenCon 2003. About 8 inches in diameter, wood with colored "karate guy" inlay and plaque, plus one of each of the Flying Tricycle counters in a circle.

Photo courtesy Joshua Kronengold and Julian Lighton.

Pandemonium 2004 Engraved Mug

Braz King had this mug custom-engraved as a prize for the Shadowfist tournament winner (Troy Duffy) at Pandemonium 2004.

Photo courtesy Troy Duffy.

Shadowfist Origins 2004 tropy for Final Brawl tournament
(Better picture requested :)

Origins 2004 Trophy

Z-Man provided this nifty trophy to Rob Cruise, the winner of the multiplayer tournament at Origins 2004.

Photo courtesy Braz King.

Shadowfist Toronto Proving Ground sword trophy    Shadowfist Toronto Proving Ground sword trophy Shadowfist Toronto Proving Ground sword trophy
(click to see a larger image in a new window)

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) United Proving Ground Sword of the Master

The folks playing in the Toronto area Proving Ground league compete to hold this full-size trophy sword for a year. The name of each year's winner is inscribed on the blade.

Photos courtesy Braz King.



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