Shadowfist Pictorial: ChimaeraCon 2009

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[posted 22 May 2009]

ChimaeraCon 2009 Pictorial, photos from Daniel Griego.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

Shadowfist at ChimaeraCon 2009
Demos in progress: from left, Derek Sanchez, Daniel Griego, ? and Hunter Radetzky.
Shadowfist at ChimaeraCon 2009
And here, sporting the latest Shadowfist fashion attire, are (from left) Daniel Griego, Jessica Dye, and Robert Griego (last year's winner)
Shadowfist at ChimaeraCon 2009
Final brawling: from left, Cameron Paul, Dylan Sanchez, Robert Griego, Brian Rose, Jon Wengler. From right, Daniel Griego, Derek Sanchez
Shadowfist at ChimaeraCon 2009
More brawling: from far left, Todd Hurt, Derek Sanchez, Peter "Red" Trudell, Daniel Griego
Shadowfist at ChimaeraCon 2009
And yet more brawling: from left, Dylan Sanchez, Jon Wengler, Todd Hurt, and Cameron Paul


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