Shadowfist Tournament Report: UK Nationals 2006

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[posted 30 Mar 2009]

The 2006 UK 3-player national championship was held in September 2006 at Fan Boy 3 in Manchester. The results were posted by Clint Oldridge in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 11 Sep 2006 . (anyone can read the original in the archive). I asked permission from Clint but he didn't respond; he has given permission for other posts in the past so I've assumed this is ok too.

Congratulations to Sam Roads!

Thanks to Happy and everyone at Fanboy - thanks for putting up with us and putting us up - very much appreciated. I thought you both did a great tourney, well organised and efficient. Promos are cool btw!...21 players in total turned up.

The Final: Sam (Cardiff), Clint (Cardiff), Ian (last year's winner)

Congrats to Sam, the new 3 player Man.... (Cheese), Clint came 2nd (that's me). Bad luck Ian and Ed (for meeting me in the 5th round - otherwise likely it would have been an all Cardiff final). "Immolate to Accumulate" [deck list], concept by Gaz Hooley, designed by the Cardiff Cartel. (We tested around 25 other deck designs but none came up to the raw cheapness or versatility of this deck). 3 of the 4 Cardiff players played some variant of Immolate, Sam and I got through to the final winning all the games along the way.

Cutest deck I saw was Hippy Dave's Sam Simian, Mountain Fortress deck. As always it was great to meet up with fellow SFisters and meet some old favourites and new decks as well.

>> This "one trick pony" could be relatively easily defeated with a deck that was expecting such but was devastating in a field of mainly quick/limited denial decks (even Alex's deck didn't always manage to hold them to full time). I don't think there were any SSG cards in the DT decks.

Correct. No SSG in the Immolate deck none were appropriate enough for this deck (the stealth gain a power card for ascended was considered but basically the deck runs on 2 power a turn). We designed around 20 decks and tested them out (3 or 4 Jammer, 5 or so Monarch decks (including a recycling Sacred Wigwam/Ice Commandos deck, a recycling Thunder deck), a couple of Lotus, 1 Dragon deck [I nearly played that], 3 or 4 Purist decks [get off my land types], one Orange deck, a couple of Hand decks - Ed played my Sword Saint deck and came 4th, a cop deck or 3, 1 artillery strike deck with the Rise of the NeoBuro amongst others - actually thinking about it there were more than 20 decks tested in total).

As to it being a one trick pony - methinks I disagree - it covers most eventualities - bit like saying a dragon deck puts down a big lad and attacks - this has 10 of them [admittedly all the same] - the final saw 49 points of fighting vs 30... :-) There are weaknesses to the deck but we had 2 other main iterations [various minor iterations] of the deck that dealt with a different environment but they were felt not needed in the 3 player format. We'd also considered how to deal with that should it come up but mostly after a short period of time the deck went 2:1 so that's why we played it. I thought it was a bit of a basic deck but it's actually a very subtle deck - lots of options for play (one game had to sit and think for a couple of minutes to get the "best" play, and playing against Ed there was lots of interesting play options trying to get events past his Confucians for example).

> > The London players arriving by 1030 (by three different routes), the Welsh by 1045, then having to wait until 1145 for the last of the local players.

Yeh, most amusing... :-)

[writeup by Clint Oldridge, Andy Holt's comments shown with >> ]

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