Year of the Dragon Story

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[posted 15 Nov 2002; updated 12 Dec 2002]

The Year of the Dragon story was published on the Shadowfist website in May 2001. It was my first attempt at fiction, and it shows :) The story was written to fit the cards that ended up in the final mix of Year of the Dragon; we didn't have a preconceived notion of what the plot should be before the decks were completed. So that's why it took so long to finish - the plot was done within a week of the set being finalized, and the main part of the writing done in late July of 2000, but getting some free time to polish it turned out to be a challenge for me in late 2000 and early 2001 . It's also intended to dovetail into the Throne War story, so you're not getting the entire story unless you read both.

I tried to tie in elements from the Feng Shui roleplaying game, to maintain some continuity between the CCG and RPG, and do a little "cross-fertilization." If you haven't read the RPG, then you'll miss some of the significance of the subplots (like who the heck is Kang Pao, anyway?). So in addition to the plain old story, I've included some notes so you can see what was supposed to be going on in each section, plus a dramatis personae describing the characters.

Read the Year of the Dragon story - HTML format. (you can download a PDF from the Shadowfist website if you prefer)

Read the notes

Character list (dramatis personae, or "who the heck are these people?")


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