The Throne War Story

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[posted 13 Dec 2002; updated 22 Apr 2003; links checked 20 Feb 2008]

As of April 22, 2003, this Throne War story is official. When I first posted it in December, I didn't think it quite meshed with Dark Future, but David Eber (Z-Man's story honcho) gave it the thumbs-up, and Zev decided to make it official. You can also read it on [20 Feb 2008] if you like. Anyway, it's meant to be read along with the Year of the Dragon story; the two together form a larger picture.

This was my second attempt at fiction, and I've not getten any better :) I tried to interleave the "current" viewpoints with a set of flashbacks, and it's a bit strained (plus there are plot holes big enough to drive a Big Rig through, but that's a separate issue). The basic story was plotted out during the Throne War playtest in 2000, but that plot took a significant hit when the art came back and we had to make last minute changes to cards that no longer made sense (like The False Emperor not looking like the Emperor at all, oops). About 50% of it was written slowly between August 2000 and July 2001, then it sat untouched for nearly a year until I made some time to push the rest of it from plot outline to dubious prose. I doubt that it's really done, since every time I look at it I think of some other point of view that could be added, but I'll do my best not to mess with it again.

Like the Year of the Dragon story, I tried to tie in elements from the Feng Shui roleplaying game, to maintain some continuity between the CCG and RPG, and do a little "cross-fertilization." If you haven't read the RPG, then you'll miss some of the significance of the subplots. So in addition to the plain old story, I've included some notes so you can see what was supposed to be going on in each section, plus a dramatis personae describing the characters.

Read the Throne War story - HTML format. No PDF yet, but if anybody wants one, I'll make it.

Read the notes

Character list (dramatis personae, or "who the heck are these people?")


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