Shadowfist Tournament Report: Smackdown in Jacktown 2006

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[posted 26 Nov 2006]

The 3rd annual Smackdown in Jacktown tournament was held in Jackson, Michigan.

Charles Soong won the multiplayer tournament, keeping the honors in Canada for another year while James Przytulski brought the dueling crown [decklist] back to the USA.

Results and comments from John Merrill

Summary from James Przytulski

Photos from John Merrill and Troy Duffy

Smackdown in Jacktown 2006 Report by John Merrill

Published with permission.

I'd like to thank everyone who attended the Smackdown in Jacktown, especially those who made the journey from other states (and other countries!) I would also like to thank Allen Hege for his support for this event and James P for his previously posted Smackdown summary. While turnout was not nearly as robust as last year, things went smoothly and our new gaming center provided an excellent venue.

The participants:
James Deto
Troy Duffy
Ruth Ann Grieb - Consolation prize winner
Cody Hayes - Raffle winner
Allen Hege - Dueling Finalist
Tim Linden
Kel McKay - Final Brawl Finalist, Dueling Semi-finalist
John Merrill - Dueling Semi-finalist
Jim Pai - Final Brawl Finalist
James Przytulski - Final Brawl Finalist, Dueling Champion
Charles Soong - Final Brawl Champion
Greg Zimmerman

There were numerous visitors who stopped in to play other games or just take a look at what was happening. I demoed for Ian and Nathan Cheney, giving them a Hand and Monarch deck respectively. Which,I am happy to report, they used in our proving ground this past Friday. Many of us gave them more cards, advice, and encouragement and I'm certain we now have two more PGL regulars.

The Smackdown was a fun time and we have secured AllPlay for each of our future events. Troy and myself took photos and they will be posted soon.

Thanks again everyone!

[writeup by John Merrill]

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Smackdown in Jacktown 2006 Report by James Przytulski

Published with permission.

There were eleven participators all gunning for the smackdown sword. Among the participants were Tim Linden, Troy Duffy, Allen Hege, last year's champion Kel McKay, John Merrill, Charles Soong, Jim from Illinois (can't remember last name), Greg Zimmerman, three other Jackson players of James D, Ruth Anne, Cody, and myself James Przytulski. Cody could not make the final brawl tournament beginning in time, thus bringing our final brawl number down to eleven.

Final Brawl

This was the first annual Smackdown in Jacktown I could make in two years. I originally played in the first Smackdown and did not do well, as I had just started. We started off with a final brawl. There was quite a bit of Lotus Tortured Memories running around. After everything was said and done, the finals were Kel McKay with last year's Reascended, Charles Soong with an Architect/Lotus control deck, Jim with a Lotus demon deck, and myself with a Hand Power Generation deck.

With many of the other games going to time, this one ended quicker. Kel was having resource problems early on. Charles started off slow with one feng shui. I started off with a decent draw. Jim had a lack of feng shuis, but two regular sites which people started picking off. After massive beatdown on everyone Charles managed to pull out the victory with secret pact power generating an Evil Twin of Arachnae, Dr. Curtis Boatman, two ones fighters, and something else on a low body Feng Shui.

My deck never had its power generation engine of Phlogiston Mine run very well. There was either a lack of event playing, or me picking the wrong opponent to leech off of.


The dueling semi-finals had a mix of Kel's Turbo-char, John M's GenCon '06 Finalist Manchu deck, Allen Hege's Dirk's Revenge GenCon '05 winning deck, and my Training Experimentation Origins '06 winning deck. The semi- finals pairings were me against Kel's Turbo-Char and John M. against Allen. Kel started off with a bad draw in the semi-final against me, having to toast quite a bit of cards before getting a DNA Mage resource, which I Imprisoned, thus delaying the Pocket Demon for a turn. I eventually pulled through after his slow start with a soldier barrage. Allen won against John M. in his semi-final, which set up the best two out of three dueling final of the Smackdown.

I managed to win the first game as Allen said "I have no way to deal with a City Square", which I managed to draw. The second game I didn't manage to draw any defensive sites, and Allen got an early Golden Gunman, which I had no answer for. The third game for all the marbles was long, but the soldiers managed to prevail with yet another City Square foiling Allen's big hitter attacks. At one point I managed to stall with a City Square, Fox Pass, and front row Diamond Beach with no characters against a Dr. John Haynes and a two damaged Dirk Wisely. Those three feng shui gave me the necessary time to draw some hitters as I drew nothing but feng shui sites and Dangerous Experiments against Allen's Hacker-riddled hand for two turns.

After winning I got a standing ovation from everyone in attendance, which was awesome. So, all in all, it was a blast. I managed to win the dueling, and make the finals of the Final Brawl.

[writeup by James Przytulski]

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