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If you are looking for the legendary Chimpshack searchable Shadowfist card database, this isn't it :) Go to instead.

Welcome to my collection of resources that I've found useful or entertaining for the Shadowfist CCG. If you have comments, corrections, suggestions, or submissions, feel free to email me.

Please note: all the art on these pages is owned by the artists. In most cases, I have explicit permission to post it (see the legal page for details). If you want to use it on your site, you need to request permission from the artist too. It's easy, and you usually get a quick reply back. Thanks!

Last updated: 7 Jan 2013

Card lists and database

Checklists in Excel, text and HTML format, or in PDF if you prefer fancy graphics. Spoilers in plain text format, PDF, and XML. Card proxies in PDF. Card database in Excel format, with and without analysis tools and visual basic routines to create your own spoiler lists and proxy cards. Also binder placeholders, and a master list of reprinted cards.

Design notes

Anecdotes from the Throne War and Year of the Dragon design process. Foundation character design and How art influences card design are up, to be followed by more eventually...


Deck lists, a large percentage of which are tournament winners.

Strategy and stuff

Various articles related to Shadowfist play strategy, deck building and other topics.

Basics for newbies

New to Shadowfist or CCGs? Start here - a glossary; some simple introductory stuff on why you should play and how to start; hints and tips for beginners; some sample games; and your first attempt at deckbuilding. More in the pipe...

Player's help

Useful stuff to help you play the game. Burned-for-victory placeholder cards from Jan Malina. A simple print-your-own playmat. The comprehensive errata list with old/new text side-by-side. The huge master designator list, a sorted list of all designators. Advice for building or expanding a playgroup. More to come...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A collection of FAQs old and new. The latest OmniFAQ from Z-Man, formatted so you might actually print it. Historical reference FAQs from Z-Man and Daedalus.

Tournament and demo stuff

Info and tools to help you run tournaments. Tournament reports from all over - send in your own! Download the fillable tournament flyer and put hi-res color graphics to work for your next event. Download the Excel tournament report form, and let the computer do the GP/MP math for you!

Information about the sets, and other stuff for collectors

Which sets have what in them, plus cheesy statistics and graphs. The updated Collector's FAQ, too. Information about Shadowfist stuff other than cards. An index-in-work to magazine articles and reviews published about Shadowfist.

All about the Shadowfist storyline

Explaining the Shadowfist backstory to beginners. A list of the characters who've died in the course of the story. The official Year of the Dragon fiction, plus notes. The official Throne War fiction, plus notes. Why Shadowfist and the Feng Shui roleplaying game don't quite match. A short summary of the story for each of the sets.

Fun stuff

Evil Twin Project: make yourself into a Shadowfist card. See my Nine Cuts collection from players around the country—new and improved versions of the card from Limited Edition! Check out the cards that don't exist, like Monkey Wench and The Easter King. Cards with art based on people you might know. A summary of easter eggs hidden on boxes, wrappers, and cards.

Online play!

Programs to play Shadowfist online.

Links to all things Shadowfist

every website I can find, and even some that are gone but not forgotten...

Links to Shadowfist artists

every artist I can find on the web, and a few that aren't

<more to come...>

See what's in the works, or find out how to submit stuff of your own!

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Little News

21 Dec 2012: Inner Kingdom Games announces that Combat in Kowloon and Back for Seconds will be shipping before the end of the year! Now I will need to find some time to update the site :)

31 Jul 2012: Inner Kingdom Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Combat in Kowloon. Participation closes on Sep 1 so check it out soon!

29 Dec 2011: Seven Masters vs. The Underworld reprint is now shipping from Inner Kingdom Games.

7 Aug 2010: Inner Kingdom Games has given me permission to mirror the Inner Kingdom Update here. Thanks Daniel!

25 Nov 2009: started updating files for Empire of Evil.

17 Oct 2009: Empire of Evil ordering is being done through Z-Man Games' online store not as you might expect. It's been more than a year since the spoiler list was released, but the set is finally at the printers.

31 Jul 2009: Inner Kingdom Games published the beta version of the new rulebook on and deprecated the OmniFAQ. FAQ page updated accordingly.

26 May 2009: Inner Kingdom Games, Ltd. will take over the publishing of Shadowfist. The new company was founded by Braz King and Daniel Griego.

16 Mar 2009: Cardtable files now updated through Critical Shift and all promos. Also added the Flashpoint thumbnails.

1 Mar 2009: Collector's FAQ version 3 is now available. Updated through Critical Shift.

6 Sep 2008: Empire of Evil spoiler list posted to the Shadowfist Forum. I've added the text file here but won't add it to the database until it's final.

12 Jul 2008: Shadowfist Games granted permission for me to host the back issues of the Kii-Yaaah!! newsletter. Woo! Get them from the magazines page.

News older than 1 Jun 2008 has been moved to the news archive.


7 Jul 2012: links page checked.

22 Apr 2012: added a report from New York / New Jersey State Championship 2011 courtesy Bruce Neiger. Thanks!

19 Apr 2012: Inner Kingdom Update vol.3 issue 4 mirrored here. If you're not a member of the Shadowfist_Forum on Yahoogroups, you should read this issue --IKG lays out their plans for future Shadowfist sets. The plans were updated based on community feedback in the forum and republished in the forum on 18 Apr 2012.

6 Apr 2012: Leprecon 37 (2011) report and three winning decks posted, thanks to Paul Tanton!

10 Mar 2012: Inner Kingdom Update vol.3 issues 2 and 3 mirrored here.

7 Mar 2012: Smackdown in Jacktown 2011 report and Marek Laskowski's winning deck posted. Thanks!

3 Mar 2012: added a report from New York / New Jersey State Championship 2010 courtesy Bruce Neiger. Thanks!

1 Mar 2012: Winning decks from GenCon 2011 posted, congratulations to Braz King, Chris Turner, Willow Palecek, Joshua Kronengold, and Daniel Griego!

29 Feb 2012: Winning decks from Origins 2011 posted, congratulations (a wee bit late) to Matt Wolff, Peter Shah, and Daniel Griego!

27 Feb 2012: Kublacon 2011 report and Jeremy Dale's winning deck posted. Thanks!

26 Feb 2012 Posted Clay Threadgill's winning deck from the 2011 Texas State Championship. Thanks!

25 Feb 2012: link check finished on the artist links page. Gained 2, lost six.

24 Feb 2012: Sydney Smackdown 2011 report and Ben Carpentier's winning deck posted. Thanks!

23 Feb 2012: Plattecon Omega (2011) report and Chris Turner's winning deck posted. Thanks!

21 Feb 2012: Brian Kelly's winning deck from the 2011 Massachusetts State Championship posted. Thanks!

20 Feb 2012: Smackdown in Jacktown 2010 report and Braz King's winning deck posted. Thanks!

19 Feb 2012: Australian Nationals 2010 report and Mitch Haggman's winning deck posted. Thanks again to Leonard King!

18 Feb 2012: Australian Nationals 2011 report, photos and Kevin Lowe's winning deck posted. Many thanks to Leonard King!

2 Feb 2012: Working on the backlog of tournament reports. Canadian Nationals 2011 posted, thanks to Troy Duffy!

21 Jan 2012: More catch up. Inner Kingdom Update vol.2 issues 10-12 and vol.3 issue 1 now here. Link checked the reviews page. Updated the Seven Masters page to cover the reprinted set.

10 Sep 2011: Caught up with mirroring Inner Kingdom Update, now available through Vol.2, Issue 9 here.

5 Sep 2011: links page checked.

10 Jun 2011: finally moved the four demo sheets (Card Types, Card Anatomy, Board Layout, and Faction Who's Who) from the temporary page to a real page.

22 May 2011: Inner Kingdom Update Volume 2 Issues 4 and 5 mirrored here.

12 Mar 2011: link checked the old links page

6 Mar 2011: Inner Kingdom Update Volume 2 Issues 2 and 3 mirrored here.

22 Jan 2011: links page checked. Also mirrored Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 1 here. Updated the tournament formats page to match the Shadowfist Games Sep.25,2010 edition of the tournament rules. (formerly official formats like Is That All You Got? were moved to the variant part of the page)

20 Jan 2011: finished link check on the artist links page. Found two, lost five.

16 Jan 2011: Master designator list and >2 and >4 lists updated through EoE.

15 Jan 2011: finally making some progress on EoE files. All files on the card list page are now up-to-date: EoE proxy file, EoE spoiler, master spoiler, database snapshot, etc.

5 Jan 2011: added Julian Lighton's winning deck from the GenCon 2010 dueling championships. Thanks!

2 Jan 2011: added Jim Sensenbrenner's many GenCon 2010 reports and deck lists. Thanks!

1 Jan 2011: Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 6 mirrored here

News older than 1 Jan 2011 has been moved to the news archive.


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