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In case you're interested, I've saved all the old news announcements. More for my benefit than yours, I imagine :)

Big News


Little News

(news older than 1 Jun 2008 below. I don't guarantee that the links in the old news still work...)

19 Aug 2007: started updating files for Critical Shift

6 Aug 2006: started updating files for Shurikens and Six-Guns.

19 Jan 2006: Z-Man Games transferred Shadowfist to a new company, Shadowfist Games. Critical Shift has been changed from a starter + booster base set to a booster-only expansion.

12 Aug 2005: opened a FAQ page to store FAQs old and new, including nicely formatted versions of the official OmniFAQ. If you have old FAQs to contribute, please send them in!

11 Feb 2005: Cardtable files have been updated to include Two-Fisted Tales. Not so long a wait this time :)

12 Jan 2005: All files except Cardtable stuff updated for Two-Fisted Tales.

6 Aug 2004: Cardtable files have been updated to include Seven Masters, finally. Woo.

6 Feb 2004: SMACK! for Excel database updated to v3.3. Added deck import/export routine to/from plain text and Cardtable files. Now you can suck in a deck list and spew out a proxy or spoiler for it :)

23 Dec 2003: first cut at the master designator list is up.

23 Nov 2003: PDF proxy files for all sets are now available.

14 Nov 2003: first sample game is up, finally: Dragons vs. Lotus duel with 10,000 Bullets decks.

1 Nov 2003: first attempt at a playmat now available for download.

13 Oct 2003: newbie deckbuilding 101 article is up.

1 Jul 2003: the second design note, How art influences card design, is up.

25 May 2003: Cardtable files for Shadowfist online play are now available. They're rough to start, but should be playable. Please let me know where you have problems!

8 May 2003: Open for business on Chimpshack! The old site at Comcast will stay up until July (minus the big files).

12 Jan 2003: posted the Collector's FAQ, v2.0. It's PDF now, with lots of photos.

13 Dec 2002: the Throne War fiction is up; the notes will follow in a couple of days.

24 Nov 2002: Major progress - the Excel-based Shadowfist database with spoiler maker and proxy maker is available for download. It's beta, but stable enough to unleash on the public. Download it, try it, tell me what doesn't work, and what you'd like to see it do (I have my own long list of things to add and polish; your comments will let me prioritize that stuff :)

15 Nov 2002: Back in the country again, and lots of new stuff ready to go up as I find the time. First up, two brand new Nine Cuts from current world champion Jan Malina - check them out! Also posted the Year of the Dragon fiction and some of the background notes that go along with it.

11 Sep 02: Zev cleared the foundation character design page, so it's live now. Try out the Monkey Wench and let me know how broken she is :) Also did a link check.

4 Sep 02: Lissanne Lake sent me an incredible new Nine Cuts - go check it out!

17 Aug 02: started building the pages for each set. The overview is ready now; the others will dribble in over the next few months.


(news older than 1 Jan 2011 below. I don't guarantee that the links in the old news still work...)

8 Nov 2010: Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 5 mirrored here.

4 Oct 2010: added DarkCon 2010 report courtesy Paul Tanton, thanks!

2 Oct 2010: Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 4 mirrored here.

30 Sep 2010: posted Peter "Red" Trudell's winning deck from the GenCon 2010 Comrades in Arms tournament, and Joshua Kronengold's winning deck from the GenCon 2010 Ritual of the Unnameable tournament, both courtesy IKG. Thanks!

25 Sep 2010: posted Tim Linden's winning deck from the World Championships at GenCon 2010, courtesy IKG. Thanks!

23 Sep 2010: added GenCon 2010 report courtesy Daniel Griego, thanks! I'll be adding deck lists soon.

14 Sep 2010: posted Tim Linden's winning deck from the National Champsionships at Origins 2010, courtesy IKG. Thanks!

9 Sep 2010: posted John Merrill's winning deck from the Origins 2010 New Heroes tournament, courtesy IKG. Thanks! For those keeping score, that is the first Syndicate deck appearing on the winning decks list.

5 Sep 2010: posted Greg Zimmerman's winning deck from the Origins 2010 dueling championships, courtesy IKG. Thanks!

3 Sep 2010: added Origins 2010 report courtesy Daniel Griego, and Braz King's winning Comrades in Arms deck. Thanks!

2 July 2010: link check on the links page. Finally gave up on Flying Tricycle, they appear to be gone from the web.

1 July 2010: Kublacon 2010 report and winning deck posted, courtesy of Michael Stadermann. Thanks!

20 June 2010: posted the Empire of Evil binder placeholder, and updated the promo binder placeholder file through EoE.

14 June 2010: posted Canadian Nationals 2010 report from Braz King, plus Colin Donaldson's winning Final Brawl deck and Troy Duffy's winning dueling deck. Thanks!

12 June 2010: posted Joey Ferreira's winning deck from the Massachusetts State Championships at Total Confusion 24. Thanks!

10 June 2010: posted Daniel Griego's winning deck from the GenCon 2009 Comrades in Arms tournament. Thanks Daniel!

5 June 2010: posted Willow Palecek's winning deck from the Plattecon Psi Who's The Big Cheese Now? tournament. Thanks to John Monnett for the writeup!

2 June 2010: Bruce Neiger's winning deck from the 2009 NY/NJ State Championships is posted. Thanks Bruce!

28 May 2010: catching up on winning deck lists - first up is Braz King's deck from the GenCon 2009 Faction Wars tournament. Thanks Braz!

9 May 2010: Chris Turner pointed me to the new link for his mirror of Bryant Durrell's Innocence website. Thanks Chris!

17 Apr 2010: Bruce Neiger and Leonard King sent in a deck list and writeup for a gun deck based around Senoritas and We Need Bigger Guns. Thanks!

12 Apr 2010: quick link check on the reviews page

3 Apr 2010: Plattecon Psi (2010) page added. Thanks to John Monnett!

26 Feb 2010: Dragonmeet 2009 page added. Thanks to Andy Holt!

22 Feb 2010: updated the easter eggs page with the blurb from the bottom of the Empire of Evil booster box.

21 Feb 2010: updated the artist links page for the new Empire of Evil artists. Found sites for a few of them too.

20 Feb 2010: link checked the artist links page. Found a few, lost a few more.

18 Feb 2010: posted Willow Palecek's winning deck from the GenCon 2009 exclusive invitational tournament (aka Fists of Legend). Thanks Willow!

14 Feb 2010: UK Nationals 2009 4-player page added. Thanks to Andy Holt!

13 Feb 2010: Updated the promo page to include Empire of Evil, and the latest status on Power for Promos. Also added Braz's storyline summary for Shurikens and Six Guns.

12 Feb 2010: added photos from Smackdown 2009, courtesy Braz King. Thanks Braz!

11 Feb 2010: Smackdown 2009 page added, with reports from Braz King and Charles Soong. Thanks!

10 Feb 2010: added links to the Shadowfist Facebook group and Jim Sensenbrenner's blog.

9 Feb 2010: added Willow Palecek's photos from GenCon 2009. Thanks Willow!

8 Feb 2010: GenCon Oz 2009 page added, with a report from Leonard King. Thanks Leonard!

5 Feb 2010: added Daniel Griego's GenCon 2009 report. Thanks Daniel! Also checked the links page and the old links page, unfortunately a few more old sites have completely disappeared...

3 Feb 2010: posted James Deto's winning deck from the GenCon 2009 dueling championships. Thanks to Daniel for providing the list!

23 Jan 2010: posted John Merrill's winning deck from the GenCon 2009 World Championships, and his winning deck from the Origins 2009 Comrades in Arms tournament. Thanks John!

22 Jan 2010: posted Jim Sensenbrenner's runner-up deck from the GenCon 2009 dueling tournament. Thanks Jim!

21 Jan 2010: catching up on tournament reports - GenCon 2009 page added, with a report from Jim Sensenbrenner and photos from Braz King. Thanks! Also added Jim's winning deck from the New Heroes tournament.

25 Nov 2009: started posting Empire of Evil card lists - checklist, plain text spoiler, and preliminary Excel database (no errata/reprint info yet) now available from the card lists page.

17 Oct 2009: back in town and catching up slowly. Checked the links.

31 Jul 2009: Linked to the new IKG tournament rules from the tournaments page (as you might have guessed)

30 Jul 2009: artists' links checked. Lost a few, and more than a few are not responding, hopefully that's temporary...

18 Jul 2009: Daniel Griego's winning deck from the dueling Championships at Origins 2009 now posted. Thanks Daniel!

13 Jul 2009: Tim Linden's winning deck from the National Championships at Origins 2009 now posted. Thanks Tim!

12 Jul 2009: Origins 2009 report and photos, thanks to Daniel Griego and Erik Bjarnar! Also updated the Empire of Evil page with the latest news, and marked the OmniFAQ as deprecated per the Inner Kingdom Games announcement.

22 May 2009: added photos from ChimaeraCon 2009, courtesy Daniel Griego. Thanks!

22 Apr 2009: reports posted for UK GenCon 2008 and UK 3-player Nationals 2008. Andy or Sam if you read this, please respond to the email I sent you earlier this month to confirm your permission :)

11 Apr 2009: added Willow Palecek's report to the Plattecon 2009 page. Thanks Willow!

9 Apr 2009: Plattecon 2009 report posted, courtesy John Monnett. Thanks! And congratulations to John on being this year's Big Cheese!

8 Apr 2009: Tony Adams' winning deck from the UK GenCon 2008 Comrades in Arms tournament now posted. Congratulations Tony, and thanks! Also a minor update to Empire of Evil status, with a release date-ish sort of announced in a vague way :)

2 Apr 2009: Canadian Nationals 2009 pictorial posted, thanks to Troy Duffy!

31 Mar 2009: Updated the errata list to include the Reascension Agenda errata from July 2008 (add Toast It). Also updated the Promo spoiler text file. I didn't update the master spoiler or proxies yet, I'll catch that up when EoE is released.

30 Mar 2009: Catching up on overdue updates: Cardiff Rules variant updated to include Sep.2007 and Nov.2008 updates posted to the Shadowfist Forum. PAX 2008 tournament report posted, thanks Andrew! Added writeups for UK Nationals 2006 3 player and 4 player tournaments. Added writeup and winning deck for UK Nationals 2007 4 player tournament. Added Clint's winning deck and Sam's infinite combo Vivisection Agenda deck from the UK Nationals 2008 4 player tournament.

29 Mar 2009: Charles Soong's winning multiplayer deck from the Canadian Championships 2009 now posted, courtesy Troy Duffy. Congratulations to Charles!

26 Mar 2009: Canadian Championships 2009 winning dueling deck list posted, courtesy Troy Duffy. Congratulations to Troy, and thanks!

19 Mar 2009: ChimaeraCon 2009 winning deck list posted, courtesy Peter Trudell. Congratulations to Brian Rose for winning the Texas State Championships with this deck!

16 Mar 2009: added photos of three Smackdown in Jacktown t-shirts to the stuff page, courtesy John Merrill. Thanks John!

11 Mar 2009: link check done. Sadly, it's getting much faster to do the link check, with sites disappearing or stagnating...

4 Mar 2009: How to Build or Expand a Shadowfist Playgroup, an article I wrote for Kiii-Yaaah! in 2004, now updated and posted here.

1 Mar 2009: fixed a bunch of broken links

27 Feb 2009: set page cleanup is now done, including the latest info about Empire of Evil (or rather, lack thereof). Believe it or not, I've started updating the collector's FAQ, finally.

22 Feb 2009: catching up on overdue cleanup of the set pages, and filling in blanks. Done through Seven Masters.

21 Jan 2009: link check done on the artist links page. Gained a couple, lost a couple more...

19 Jan 2009: link check done on the outdated links page.

16 Nov 2008: added Tim Linden's winning deck from Smackdown 2008. Thanks Tim!

13 Nov 2008: Smackdown 2008 winner's list and photos are up, thanks to Troy Duffy! Updated the Empire of Evil page with the latest info from Shadowfist Games.

12 Oct 2008: link check done. No news on Empire of Evil yet.

6 Sep 2008: updated the Empire of Evil page with the latest info from Shadowfist Games.

25 Aug 2008: added Peter Shah's winning 100 Names deck from Origins 2008. Thanks Peter!

24 Aug 2008: added UK Nationals 2008 (4 player) report, courtesy Andy Holt, and Peter Trudell's two winning decks from GenCon 2008. Thanks!

23 Aug 2008: added Plattecon 2008 report (thanks Willow!), Scott Huston's winning deck from the Canadian Nationals dueling tournament (thanks Scott!), and Daniel Griego's winning deck from the World Championships at GenCon 2008 (thanks Daniel!)

22 Aug 2008: updated Canadian Nationals 2008 and Origins 2008 photo captions, thanks to Troy Duffy and Tim Linden for filling in blanks. Added Tim's winning New Heroes deck from GenCon 2008. Added the winner's list from Origins 2008 courtesy Daniel Griego.

20 Aug 2008: added Origins 2008 including photos from Steve Hammond and James Hovey's winning deck. Also added a placeholder for GenCon 2008 and a some photos from Braz King. Thanks everybody!

17 Aug 2008: added photos from GenCon Oz 2008, thanks again to Ben Carpentier!

15 Aug 2008: updated the promo page to sync the power for promos info with the latest list on

14 Aug 2008: GenCon Oz 2008 report and winning decks are up, thanks to Ben Carpentier!

12 Aug 2008: added Pete Bratach's report from Kublacon 2008. Thanks Pete!

10 Aug 2008: updated the Shadowfist on-line page, to add links to LackeyCCG and note CCG Workshop's apparent implosion. Added the results page for Kublacon 2008, and Michael Stadermann's winning deck. Thanks Michael!

8 Aug 2008: more catching up - Daniel Griego's GenCon 2006 (yes, 2006) photos added . Thanks!

3 Aug 2008: Catching up with tournament reports and deck listings.

17 Jul 2008: received permission from Martin Montalbetti, thanks! Promo page updated to add his card. Now all the promo images are up - until the next set is released, anyway...

15 Jul 2008: received permission from Anthony Boursier, thanks! Promo page updated to add his card.

14 Jul 2008: received permission from Alex McVey, thanks! Promo page updated to add his card.

12 Jul 2008: more Empire of Evil placeholder updates

6 Jul 2008: link check on the reviews page. Actually added a couple. Who knew?

30 Jun 2008: finished the link check on the artist links page.

24 Jun 2008: updated the Empire of Evil placeholder page with the latest news from Shadowfist Games.

22 Jun 2008: received permission from Kenneth Waters, thanks! Updated his link on the artist links page too.

15 May 2008: link check done.

30 Mar 2008: binder placeholders now available for Shurikens and Six Guns and Critical Shift, and Promo placeholders updated through Critical Shift too.

29 Mar 2008: promo spoiler list and proxy files updated through Critical Shift.

28 Mar 2008: comprehensive errata list updated through Critical Shift.

10 Mar 2008: master spoiler PDF (including faction symbols) updated through Critical Shift.

9 Mar 2008: master list of reprints / errata / alternate art / play-as-printed cards updated through Critical Shift.

2 Mar 2008: Finally finished the Critical Shift set page, complete with the breakdowns by faction and type. I'll try to be a little faster with the next set.

23 Feb 2008: At long last, photos of the original grey Daedalus t-shirt are available! Many thanks to Scott Shen for providing these.

20 Feb 2008: I think I have finally updated all the broken links to due to their website redesign in Aug.2006. If you find any I missed, please let me know.

18 Feb 2008: master card lists and Excel database are up to date through Critical Shift, finally. Also updated the overall statistics and tables. Thanks for your patience!

17 Feb 2008: Fixed a couple of typos in the formatted OmniFAQ (the text file was ok). Thanks to Andy Holt!

16 Feb 2008: alternate formats of the current OmniFAQ (Aug.2007) are now available. Thanks to Julian for providing the text file! Text, 2-column PDF, and 2-column .doc formats now posted.

11 Feb 2008: Smackdown in Jacktown 2007 report and photos now posted, thanks to John Merrill and Braz King.

9 Feb 2008: Troy Duffy sent in photos from Origins 2007, and his winning deck list from the Comrades in Arms tournament. Thanks!

6 Feb 2008: Finished my Critical Shift set and checked the database. That means the plain text spoiler and PDF proxy files are now available. Also generated the Shurikens and Six Guns PDF proxy file. Database update coming soon.

11 Jan 2008: added results for GenCon 2007, courtesy Braz King, with photos from Willow Palecek. Also posted Willow's winning deck from the World Championships, and Joshua Kronengold's winning deck from the dueling tournament. Thanks Braz, Willow and Josh!

8 Jan 2008: woo! finally got some Critical Shift of my own, now I can finish updating. First, the secret message from the boosters.

8 Dec 2007: added the stats, tables, and images to the Shurikens and Six-Guns set page. Wow, only 1.5 years behind now! Also, just noticed that my hit counter had stopped working sometime between August and now. My free counter provider apparently changed the code, now I'm up to date.

6 Dec 2007: artist links checked - lost a couple, unfortunately.

1 Dec 2007: link checked the old links page, a bunch moved from the 'old' list to the 'gone' list...

24 Nov 2007: link check done. Had to cut three of the remaining four retailer mail-order links, two disappeared and one no longer carrying Shadowfist. If you've ordered successfully from another outlet in the recent past, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

23 Nov 2007: The designator lists are now up to date through Critical Shift, including the 5+ list for Comrades in Arms deckbuilding.

19 Sep 2007: received permission from Oliver Specht and Diego Candia. Thanks! Their promos are now posted.

16 Sep 2007: received permission from Ed Cox and Matthew Laznicka. Thanks! Their promos are now posted.

15 Sep 2007: promo page updated with a few missing scans. Working on artist permission for the others...

8 Sep 2007: updated the artists' links page to include the new folks in Critical Shift. Found pages for a lot of them, surprisingly. If you can fill in the blanks, please let me know.

7 Sep 2007: added results for Origins 2007, courtesy Jacob Hawkins. If anyone has a report or photos, please send them in. Also posted Tim Linden's winning deck from the dueling tournament, and Jim Przytulski's finalist deck from the North American Championships. Thanks Tim and Jim!

5 Sep 2007: added Robin Parmar's winning deck from the Spring 2007 online Proving Ground at CCG Workshop. Thanks Robin!

4 Sep 2007: added Jeff Tang's winning deck from the Fall 2006 online Proving Ground at CCG Workshop. Thanks Jeff!

3 Sep 2007: Updated the promo lists to add the two stealth promos from Critical Shift that were announced in the Shadowfist Form - The Mark of Evil and Kinoshita House of Pancakes.

2 Sep 2007: Added Michael Stadermann's report and Warren Snider's winning deck to the Kublacon 2007 report. Thanks!

29 Aug 2007: David Eber sent me an unofficial summary of the Two-Fisted Tales storyline, as well as he could recall, anyway. Posted with permission of Shadowfist Games. Thanks!

26 Aug 2007: added results for Kublacon 2007, courtesy Eric Lui and Max Hufnagel. (yes, I'm still back in May, but I'm making progress)

23 Aug 2007: cleanup and link check on the stuff page, added Syndicate power counters but I need a photo (hint, hint). If you have photos or information about any Shadowfist-related stuff not on this page, please feel free to send it to me (the photos, not the stuff, although you could send the stuff if you prefer :) Thanks!

21 Aug 2007: Trying to work off my backlog in small steps - today's post is Marek Laskowski's brutal dueling deck from the spring's on-line proving ground. Thanks Marek!

20 Aug 2007: Paul Tanton sent me a severely miscut The Displaced from Netherworld 2. Worst miscut I've seen so far. Thanks Paul!

19 Aug 2007: Real Life keeping me too occupied lately for regular updates, sorry! Managed to squeeze in time to make a checklist for Critical Shift and updated the promo checklist to include CS.

4 July 2007: Updated the tournament format list based on the recent changes at (Ritual of the Unnameable and Is That All You Got? are now official formats, and a Shadowfist Games-only format called The New Heroes was added too).

30 Jun 2007: has some previews of Critical Shift cards posted here [link removed 20 Feb 2008]. Still no exact word on when Critical Shift will be available.

18 Jun 2007: Link check on the artists' links page is done, finally. That's getting to be a long list :) But on the bright side, I did find more new sites than disappeared, so that's a nice plus.

16 Jun 2007: Added another marked-up Nine Cuts, courtesy Jacob Skytte. Thanks!

11 Jun 2007: Shadowfist Games announced on June 5 that their printer ran out of paper, so Critical Shift will be delayed another couple of weeks.

28 May 2007: Now that I have my set S&SG mostly done, I noticed a pair of errors in the card list, and a bunch more in the spoiler. Sent the error list to in case they want to fix their list too :) and corrected the big text and Excel lists and database. Also updated the promo page with the newly announced Critical Shift promos (these are not in the lists yet). And, Shadowfist Games has started auctioning Critical Shift cards on eBay!

19 May 2007: updated the backstory to include the Syndicate.

18 May 2007: Richard Hollingsworth send in his memories of GenCon 1996 and DragonCon 1996. Thanks Richard! All you other Limited Ed. players, please send in your convention memories too!

17 May 2007: link check done, woo!

20 Mar 2007: Benjamin Barnett sent in his finalist decks from the GenCon 2006 Comrades in Arms and Who's The Big Man Now? tournaments. Thanks Benjamin!

18 Mar 2007: posted Plattecon Upsilon results from Willow Palecek, including Willow's winning deck, and photos from John Monnett. Thanks!

17 Mar 2007: posted Pandemonium 24 results, including new Canadian National Champion Tim Linden's winning deck and photos courtesy Lord High Troy Duffy. Thanks Troy, and congrats to Tim!

16 Mar 2007: posted Paul Tanton's tournament report from DarkCon 2007, and James St. Andre's winning deck. Thanks Paul!

13 Mar 2007: added some cool Evil Twins done by Jacob Hawkins for Brian Smith-Sweeney's birthday last summer. Thanks Jacob! (and sorry it took so long to get these up)

7 Feb 2007: Brian Smith-Sweeney sent in his winning deck from the GenCon 2006 World Championships. Thanks Brian!

6 Feb 2007: John Merrill resurrected his Origins 2002 winning deck list. Thanks John!

31 Jan 2007: Jim Sensenbrenner sent me a Limited card with a notably blue/green tint on the back. Thanks!

30 Jan 2007: Scott Shen sent in a scan of a Just a Scratch with an uncut (square) corner. First time I've heard of a miscut corner in the post-Daedalus era :)

29 Jan 2007: A new contribution to the Nine Cuts gallery, thanks to Jim Sensenbrenner!

27 Jan 2007: link check done.

2 Jan 2007: more deck filling. Sean Henrickson's 2004 Origins winning dueling deck is now up.

1 Jan 2007: working on filling in missing deck lists from past conventions - Gavin Edward's 2003 GenCon winning deck is now up. Thanks Gavin!

31 Dec 2006: added winning decks from the 2006 UK 3-player and 4-player championships, courtesy Clint Oldridge. Thanks Clint!

29 Dec 2006: finally scanned the magazine pages that Leigh Martin sent me ages ago (thanks Leigh!). I'm caught up with my own backlog now, but the magazine index is out of date by a couple of years. Any info on any recent publications of Shadowfist articles is welcome!

27 Dec 2006: Fixed an error in the Throne War spoilers. Six years later and still room for typos :)

22 Dec 2006: Sorry, slow month. But I just noticed that this site is now second on Google for "shadowfist", jumping up from mid-third-page obscurity. I wonder what changed?

1 Dec 2006: Troy's photos from the 2006 Smackdown are up. Thanks Troy!

26 Nov 2006: Smackdown in Jacktown 2006 report and photos are up, thanks to John Merrill and James Przytulski. I have more photos from Troy Duffy that will be up in a couple of days.

20 Nov 2006: link check done on the artist's page.

18 Nov 2006: updated the Critical Shift rumor page with the latest announcements from Shadowfist Games. The short version: yes, it's coming in Spring 2007. No, it won't have starters.

30 Sep 2006: lots of small changes as I'm catching up with month-old forum traffic.

29 Sep 2006: And another GenCon decklist - John Merrill's deck from the finals of the dueling championship. Thanks John!

23 Sep 2006: Still another GenCon decklist - Benjamin Barnett's deck from the finals of the World Championships. Thanks Benjamin!

21 Sep 2006: link check done. Woo.

18 Sep 2006: Another GenCon decklist - Julian Lighton's deck from the finals of the World Championships. Thanks Julian!

17 Sep 2006: More GenCon decklists, from the Comrades in Arms tournament finals- Tim Linden's deck and Earl Miles' deck are up. Thanks Tim and Earl!

13 Sep 2006: GenCon decklists coming! First up: Braz King's world championship dueling deck and writeup. Thanks Braz!

31 Aug 2006: Sorry, slow going, too much happening in real life. Got the checklists and database updated with S&SG, and also generated the plain text spoilers.

28 Aug 2006: corrected the S&SG card checklist per Julian's posting in the Forum.

22 Aug 2006: posted a big bunch of GenCon 2006 photos, courtesy Lynette Miles. Thanks! Help with names appreciated, if you spot anyone you know.

16 Aug 2006: added a placeholder page for GenCon 2006 for the winner's list. If you have a report or photos, please send them in! Also posted Daniel Griego's winning Ritual of the Unnameable deck. And added some promo card scans courtesy of Allen Hege. More will go up as I get artist's permission.

12 Aug 2006: updated the promos page to add Shurikens and Six-Guns. I don't know if this is a complete list, but it's everything that has been mentioned in the Forum so far.

11 Aug 2006: added Bruce Neiger's report from DexCon 9. Thanks Bruce! Also finished updating the artist links page for S&SG.

7 Aug 2006: started updating the artist links page for S&SG. Done through M.

4 Aug 2006: added Peter Shah's winning deck from the Origins 2006 Ritual of the Unnameable tournament. Thanks Peter!

3 Aug 2006: Ritual of the Unnameable tournament format added, courtesy Gavin Edwards. [ed. note 1 Mar 2009 - local link removed, tournament format is now officially supported at]

1 Aug 2006: added Braz King's winning deck from the Canadian National Championships at Pandemonium 23. Thanks Braz!

29 July 2006: Read card-by-card opinions on Shurikens and Six Guns from John at The Secret HQ and Jacob at Scythe's Shadowfist! Links on the links page, of course.

23 July 2006: Shurikens and Six Guns FAQ now available in text, zipped .doc, and PDF formats.

22 July 2006: added Joey Ferreira's winning deck from the Origins 2006 North American Championships, and Peter Shah's winning deck from the Comrades in Arms tournament. Thanks Joey and Peter!

21 July 2006: added Robert Stetler's winning multiplayer decks from Kublacon 2006. Thanks Robert!

20 July 2006: added Michael Stadermann's report and winning dueling deck from Kublacon 2006. Thanks Michael!

15 July 2006: cleaned up some links on various pages. Added reports for Kublacon 2006 and Origins 2006, including Jim Przytulski's winning dueling deck. (thanks Jim!) Anybody have photos?

10 July 2006: previews [link removed 20 Feb 2008] for the new Shurikens and Six Guns set have started to appear on Shadowfist Games are also pre-selling cards from S&SG on eBay. It's been a long, dry summer, pardner, but the rain is a-comin'.

25 Jun 2006: Uh, well, I've been busy. Finally added a page for GenCon SoCal 2005, such as it was. Updated the Critical Shift page to put it on hold. Added a placeholder page for Shurikens and Six Guns.

6 May 2006: Been busy with the arrival of the newest scrappy kid in the dojo :) Link check on the not recently updated page, unfortunately several more have gone missing.

8 Apr 2006: Yikes! Barely have time even for maintenance edits, sorry. Links checked, one more site moved to the not recently updated page...

19 Mar 2006: added the new Blade Palm alternate art card to the promo page, and updated the Power for Promos availability to match Allen Hege's Jan.30, 2006 posting to Shadowfist Forum.

15 Mar 2006: goin' slow this year, too much Real Life stuff. But I did squeeze in the link check on the artist's links page. woo!

26 Feb 2006: Braz King provided a report and Troy Duffy provided photos for the 2006 Canadian National Championships at Pandemonium 23. Congratulations to Colin, Braz and Troy on their wins!

6 Dec 2005: Kel McKay's winning deck from the 2005 Smackdown in Jacktown is up. Thanks to Kel (and Braz King)!

5 Dec 2005: Thanks to Clint Oldridge for giving permission to republish the Cardiff variant rules.

2 Dec 2005: added a few links (Wikipedia, collection organizers, Frappr player finder, etc)

22 Nov 2005: Benjamin Barnett sent in a tournament report for the final at the 2005 Smackdown in Jacktown. Thanks! Also updated the Critical Shift rumors page with the new street date of Feb.2006 that Zev announced on the Forum.

11 Nov 2005: Congratulations to Kel McKay of Toronto for his multiplayer win at the 2005 Smackdown in Jacktown, and Tim Linden on his win at the dueling event. Send in your reports and decklists! Speaking of which, Benjamin Barnett sent in his finalist deck from the multiplayer event, complete with a nice writeup. Thanks Benjamin!

6 Nov 2005: Links checked. Woo.

28 Oct 2005: still wrapped up in real life... but in the meantime, I did get permission from Quinton Hoover - thanks! Now I can post this scan of a Surprise, Surprise with a misplaced foil stamp. Thanks to Mike Nickoloff for this one too!

11 Oct 2005: a very interesting Limited Ed. Larcenous Mist, sent in by Mike Nickoloff. Thanks Mike! Looks like the Ting Ting stamp exploded...

9 Oct 2005: Alex Bergmann's report on the finals of the National Championships, Part 2, from DexCon 8 is up. Thanks Alex!

2 Oct 2005: link check done on the artist links page. Found two, lost three...

24 Sep 2005: If you haven't already noticed, it's a slow month, and October is likely to be the same. Real life calls :)

14 Sep 2005: Joshua Kronengold's winning and finalist decks from GenCon 2005 are now posted: world championship, dueling, and comrades in arms. Also posted Benjamin Barnett's final-four deck from the dueling championship. Thanks Josh and Benjamin!

5 Sep 2005: a blast from the past: photos from ConQuest 2001, taken by Joe Ganis. Mike Nickoloff found these on an old backup disk. Thanks Mike!

29 Aug 2005: added old Daedalus FAQs to the FAQ page, and put the FAQ link into the main menu.

28 Aug 2005: GenCon 2005 photos from Lynette Miles are up. Also mirrored Earl Miles' report from his Livejournal. Thanks Lynette and Earl!

26 Aug 2005: Allen Hege sent in his winning decks for the GenCon 2005 dueling championship and 100 Names tournament. Thanks Allen!

23 Aug 2005: Opened up the GenCon 2005 report page with an excellent play-by-play from Matt Wolff. Thanks Matt! And congratulations to the winners - Josh, Allen, Josh, Allen, Josh, and Earl! (plus some mystery folk who have not yet been revealed)

16 Aug 2005: and still continuing to populate the FAQ page. Added all the old Z-Man general/rulings FAQs that I have, in text format.

15 Aug 2005: photos from DexCon 8 (2005) are up, courtesy of Bruce Neiger. Thanks Bruce!

14 Aug 2005: continuing to populate the FAQ page. Added all the old Z-Man set FAQs that I have, in text format.

13 Aug 2005: updated the Critical Shift rumor page with the latest news from Z-Man that the new set is not coming earlier than December 2005 :(

8 Aug 2005: finalist decks for Bruce, Alex, and Alex from the National Championships, Part 2, are up. Thanks again to Alex Bergmann for sending these in.

7 Aug 2005: Braz King sent in the Origins 2005 Comrades in Arms final game play-by-play, by Joey Ferreira with help from Greg Zimmerman. Thanks!

4 Aug 2005: many thanks to Alex Bergmann for sending in deck lists from DexCon 8. First up: Gavin's winning deck from the National Championships, Part 2. Congratulations, Gavin!

3 Aug 2005: received permission from Borja Marcano - thanks! His name is misspelled on his cards in Seven Masters :(

31 Jul 2005: received permission from Allan Bednar. Thanks! The promo page now has images of all the cards. Ooh, aah, repeat as needed.

30 Jul 2005: added photos from Origins 2005, courtesy of Troy Duffy. Thanks Troy!

18 Jul 2005: added Tim Linden's winning deck from the Origins 2005 Who's the Big Man Now? dueling tournament. Thanks Tim!

17 Jul 2005: added Joey Ferreira's deck lists from the Origins 2005 National Championships and Sunday Brawl. Thanks Joey!

16 Jul 2005: added Braz King's winning decks from the Origins 2005 Comrades in Arms tournament and the National Championships, Part 1.

15 Jul 2005: Braz King's Origins 2005 report is up. Thanks Braz! Deck lists to follow in the near future.

8 Jul 2005: opened up the Origins 2005 tournament report page. Thanks to Julian and Braz for posting the winners on the Shadowfist Forum.

7 Jul 2005: link check done on the links page. woo.

1 Jul 2005: thanks to Julian Lighton for spotting some errors in the designator lists. All lists have been updated.

25 Jun 2005: finally scanned the blank Throne War card that Allen Hege gave me way back at GenCon 2004. Thanks Allen!

24 Jun 2005: even more photos for Pandemonium 2005. Thanks Troy!

17 Jun 2005: photos up for Pandemonium 2005, the Canadian National Championships. Thanks Braz!

12 Jun 2005: added Kublacon 2005 reports from Cavebear and David Rakonitz. Thanks!

10 Jun 2005: opened up the Kublacon 2005 tourney report section, with two reports (thanks Earl and Erik!) and more to come in the next day or so. Allen Hege's winning deck from the Final Brawl is up. Congratulations to Allen, Jan, Erik, and Jan!

20 May 2005: won't be much new for a while, real life is keeping me too busy, but I'll squeeze in what I can. Today, an update to the Feng Shui RPG vs. Shadowfist CCG blurb, thanks to John Seavey for filling in details.

27 Apr 2005: Pandemonium 2005 report and winning decks up, courtesy of Braz King. Thanks Braz, and congratulations to the winners of the first-ever official Canadian National Championships!

20 Apr 2005: artists' links check done. Lost a few, didn't find any new...

18 Apr 2005: The Guiding Hand, the next installment in Kalon Jelen's Order of the Wheel series, is up. Thanks Kalon!

3 Apr 2005: The Eaters of the Lotus, the next installment in Kalon Jelen's Order of the Wheel series, is up. Thanks Kalon!

2 Apr 2005: Many thanks to Leigh Martin for once again expanding the magazine article list, and for providing copies of the articles too. A whole bunch more articles now in the reprint request queue :) Also going back and adding images to existing articles, like Dave Van Domelen's Rule of Fives.

26 Mar 2005: Thanks to Frank Beumer for sending in statistics on a half-case of Standard Ed., adding weight to the theory that the Killdeer-replacement cards really do appear as R2s in some part of the print run.

21 Mar 2005: Next up: The Order of the Wheel, Kalon Jelen's series of articles from Shadowfist Northwest outlining the strengths and weaknesses of various factions. The Ascended article has disappeared; if anyone out there kept a copy, please email me. Thanks!

20 Mar 2005: Received permission to mirror the content of the now-defunct Shadowfist Northwest site (thanks Steve, Andrew, and Kalon!). First up: The Novice Student articles by Andrew Brown.

2 Mar 2005: Link check done. Sadly, 3 more sites failed the "no update in forever" rule and moved to the outdated links page. But one long-dormant site has picked up again, so maybe there's hope.

28 Feb 2005: photos from GenCon SoCal 2004 are up, courtesy of Darren Miguez and Eric Lui. If you can help with the captions, please email me. Thanks!

22 Jan 2005: received permission from Scrye magazine for David Eber's 2004 article "The Magnificent Seven". Thanks to Scrye and David for allowing the repost!

16 Jan 2005: received permission from Cara Mitten. Thanks!

12 Jan 2005: and yet more updates: errata list (HTML and PDF), and binder placeholders for Two-Fisted Tales and Promos updated. Only Cardtable files are left to go; it'll be a while before I have time to get to that...

9 Jan 2005: more list updates: master spoiler, Two-Fisted Tales plain text spoiler and proxies, and the various designator files have all been updated today.

8 Jan 2005: got some Two-Fisted Tales cards, finally. Busy making corrections to the various card lists and such. Simple 2FT checklist, reprint list, and the master lists and Excel database have all been updated today. More to come...

2 Jan 2005: Tony Adams' winning deck from the GenCon UK 2004 Final Brawl tournament now posted. Thanks Tony!

1 Jan 2005: Happy New Year! A bit of catch-up: the Seven Masters story summary is done finally, and the dead guys list is up to date through Seven Masters too (still a few images missing though, I'm working on permissions).

29 Dec 2004: Paul Myers' winning deck from the GenCon SoCal 2004 Final Brawl tournament now posted. Thanks Paul!

26 Dec 2004: plain-text spoilers and proxies updated for Two-Fisted Tales (affected Promo, Flashpoint, and Limited files too). Also fixed a broken link to the master spoiler. Either no one let me know it was broken, or no one has tried to download it in the last five months. Odds?

25 Dec 2004: various small cleanups in the promo card and stuff pages. Also added the SWS alternate art Blade Palm card to the promo lists, even though it hasn't been distributed to anyone :) Plus I finally updated the tables and plots in the set overview and Two-Fisted Tales pages.

23 Dec 2004: thanks to Allen Hege for sending a scan of the Public Enemy No. 1 promo card!

22 Dec 2004: latest Is That All You Got? tournament variant rules now available, courtesy of Gavin Edwards. Thanks! [ed. note 1 Mar 2009 - link removed, ITAYG format is now officially supported at]

21 Dec 2004: link check done. Any site with no updates in the last 18 months got moved to the old links page - sadly, that was most of them :( On the bright side, one of the old links has become active again, and moved back to the main links page.

16 Dec 2004: Jan Malina's winning deck list for the GenCon SoCal 100 Names tournament now posted.

15 Dec 2004: Erik Berg's GenCon SoCal report now available, and his deck lists too.

12 Dec 2004: Max Hufnagel's GenCon SoCal report now available, in case you haven't already read his livejournal (you all do, right?)

10 Dec 2004: added a page for Critical Shift, the new core set due in August 2005. A collection of hearsay and rumors; feel free to add :)

9 Dec 2004: GenCon SoCal 2004 tournament page is up, could use more details (hint, hint). Congrats to Paul Myers, Jan Malina, Max Hufnagel and Erik Berg on their wins!

4 Dec 2004: artist's links page now includes all Two-Fisted Tales artists. Even found websites for a lot of them :)

3 Dec 2004: sneak peak of the Sinister Research promo card, courtesy of Allen Hege. I'm working on permission for the others...

1 Dec 2004: off by a day yesterday, oops. Now it really is the 1st... Posted the Smackdown in Jacktown tournament report from Braz King, and winning deck from Allen Hege. Thanks!

30 Nov 2004: received permission from Scrye Magazine to repost another of David Eber's articles. Thanks to David and Scrye!

27 Nov 2004: plugging away... Promo page and promo checklist updated.

26 Nov 2004: spoiler for Two-Fisted Tales has been posted on, so I'm busy updating all the affected files. First (and easiest :) is the alphabetical checklist, more to follow...

22 Nov 2004: started the GenCon UK 2004 tournament report entry - congratulations to Tony Adams on his win in the multiplayer tournament! Feel free to send me more info if you can fill in blanks...

20 Nov 2004: received permission from Patrick McEvoy. Thanks! Also updated his link with info about prints.

19 Nov 2004: link check complete for the artists' links page. Added a couple of new ones from the Pulp preview cards on

18 Nov 2004: received permission from Chester Laquian and Mike Kimble. Thanks! Also update the link to Mike's website. Added the Red Wedding story synopsis, and updated the dead guys list through Red Wedding.

17 Nov 2004: received permission from Matt Bober. Thanks! Also updated the link to his website.

15 Nov 2004: a brief flurry of minor updates. Added scans to the Real Cards, Real People page. Collected the hidden box/booster phrases into one page (they still appear on the various set pages too).

26 Sep 2004: Jan Malina's winning dueling and multiplayer decks from GenCon 2004 are up. Updates will be slow/non-existent for the next couple of months, the paying job is keeping me too busy...

10 Sep 2004: Julian Lighton's winning deck from the GenCon 2004 Comrades In Arms is now up.

9 Sep 2004: link check on the links page is done.

8 Sep 2004: corrections to the GenCon 2004 pictorial courtesy of Paul Tanton. Thanks!

4 Sep 2004: my GenCon 2004 report and photos are up. If you can fill in some missing names, please email me.

3 Sep 2004: a GenCon 2004 report from Jan Malina.

31 Aug 2004: GenCon 2004 decks from Allen Hege and Bill Palecek are up. Still working on the writeup. Also photos of the spiffy Flying Tricycle power counters.

29 Aug 2004: Finally got Scrye's permission to reprint one of David Eber's articles, Duel to the Death. Hopefully the next three don't take 8 weeks each...

28 Aug 2004: a few updates to the Seven Masters set page, since I finally picked up some cards at GenCon :) Still a lot of work to do though...

26 Aug 2004: GenCon 2004 report page is up, but only a partial list of winners at the moment. I'll get the pictures up in a few days.

6 Aug 2004: cleaned up Throne War lists and proxies, the designator lists, and the database to correct an error spotted by Matt Dicksion on 31 July. Obsidian Eye is just an Edge, not a Darkness Edge. It was supposed to be Darkness so it would be easier to zap with Discerning Fire, but apparently I forgot to type that in the file that went to the printers. Sorry.

30 Jul 2004: added two trophy photos to the stuff page: Origins 2004, and the cool sword trophy from the Toronto-area proving ground league. Thanks to Braz King for both!

25 Jul 2004: Zev announced on the forum that the Pulp set would not appear at GenCon; look for it in October.

21 Jul 2004: take a look at Max Hufnagel's excellent article, "Top 10 Mistakes in Shadowfist Play". Thanks Max!

12 Jul 2004: another Origins 2004 deck, courtesy Joey Ferreira. Also linked to Steve Feldon's revived and renewed Shadowfist site, always good to see new content! [ed. note 1 Mar 2009 - link removed, Steve's site is long gone :( ]

11 Jul 2004: more Origins 2004 stuff up: decks from Rob Cruise and Tim Linden, and photos from Braz King. Thanks!

8 Jul 2004: link check done on the Artist Links page.

7 Jul 2004: a bunch of reports and decks added from Origins 2004. Thanks to Braz King and Troy Duffy! Even more to come as soon as I get time to post it...

2 Jul 2004: Collecting info for the Origins 2004 report. If you have a report, photos or a winning/finalist deck list, please send it in!

30 Jun 2004: the card binder cover form that Allen Hege asked for ages ago is finally ready. It's in the fancy cardlists section for now, since that seems to be the best fit.

29 Jun 2004: just noticed that the hit counter passed 10,000 sometime while I was out of town. Woo.

26 Jun 2004: too much travel lately :) Sneaking in a few updates though - more thanks to Leigh Martin for adding yet again to the magazine article list. Permission requests in progress for a bunch of those, too.

17 Jun 2004: Thanks to Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes for photos from Kublacon 2004! Also added Erik Berg's Kublacon decks.

3 Jun 2004: Thanks to Erik Berg for the Kublacon 2004 report, and Eric Lui for compiling the winners list. If you have more (winning deck list, photos, etc.) please send it along! Also link check on the links page done.

28 May 2004: added two more card oddities: a Red Wedding card with a black-and-white back and a Limted Ed card with two square corners, both courtesy of Jacob Skytte. Thanks!

26 May 2004: updated the magazine article list thanks to Leigh Martin. I'll eventually post the actual articles if I can get permission from the authors.

24 May 2004: Meet Colonel "Madmaps" Bailey, the latest addition to the Evil Twins.

13 May 2004: Big thanks to Nick Rossum for translating the Chinese characters in the Seven Masters set badge!

9 May 2004: A year and a day since the move to Chimpshack. Wow. A big round of applause for my gracious host, Eric Lui! I finally met Eric last month, while I was on a short business trip to SoCal. You can meet him too - he's standing between Mike Nickoloff (left) and Matt Widmann (right). Mike Nickoloff, Eric Lui, Matt Widmann and Stefan Vincent, 20 April 2004 Thanks to Matt for taking the photo!

6 May 2004: updated the various formats of the master designator list for Seven Masters, and the Excel database with macros and stats and stuff is updated now too. Artist links page now includes all the Seven Masters artists, although I was able to find sites for only about half the newcomers.

4 May 2004: set overview tables and Seven Masters set breakdown graphs updated.

3 May 2004: master reprint list and master spoiler updated for Seven Masters.

2 May 2004: Seven Masters binder placeholders up. Also found two more burps in the Seven Masters spoiler import; checklist and .zip lists posted on April 30th have all been corrected.

1 May 2004: Added Seven Masters plain text spoiler, and updated the promo spoiler. Also updated the promo binder placeholder, the promo proxy, and made a couple of corrections to the Seven Masters proxy.

30 Apr 2004: Added Seven Masters alphabetical checklist, also updated the master checklists and the basic database to include Seven Masters (the version with macros needs a bit more updating before it's ready). Promo checklist also updated.

29 Apr 2004: updated the errata page to include the errata in Seven Masters (Fighting Spirit, Wing of the Crane), plus the errata published in Kii-Yaaah! issue #5 (Tank Warfare, Fatty Cho, Ice Courtier) That issue also cites "errata" to Whirlpool of Blood and Jimmy Wai, but those appeared to be a ruling rather than a change to card text, so I didn't put them on the list.

28 Apr 2004: updated the promo page to include the three new promos in Seven Masters. No images yet, please be patient :)

27 Apr 2004: starting to update stuff based on the full Seven Masters vs. The Underworld spoiler list that was posted on yesterday. First up: PDF proxy file. Lots more files to update over the next few days...

15 Apr 2004: received permission from Heather Bruton. Thanks! That means the Dark Future fancy card list is now available for download. One more to go...

11 Apr 2004: added a few new artist's names from the recent Seven Masters spoilers on Even found a website for one :) Also posted Troy Duffy's winning deck from Pandemonium 2004. Thanks Troy!

10 Apr 2004: deadguys list updated through portions of the Red Wedding story that have been posted so far.

7 Apr 2004: Big thanks to Eric Lesavre who pointed out some websites for artists that I hadn't found yet.

2 Apr 2004: some housecleaning in preparation for the release of Seven Masters. Added a 7M set placeholder page, fixed some incorrect links, split the deck/articles page into two pages, and also subdivided the stuff page a little better.

20 Mar 2004: received permission from Anthony Grabski, Arthur Roberg, and Jim Pavelec - thanks! Added contact info for Anthony to the artists' links page, and also for a couple of new artists appearing in Seven Masters whose names have been leaked.

16 Mar 2004: Dark Future fancy list is done, pending artists' permission.

15 Mar 2004: first try at an Excel-based tournament report form. I know most people don't have a computer with Excel at their tournaments, but if you do, give it a whirl and let me know what needs to improve.

9 Mar 2004: added a bit to the GenCon 2002 tournament report. Allen Hege sent in a photo of the winner of the sealed deck tourney. Thanks Allen! Also added two more links to the links page.

7 Mar 2004: Pandemonium 21 (2004) play-by-play report and pictorial up (finally). Thanks to Troy Duffy, Braz King, and Charles Soong!

5 Mar 2004: Back from the land of crazy overtime at work. Progress will now resume :)

14 Feb 2004: Finished the link check on the artist's links page. A few more have gone missing...

6 Feb 2004: Excel databases updated to include the Spin Doctoring errata.

5 Feb 2004: link checked the regular links pages. Artist page is in work...

31 Jan 2004: added a deck list for Julian Lighton's championship-winning dueling deck from GenCon 2003. Also added another tournament variant format, Full Auto.

29 Jan 2004: added contact info for Red Wolf Apparel on the stuff page so you can order a faction polo shirt. Thanks Dan!

11 Jan 2004: updates to the GenCon SoCal 2003 pictorial captions, courtesy Jeremy Barwick and Steve Valladolid. Thanks!

10 Jan 2004: Third sample game is up; this one is multiplayer. Also added a GenCon SoCal 2003 pictorial courtesy of Robert Stetler and Eric Lui. Thanks!

7 Jan 2004: Another report for GenCon SoCal 2003 (thanks Erik!), another tournament variant (thanks Erik!), and added some photos to the GenCon 2003 and stuff that isn't cards pages (thanks Josh, and also Julian for instigating it :)

6 Jan 2004: Started pulling together reports and decks from GenCon SoCal 2003. If you have a report, photo or deck list to contribute, please do! Also opened up a page for collecting tournament variants, send your favorite in!

4 Jan 2004: Noticed that the master designator list had dropped cards from the list where the total exceeded ~31 per designator (the numeric value was correct; the list of cards wasn't). Corrected files now available.

3 Jan 2004: Updated the Red Wedding proxy file, master errata list, and master spoiler with the Spin Doctoring errata. The Excel database hasn't been updated yet because I'm also working on some of the macros so it'll be a few weeks before that's ready. Oh yeah, and happy new year too!

29 Dec 03: Starting to put the Spin Doctoring errata into the various lists; Red Wedding spoiler updated today and others will follow as time permits. Also updated Susan Stejskal's bio since she was kind enough to email me (!) and posted Julian Lighton's finalist deck from GenCon 2002.

28 Dec 03: A filtered version of the master designator list now available that lists only designators appearing on 3 or more cards. Thanks to Blake Hindman for the suggestion!

27 Dec 03: Another version of the master designator list up, a lot fewer pages but you'll need a good printer to handle the tiny font :) Also added the "5 or more" list for people who like to make Comrades in Arms decks.

13 Dec 03: Second sample game is up, also fixed a couple of broken links.

30 Nov 03: correction to the Feng Shui Site Body section of the set overview page, courtesy of Leigh Martin's sharp eyes. Thanks!

28 Nov 03: a bit of a pause for the holidays—don't expect much until January, although I'll try to squeeze in something in December :)

22 Nov 03: Promo binder placeholder updated for Red Wedding (finally).

21 Nov 03: PDF version of the errata list now available. Also updated the Red Wedding set page with box and booster photos, and put up the corrected master checklists and Excel database.

18 Nov 03: Brian Switzer converted the spoiler lists to XML format! Download the zip file including the dtd and the Perl script he used to do it. Thanks Brian!

17 Nov 03: Big thanks to Brian Switzer for pointing out that the plain text spoiler lists were each missing the last card. They have all been corrected, and while I was at it I added the errata text. The text file names will include a date from now on, so you can tell if you have the current version or not. Also corrected yesterday's typo in the Red Wedding binder placeholders and the comprehensive reprint list. Update to the big Excel lists will come in a couple of days.

16 Nov 03: fixed a typo in the Red Wedding list and added the detailed Red Wedding stats to the set overview page. Also added some overdue photos to the stuff that isn't cards page.

14 Nov 03: updates to GenCon 2001 and 2002 summaries courtesy of Jan Malina. Thanks!

5 Nov 03: updated the GenCon 2001 summary with more info from Jim Sensenbrenner. Thanks Jim! I am still looking to fill in the holes in the tournament reports and get deck lists from all the finalists so please contribute if you can :)

31 Oct 03: Cardtable files updated. Thumbnails now included for all Z-Man cards!

30 Oct 03: Brian "Brain" Fay (re)joins the Evil Twin Project.

28 Oct 03: Brent "Poison Hands" Russell (re)joins the Evil Twin Project.

25 Oct 03: promo spoiler in plain text now up. Also came across some old decks on a backup CD, so I posted them too.

24 Oct 03: added the Player's Help page and moved Jan's cool burned-for-victory placeholders there, and put up the first attempt at a comprehensive errata list. Let me know what I missed!

20 Oct 03: reprint of Dave Van Domelen's classic article, The Rule of Fives, now in the strategy section. Thanks to Dave and Scrye for permission!

17 Oct 03: finished the link check on the artists' links page. Yay.

15 Oct 03: Littlemute joins the Evil Twin Project, and The Easter King appears on the fun cards page.

13 Oct 03: received permission from Nilson and Phil Hale. Thanks!

2 Oct 03: received permission from Glen Osterberger and Heather Hudson, thanks! That means the promo page has all of its images up, finally...

1 Oct 03: received permission from Doug Shuler and Jeff Menges. Thanks! (extra points to those of you who figured out that I'm finally trying to fill in the holes in the deadguys list :)

30 Sep 03: received permission from Ron Rousselle and Phil Foglio. Thanks!

29 Sep 03: received permission from Val Mayerik and Paul Carrick. Thanks!

27 Sep 03: gradually adding stuff to the newbie page. Deck construction article will come next. I am aiming to have the sample games up by the end of the year (ok, it's not much of a goal, but it is a goal :)

24 Sep 03: updated the master reprint list to include Red Wedding. Also, attempt #3 at the master spoiler, now includes the formatting and symbols in the rules text (at least, it's supposed to :). Thanks to Larry Bartels for more corrections on the last version!

18 Sep 03: updated Cardtable files available, whenever my ISP recovers from the hurricane :)

14 Sep 2003: Boom Chaka Laka fancy card list now available for download. Still waiting for permissions for the Shaolin Showdown list.

13 Sep 2003: Director Van Domelen joins the ranks of the Evil Twin Project.

12 Sep 2003: Received permission from Brian Rood - thanks! More old tournament reports posted, plus some deck lists to go with them.

10 Sep 2003: correction to the page orientation in some parts of the master spoiler. Kudos to Larry Bartel for pointing that out.

8 Sep 2003: Received permission from Roberto Campus - thanks! If you haven't been to his site, you should go there now. Really. Also another link update courtesy of Jeremy Dale.

7 Sep 2003: second experimental version of the master spoiler now up. This one uses faction symbols instead of words like [Dra], except in the rules text. That's for the next experiment :)

3 Sep 03: found a pair of errors in the database for Dark Future. Corrected the text and HTML files, the rest will trickle in. Also received permission from Utakata - thanks!

30 Aug 03: fancy list for Boom Chaka Laka is done, pending artist permission. Also received permission from Randy Gallegos and Ravindra Rana - thanks!

24 Aug 03: fancy card list for Shaolin Showdown is done, pending artist permissions. (so it's not really news for you yet, but it feels like an accomplishment to me :)

15 Aug 03: link check. yay.

10 Aug 03: a few link fixes thanks to Jeremy Dale, plus a couple of updates while I was at it.

8 Aug 03: added more tournament report stuff: Bryant Durrell's photos from GenCon 2003, Braz King's summary of play-by-play at the national championship at Origins 2003, and Troy Duffy's pictorial of Origins 2003.

30 Jul 03: started the GenCon 2003 report page, feel free to contribute more :) Also corrected some typos in the database and lists thanks to Julien Ginther's sharp eyes.

28 Jul 03: master checklists and Excel database updated to include Red Wedding.

23 Jul 03: updated the artist links page for Red Wedding.

21 Jul 03: Cardtable files have been updated to include Red Wedding.

20 Jul 03: Red Wedding binder placeholders are up. I will clean them later, but this way you have something to start with before GenCon :)

19 Jul 03: Finally got around to the site map. It's rough, but it'll do for now. Also added a playmat (courtesy Aazh) and FAQ for Cardtable.

18 Jul 03: First attempt at a master spoiler file is now posted. It needs work... Also posted plain-text (traditional) spoilers for all the sets. Added stuff to the GenCon 2000 and 2001 tournament reports, too (yes, still trying to fill in the history file :)

15 Jul 03: Red Wedding proxy file [77k, PDF] now available - help for those making decks for GenCon (and a way for me to check the database update :) Also posted some Origins 2003 info and decks, courtesy Braz King and Troy Duffy.

13 Jul 03: first output from processing the newly-posted Red Wedding spoiler: rough set page with stats, simple checklist. Warning: I've been working fast and not double-checking, so don't be surprised if I make some corrections later :)

1 Jul 03: updated the dead guys list and the story summary now that the full Dark Future story is available.

30 Jun 03: the fruits of two very long flights with spare batteries for the laptop are going up, slowly. Today, the Cardtable definition file gets updated to beta status, and the master reprint list goes up.

16 Jun 03: received permission from Jeremy Dale and Chris Saksida - thanks! The 10,000 Bullets fancy decklist is now available for download. I'll get the cardlist up eventually...

15 Jun 03: posted a series of no-rares decks from Erik Berg. Thanks Erik! Won't be much else new for about a month, too much out-of-towning in Real Life...

10 Jun 03: Link check on the artists' page is done, whew.

4 Jun 03: caught up with all the old reports and decks that I could find. Please submit anything that's missing, or let me know where to find it. Thanks!

1 Jun 03: yet more historical reports and decks to go with them. Thanks to Benjamin Barnett, Gavin Edwards, Andy Holt, Ron Wheelhouse and Stephen Bailey for their permission to republish. (the GenCon UK pages will be up in a day or so).

29 May 03: adding more historical tournament reports, thanks to Mike for the photos!

24 May 03: added a page for Cardtable online play, since I'm getting close to having files for testing. Don't get excited, the thumbnails aren't done yet :) Also received permission from Nene Thomas, thanks!

19 May 03: Updated the deadguys list per the Dark Future pt.1 fiction, still need to update the story summary though. Website is one year old today; looking back I did less than I hoped but a lot more than I thought I'd have time for :) The threatened face lift is still a long way off...

9 May 03: Back to the updates, now that I'm not spending my time looking for a host :) Added HTML deck lists for YotD and 10kB, also finished the last story summary, until Red Wedding comes out.

18 Apr 03: opened two new sections: newbie stuff and tournament stuff. Neither is highly populated yet, but I'm working on it (and you can always submit something too :) You will probably be most interested in the downloadable fillable tournament flyer.

8 Apr 03: launched today with little fanfare, the Evil Twin project - submit a photo and a card writeup, and I'll make a Shadowfist card out of you. I'll post this offer in the forum eventually, but first I'm interested to see who's reading the news :) [22 Apr: yah, ok, I went back into time and changed the name of this project. I like this much better, less superheroey]

5 Apr 03: Propagation test continues, this page is in DMOZ now. I guess I'll have to submit it to Yahoo myself :) Google still shows up on page 3, but Teoma puts it on page 1 (although just barely), and lists my links page under the "Resources" section :) We'll see what the DMOZ link does to the rankings... Oh yeah, also got permission from Margaret Organ-Kean. Thanks!

1 Apr 03: Decks and strategy page is up now, with some dated stuff to start. Feel free to submit decks or articles!

30 Mar 03: finally got to the non-card stuff page, and put up the photos sent in by Jan Malina and Mike Nickoloff, and the info from Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes. I'll also roll it into the Collector's FAQ in the next revision.

29 Mar 03: Received permission from Ellym Sirac and Chris Chuckry. Thanks!

4 Mar 03: Several little newses today - the online play section is up now, thanks to Anil Das-Gupta! Moved the binder placeholders to my auxiliary host to make some room, and a bunch of other small cleanups. Also received artist's permission from Mike Raabe. Won't be much else new for this month due to Real Life.

23 Feb 03: More set pages up - Throne War, Netherworld 2, Shaolin Showdown, Dark Future, Boom Chaka Laka, Can of Whupass Old Skool Edition, and 10,000 Bullets, although the opinion section on each of those is yet to be done. Also got permission from Dan Gelon and Paul "Prof" Herbert - thanks!

19 Feb 03: finally added the details to the Promo page, and added the Year of the Dragon set page, mostly (some parts to be added later). Added an HTML card list for every set. Got permission from Mark Evans - thanks!

15 Feb 03: A bit of delayed news - link check done on the regular links, and the Flashpoint set page was up a few days ago. Updated the card lists and databases to include the 10,000 Bullets reprint/errata codes, and also the actual rarity of Flashpoint based on an uncut sheet (thanks to Mike Nickoloff for the photo).

7 Feb 03: desperately trying to get stuff posted before graveyard shift starts again :) The last of the binder placeholders are up now - there's a file for every set, plus the promos too. Also put up the Limited Ed and Netherworld set pages. And a tentative expansion into an alternate webhost: I will be hosting most of the big PDF files there as soon as I hit the absolute limit here, unless I can find a one-stop shop to host the whole site. For the moment, it's just a duplicate of what's here..

5 Feb 03: squeezed in a couple of overdue updates: Jan Malina submitted some cool burned-for-victory placeholder cards, and Ryan Vázquez sent me a nifty new Nine Cuts. Also added a fancy Year of the Dragon card checklist (in addition to the deck list that was already up). I am running out of room on this server, so I'm going to be exploring options for moving this site, or expanding into multiple free hosts. Sigh. Anybody know a good cheap shared webhosting service?

23 Jan 03: yet more binder placeholders, this time Netherworld 2, Shaolin Showndown, and Dark Future. Won't be much more new for a few weeks, too much overtime at work :)

17 Jan 03: Binder placeholders for Limited, Netherworld, Flashpoint, and Throne War are now posted. More to follow... Also thanks to Jan Malina for his comments on the FAQ!

13 Jan 03: Updated the Collector's FAQ to v2.0.1. Thanks to Mike Nickoloff for the comments!

10 Jan 03: Test version of a binder placeholder format for Boom Chaka Laka is up. Comments welcome.

5 Jan 03: Limited/Standard and Netherworld fancy card checklists are up! Found Brian Snoddy, but finally gave up on finding Chris Rush, so I hope he doesn't mind...

4 Jan 03: Updated the set overview tables and graphs with 10,000 Bullets.

26 Dec 02: link check! Some actual activity on a few sites, a couple gone, and one added, so the order has been shuffled. Also, Anil Das-Gupta has posted a Shadowfist database for Apprentice. [4 Mar 03: I edited this link, since I moved the content]

25 Dec 02: the card lists and Excel database have been updated to include 10,000 Bullets. Warning: I don't actually have any cards yet, so the Reprint/Errata code may not be correct.

30 Nov 02: Woo-hoo! The link from has really impacted my Google page rank - this site appears on page 3! Almost close enough to the first page that someone might notice it now :)

28 Oct 02: Hearty thanks to Mike Nickoloff and Eric Lui for their generous contribution to the Promo page! Also link checked the links page, and a wee bit of cleanup here and there.

2 Oct 02: I am corrected, thanks Mike! Eric found this site sometime since my last link check and added a link on his site, so he gets to use the redirect too. Two links, my Google pagerank should skyrocket now! Woo-hoo! Propagation test continues...

1 Oct 02: minor cleaning and rearranging. I figure it's not a big deal since nobody is linked here yet. (except Scott, so I put a redirect in for him :)

17 Sep 02: received permission from Liz Danforth to post art. Still waiting for Brian Snoddy's permission though...

11 Sep 02: Won't be much new on the site until early November, since work is claiming a lot more of my time in the near future, but I'll keep trying to get artist's permissions to post the stuff that's ready and waiting.

5 Sep 02: Started populating the promo page. Donations of cards to fill in the blanks will be graciously accepted :)

4 Sep 02: Got permission from April Lee, Dan Frazier, and Ken Meyer, Jr. Thanks! If I could just find Brian Snoddy I'd be in really good shape :)

29 Aug 02: woo-hoo! Finally showed up in Google. This page shows up on page 15 if you search for "Shadowfist" and the links page shows up on page 23; the others are far far down below. Must be the one link from Scott that finally gave me a non-zero pagerank :)

23 Aug 02: added the cards that don't exist page, and scanned a couple more improved Nine Cuts.

22 Aug 02: got permission from Tom Gianni, Kaja Foglio, Stephen Snyder, and Dennis Calero. Thanks! Also added the list of dead guys to the story page (some card scans included now; more coming as I have time, and get permission).

16 Aug 02: and still more link cleaning, found a couple more to add. Been busy working on updating the Promo FAQ; that needs a bunch of permissions before I can post it, so it may be a while yet before you see it...

8 Aug 02: more links cleaning. And Scott Shen gets the prize of being first to find and link to this site. Propagation test continues :)

3 Aug 02: the ever-exciting link check on the artists' page is done. Five disappeared, in only 2 months... I didn't try searching again for any of the folks I couldn't find last time; I think I'll make that a once-a-year activity :)

31 July 02: received permission from Mark Tedin! The Flashpoint fancy card list is available for download now.

23 July 02: received permission from Richard Thomas, so the Nine Cuts page has good stuff to look at now! Also updated the artists' links page with his contact info.

21 July 02: added the fun stuff page, starting with my collection of new and improved Nine Cuts (pictures coming as soon as I get permission from Richard Thomas)

17 July 02: checked the links on the links page, added the story page and started to populate it.

12 July 02: finally put up the checklists (Excel and text) and the card database (Excel) sans tools. I'll get around to posting the version with tools eventually, but if they're going out to the public I want to polish them a bit :) Also received permission from Jesper Myrfors; once I hear back from Brian Snoddy I'll be able to brighten up these pages a bit.

5 July 02: updated the artist links for Boom Chaka Laka (of course, the spoiler is released the day after I do the other major update :). A lot of new folks on the list now...

3 July 02: added one last artist to the links page (pending release of Boom Chaka Laka). Also added little set symbols to show which set each artist worked on. I need to tweak that page again, since I managed to quadruple the load time. Oops. Also added obligatory (yet cheesy) terms of use and about me pages.

26 June 02: Year of the Dragon fancy card list is up! Received permission from Melissa Benson - thanks!

21 June 02: Throne War fancy card list is up now. Received permission from Mark Poole and Lissanne Lake - thanks!

19 June 02: added the card list page as a skeleton, no useful content yet. Received permission from Carisa Swenson and Randy Asplund to post their art. Updated Randy's entry in the artists' links page. Added some interesting fair use info to the legal page.

18 June 02: found six more Shadowfist-related sites and added them to the links page. Also updated Thomas Manning's entry on the artists' links and updated the permissions list on the legal page.

16 June 02: Minor tweaks here and there, added the benign privacy policy, nothing special. The requests for permission to the various artists that I can find have started going out. Not sure yet what to do about the artists I can't find any contact info for...

12 June 02: Another four artists on the page. I think that's everybody through Dark Future, but I'll double-check to make sure.

4 June 02: Added a few more artists to the links page.

27 May 02: added the legal stuff page. Yeah, bo-ring, but the web is all about intellectual property these days, and I don't want to be on the sharp end of a lawsuit (as unlikely as that may be...)

25 May 02: Put up the artist's links page to start. Not sure I have everyone's name on there yet. Hard to find some of those people :) I'd appreciate information on the artists I wasn't able to locate.

19 May 02: Finally got around to starting this site. Been thinking about it for a long time, but kept putting it off until I could come up with the whole package at once. Today I gave up on that dream, and decided to just dump pieces in here as I finish them, and hope to give it a facelift someday...

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